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Serendipity  |  Siel  |  Elyos - Looking for active members !!

Momo Sakura

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Serendipity  |  Siel  |  Elyos

Hello Daevas! Serendipity is looking for members who love to have fun!
Our goal is to create new memories with new players and veterans.


• Respect everyone in discord, legion, and in game.
• English Only.
• 18+ (Be Mature)
• Be active (I know we all have a life. If you cannot be in game for whatever reason, come hang out with us on discord!)
• No hacking or cheating in anyway.
• Be a team player and help others out if needed!
• Have fun and be yourself!

Why Serendipity?

• PVE content (Instances, Crafting, & Farming)
• PVP content (Siege & Rift)
• Legion Events & Giveaways
• Active discord and voice chat
• Great community
• Have veterans to help new players

If you're interested, please join my discord: https://discord.gg/cfCyjmb
Follow the instruction to unlock Aion chatroom, then leave me a comment for the legion role :)

You may also stop by my stream, I am a full time streamer who streams 6 days a week. When Aion comes out, that will be my main focus!


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