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Making White Grade lootable gear Account Warehouse Tradable


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Not sure what the reason was behind suddenly making most loot non tradable or even storable in the account warehouse, but I would like to see a change, at least with regard to the white grade lootable equipment that you can get from mobs. As it is, farming skins takes so much time since most of the time, the skin you need for your character never drops on that character, but always drops on another character on the same account, but since you cannot trade it between characters on the same account, it ends up being useless and worthless. I would like to see a change made, at least to the white grade equipment that you can loot from mobs be made account warehouse storable, so that you can mix and match gear between the characters on your roster, so that if one character has a piece of gear another character needs, it can be transferred to that character instead of discarded or sold for paltry amounts of kinah. Near as I can tell that won't encourage gold spamming, as they are still in game despite the kinah trading ban, and you can easily make it so that looted gear cannot be traded to another person directly or even sold on the broker, just allow it to be traded via the account warehouse.

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