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Guest Bittena

So many years fading one into the other. So many live times.  Avatars of her self.  Warriors, Gladiators, Priests, Chanters, Assassins, Rangers, Spirit masters and Mage.  Worlds to come, worlds that were.

And it all started here, in these shadowed hills and the tree planted on her mothers grave centuries before.   The night of terror and fear when Aion made her and her sister Deava, the death of her sister who sacrificed her essence to stop Erishigal. Battles with out count against arrogant Elyos, Balaur and Dracon, and even against her own Asmodean people.  Against those so lost to the blood rage of war and retribution that they saw nothing else.

Yet something happened.  Something turned the clock back and instead of a great tree that could shelter a village beneath it's branches there was bare ground.   Like an ghostly echo she watched as she and her sister planting the sapling on her mothers grave.   Once again she saw their deava father who told them they must go to Pandemonium and begin to learn of their powers, and the responsibilities of that power.  The ghostly echo of a past faded and she was young again. A deava new made.  She saw in the distance two young girls helping thier mother gather the harvest.  At her feet an elyos assassin lay chained and bound in Ethereum links.  She spoke to him.

"Deava.  We were created to save the world, not to destroy it.  To serve our people and keep them safe.  Do not come here again. If you do, I will know, and I will find you.  I am the 13th lord and from me you cannot hide.  Return now from whence you came.  To the Balaur take your rage if you must fight.  Asmode is not the enemy, only the Balaur. Begone!"  She exerted her will for a moment and the elyos faded from sight his eyes wide with shock.

A voice.  A mothers voice to her children spoke out of the air around her.

"You have done well.  The world is unmade and time returns to a beginning. but it is only a reprieve not an ending.  The cycle starts anew, but it is different.  You must become a deava of deava. There are others, the true children of my spirit for who time is not a boundary.  To this beginning you are made new and the secrets you  know you must never share for to do so would make them reality once again.   You must save me child, you must save us all.   The path you walked lead to ultimate destruction.  Your sisters sacrifice has granted us a chance.  She will not return though.  This path is for you alone, you have no family, no kin. To be here you are made whole from my essence. There is no other way.  Go now child.  Your destiny is yours to make.  I will be with you....   always."

She felt it then. she.. regressed.  And she was once again young in power.  A Deava newly made. Down the path a raider corporal looked at her warily and waved her forward.  "Haven't got all day recruit, hurry it up!"

once again she heard the voice whisper

"It begins again"


It's good to be back..

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