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Recruiting for new asmo legion (Hexen) on new server (Ereshkigal)


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Hello! Kai here! 

Since NCSoft went and surprised everyone with a new server for 6.2 I decided it would be a good idea to start a new legion on the new server. I'm looking for a few good asmos to join me in helping Hexen grow.

Hexen will be a mature PvPvE focused on attending sieges regularly, rifting, and other endgame activities once everyone is leveled up. Enrollment will be open to anyone over the age of 18 to help the legion grow. If it begins to reach a lot of members I will put an interview process in place for new potential members. New, returning, and veteran players are all welcome. I haven't played the game in years so having anyone with experience to help answer questions will be most appreciated. My goal for launch is to grow the legion with members that log in daily and to have a variety of classes for players to group up with for clearing content. If you'd like to join please leave a reply or send me a message and I'll send you a PM invite to the Hexen discord. I will create the legion in game as soon as it is possible for me.

A little about me: I played Aion back when it first launched for a few years until life got in the way. i.e. college, work. I now have a job that allows me to be home every evening and weekends off with very few exceptions so I have the time to commit to an MMO. I'm excited to return to Aion and start fresh and am looking forward to meeting other players.

At the time of posting I'll be headed in to work for the day so I won't be able to respond till the early evening when I get off. 

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