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class upgrade request (songweaver)


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hello guys this is a ticket about the sw class, that i ve sent to aion, pls help to do that it can be possible, thanks.



- Hello, I would like to suggest increasing the defense or attack of the sw class, in the past it was one of the best classes, and today it is one of the worst, both in defense and attack, and this can be seen easily In the dps, what does it do in the instances compared to the other classes, likewise, like the percentage that exists in the game of this class, we are very few, because many consider it the worst class, there are people who insult just for being sw, then I would like to make this suggestion since I really like the game, also in pvp our defense is very little, the other classes kill us very quickly and we do not have time to do much, I have greatly increased my equipment, runes, gems , stigmas and others, and even so there is no comparison of the classes, thank you very much, I await your answer, greetings. -

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