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Xpadder profile suggestions for Moonlight Game Streaming?


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I want to use Moonlight Game Streaming to play Aion on my PS Vita when I'm away from home, so I need to use Xpadder. Here's what I'm currently using.


Does anyone have a better suggestion? I have the same number of available buttons as I would have on your average controller, let's say, an Xbox 360 controller (the Vita only has 2 shoulder buttons, but when using Moonlight, the back touchpad acts as the other 2 buttons on the back and as the analog stick clicks). Also, I'm left handed and I have the left handed mouse option activated in Control Panel, but I find it more intuitive to select things with the right trigger and toggle between the cursor and camera modes with the left. That's why I mapped the left mouse button to the left trigger and the right mouse button to the right trigger.

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