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Returning player ( 3 year ) need help.


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Hello ,

I'm a returning player. I have been playing since the game first came out. My highest character is lvl 71, wearing all +15 Fierce  with +5 Divine Dareet accessories. I have been away for a good 2-3 years. My friends are telling me to make a new character. I do not wish to do so since I had this character since day one. I'm currently doing lvl 72 main story quest in Enshar. I noticed most of my skills are gone/deleted. I know some skills are locked until higher lvl ( noticed they change the lvl for some skills ). Does anyone have a list of skills that are deleted for Sorcs? cause I dont know if its deleted or haven't unlocked yet.

I'm currently trying to get to 80 ASAP. Doing Luna and blue/main story quest in Enshar atm. After I hit 80, what Should I be doing for PvP gear and what dungeon you suggest I should start farming to get more decent gear? ( currently wearing lvl 65 , 3 year old gear ). Any other tips would be really appreciated. Thank you.  

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