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Yet another quick f2p advice

Guest some old chanter

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Guest some old chanter


oh man, these things somehow make me sad before classic even launches. the idea is simple, you collect a variety of white manastones and you turn them in to a NPC for a bag. that bag will sometimes net you a UNCOMMON manastone of some ramdom stat.

Godstones and you

if you read the terms for f2p, it does not say you're restricted from buying uncommon or above quality things. there does exist an npc that sells basic godstones in your major city or terminon base in the abyss.  the decent ones are obviously going to cost alot of AP. just complete multiple abyss quest and only turn them in when you're about to buy. the rare (blue) ones can be obtained through insanely low chance drop or questing but you'll need to pvp. go ask on pvp sub-forum.


at some stage you'll need stigmas, and they cost AP! not only that, some even come in multiple versions with different level requirements. its strongly advised, to skip the as many as possible for the sake of saving money.  while we on stigmas...


yeah they're back and they're going to be another "bread and butter" thing you'll grind. some non abyss monsters and quest can occasionally give you some. but you're ganna be farming this stuff in the abyss mostly. these were a pain not only because you're exposed to pvp, but the shear quantity you need to have to even change your stigmas.

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