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I would like this message to be read by people who appreciate the game as a whole not just by capitalism itself. I'm giving a suggestion, initially started playing black desert online great game almost perfect but I miss the true mmorpg, as a lot of my friends feel, the aion itself is perfect everyone liked it too, I'm 1 of the players that was since beta and before that I played pirate servers like in infinity, but I do not hear the guys talking or playing the wonderful 1 mmorpg aion with many and many facets, I could observe that you will never risk a server in brazil even when the aion was THE TOP OF THE TOP OF THE TOP, I know that it is a risk, but you should try and many players would come back, many of them. Advertisements on anime sites and etc can be made I think they would make a good profit and everyone would win, words of 1 real mmorpg player. Sorry, but it was all on Google Translate.

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