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Why is the problem being dusted under the rug?


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So a thread was started about the 32 bit being forced upon the playerbase, and it got instantly locked?

Why wouldn't you guys try and respond to it with information/start a discussion, instead of just totally locking it and trying to pretend it's not a concern?  :/

Please address the issue with the client.  Why are we being forced to play the 32 bit client now?  It's not exactly ideal, as it makes the rest of the game very difficult to enjoy (any map with many players, sieges, etc. are rough).

Merges are supposed to be arriving in October...and if we're still forced into 32-bit for merges, then the game will be difficult to enjoy for many of us.

So, instead of locking this like the 1 that got locked below that brought it up, maybe discuss it with us?

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