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Smold Fire Temp temporary fix


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I know a lot of people probably got over the whole having their clients crash during the instance, especially those who would crash as soon as they kill Kromede and get that S Rank only to be awarded with the 15 minute loading screen on startup.

I'm literally pissed everytime this happened, and yes I did turn my graphics down and everything to make sure it's not something that's bugging it out but still the same. The reset scrolls maybe relatively cheap now that some might say just get over it and buy a reset scroll but hey, buying x10 scroll for possibly 10-15mil per and then crashing 7/10 times is a complete waste and utter nyerkry so please tell me why in the nyerk can't the keys that you get at the end of the instance be stored in your bag after leaving the instance (NOT SAYING TO MAKE THEM TRADABLE, just store in bag until you're able to login and reach the boxes). I think this would fix the issue for people who crash after killing Krom. For the people who crash before getting the rank, at least give them a key or 2 jeez.

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