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A quick adventuring advice for f2p

Guest some old chanter

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Guest some old chanter

after you 1 week honeymoon, what next you ask?

Well for 23 hours a day, you'll all be stuck grinding 4 things.


quests remain a viable option to obtaining gear of any quality. that includes your very first movement speed boots. which brings us to the next 2 things.


These are great for gearing up because if you can save them up to broker in bulk, turn in for gear upgrade, or turn in for disenchantment. mind you, iirc, the enchantment stones are usually bad for their level.

Krall Molar/Mist Mane Mau Hair

Yep  these are the common 'white' drops that come from some level 38 monsters.  Basically grab a whole bunch for movement speed boots grind quest. you can broker these in bulk too.


some monsters throughout atreia some monsters will drop these white circle thingys. They're kinda low drop rate, but some can be used in cooking crafting to make candy. it's these candy's that remove crafting animations that is well sort after.

Bonus tip

DP morphing is only viable if the aether is cheap. it is currently unknown how many gatherers will be present after the first week or even the coming months. expect this to become unviable fast. regardless, the way this works is when your faction claims a fort, that fort will sell a select ammount of Morphing recipes. you learn these to be able to transmorph aether into a crafting material. these could materials for cooking, alchelmy, etc.

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