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Wrong essence stats in shift+u window Templar(Help)


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hello i just write this post because i was teaching a guy about the essence points, and when i ask to him the stats with 30 precision points in the shift+u window he say, i have this stats 223 accurasy, 169 macc and 111 Crit. And i just have 128 accurasy, 83 macc and 77 Crit.

and i have a ranger with 24 precision point and is almost the same 126 accu, 85 macc and 71 crit 

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B0NRqByE_j3xTEdQZlI3WDhFLUk Templar wrong stats

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B0NRqByE_j3xTEdQZlI3WDhFLUk Ranger stats ok

i hope somebody can help me plz is hard to play pvp and more with this :S

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The stats that the window says you gain from the archdaeva stats which you directly put essence into are the stats gained after the archdaeva stats from gear. Basically, the higher your boosted precision (such as from manastones in gear, but not counting your base precision depending on your class), the less stats (acc/ma/crit) the same number of points of precision would give. The essence window shows that you gain less acc/ma/crit from the same amount of precision because you have some precision socketed in your gear, so the effectiveness of more precision decreases. This is the same for all the archdaeva stats; the greater the boosted archdaeva stats from manastones & essence you have, the less the effectiveness of the archdaeva stat.

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