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Misery (Danaria-Eylos)


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Good day fellow Aion players Misery legion on Danaria Eylos side is looking looking for new members to join our ranks were a pretty straight forward legion looking for active and friendly end-game players to help us build up a name for ourselves. Were originally from IS and mostly do pve but still quite a bit of pvp as well were currently at 68 members we don't mind alts but limit alts to one per person in the legion the only thing we ask of you is to be active and 18+ please other then that our lvl limit is 50 due to we will help you achieve lvl 65 so you can start running instances with the rest of the legion if your intrested put in an application or write a letter to me personally via mailbox have a good day. -Avomahii Deputy of Misery.

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