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Back to Bakarma

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Hi ! I have just recently started playing again, and I decided to make a new character. I am currently trying to do the lvl 36 campain Quest ''Back to Bakarma'' and I can't seem to find what they need me to. I am currently at '' Destroy the 45th legion mechanical weapon for infiltration, per the letters instructions''
I cant locate the object either. It  is said a little bit further ''occupate the bakarma forteress and interfere with the bakarma legion's plan''

I did allllll of Bakarma forteress, killed all the enemies and still can't seem to find it... any clues?

Thank you!

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Idk how to delete my post, but i found it :)
Apparently they are not at all called the same name as what i was supposed to search ! 

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