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[ENG] LF Legion - Siel - Asmo - Gladiator


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What's up guys!

First off, I'm pumped for the release of Classic Aion, seems like I'm not alone here which is good. So as the title says, I'm an English speaking player looking for an English speaking Legion in Aion Classic,  Siel server, Asmo faction. I'm not new to Aion,  I played when it originally launched in NA decades ago. Back then I tried to get some friends to hop on this train w/ me, a few did but they all quit before reaching 50. I kept playing for a few months after hitting 50 and had so much fun even as a solo player until eventually my friends sucked me back into Lineage2 or WoW. That being said, I'm wanting to do things different this time around. I never truly got to experience end game content as a solo player especially as Asmo as I was always outnumbered haha (such is pvp sometimes right? :)).

I'm looking for an Asmo Legion on Siel who is going to be very active in the pvp scene (as I prefer pvp in every MMO I have ever played), do some end game pve content and in general just fun to shoot the shit with. I don't know everything about Aion but I'm also not a complete noob. Anyways, looking forward to the release on Wednesday, see you guys then! 

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