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Black Cloud Marketplace Items Need Full Descriptions


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I can see the pets, cabinets, mounts, etc, but not the details of those items.  Just the prices and where they can be stored or if they are brokerable.

I don't currently have any Coins so that might be part of it (though Im not investing in coin just to see what I can buy!).

Cabinets and Pets (storage) share inventories based on the type, so I dont want to buy something that will duplicate what Ive got - obviously when I make a purchase I want to get the full benefit, not just another skin that does not offer me any additional storage.

Mounts are the same - I'd like to get something worth the Coin you are asking for it.  Right now I just see that its a different skin and it costs more.

Im sure I could look it up on a 3rd party site, but those are not updated as often as I'd like.  The BCM should be the place with the best information about the products it sells, and right now it is very lacking.

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