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[Siel- Elyos] New Legion Requirement !

Momo Sakura

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Hello Everyone! 

My name is Momo and I am excited to have Aion Classic back. I remember playing it back in 2009 for 6 years. I am a cleric main. I love everything about this game and I cannot wait to start again! My current timezone is PDT. I am looking to meet more awesome people through the game. 

I am planning to make a legion and I am looking for active and fun members! Here are some of the requirements to follow in order to join.

- Respect everyone in discord/ legion

- English Only

- Able to connect with us through discord : https://discord.gg/6A6J7tP

- Fun and full of positive energy

If you are interested, please join discord and posted in the AION CLASSIC channel, or you may visit me on https://www.twitch.tv/missmomochan

Thank you and looking forward to see you all :D!

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