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Refering Manastones +9 and +10 calculations


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So this is the situation, my MR set is socketed with 15 +9 Will's. Back in the day getting +10's was out of this planet so the goal was to fully socket the gear with 36 manastones before getting the diminishing return. In aion everything changes rather quick so now +10's are an option, in a wonderfull world where everything its joy and fun one would fully socket the 38 +10's, but sadly thats only for the rich. 

My question giving the set up is, ammm wtf do i do... if i start socketing +10's now having already 15 +9s will this fck up the diminishing return calculations?, if so how?, if not how do i know to what aim?, all obviously aiming to get the best MR possible.


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