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@Hime Just a suggestion.


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Hello @Hime! Firstly welcome back to Aion forums.. Also my condolences. To quote that popular movie line "When I think I'm out, they keep pulling me back in". O.o I don't know how long this stigma event is on for because to be honest I read some of the details and my eyes rolled so far back into my head I am now declared legally blind. I know what your next question is. "How are you typing on the forums?". Good question. I have that application that allows me to speak into a mic and my computer types for me. Very considerate of you to ask. Since this is day one of this event is it too much to ask that you guys had maybe given or give us a survey that allows us poor folk to at least get a box class specific with +9 stigmas and we could only choose one? It could be your way of saying to us "Sorry f2p players about you getting -5 shot after today so here's a token showing that we care!". I can hear you people repeating "It's a business and they don't have to give us anything. You can write that in posts below this one. Or just copy and paste mine to save energy. Just a question since the majority of us will not get +15 let alone +12 stigmas in this event.

This small paragraph is dedicated to the server balance we all lost today as f2p players. Anyone reading please bow your head in silence in memory of the days when we use to die in 5 hits which is now probably going to be like 3 1/2. 3 for me because my character is max height so I take a little less damage. Have a great week all and remember even though we will die a lot we are helping the soul healer pay for little Becky and Ray to go to shugo college.

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