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XP/Kinah quest rewards reduced by half for many quests in Classic


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A few times yesterday, I noticed that my XP wasn't great for many rewards. Some level 15 quests gave 30k XP (non-campaigns) and some level 17 quests gave 15k XP as rewards. I thought it was fishy considering that, as you level up, the quest reward XP wasn't matching up with the path of progression for XP based on the quest level.

I chalked it up misremembering playing from launch and moved on with my day.

I then decided to look up quests that had alternative quests rewards based on the NPC you chose to turn in the quest to. So I could maximize my XP gain,

The quest: Elyos: Alteno's Wedding Ring. You can either give the ring to Enia for the best reward of 40k XP and 8k Kinah. or give it to Alteno for 27k XP and 3.6k kinah. (https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Alteno's_Wedding_Ring)

Except, the quest for Classic has halved the rewards:

Seeing this, I now know that I'm not crazy and other quests have also had XP and kinah rewards halved. I have the Siel's Aura reward, so I should be earning full rewards.

So I guess it's intentional that these quest rewards have been halved. I'm wondering if it's so it will take longer to level and acquire kinah, creating the need to buy the Daeva's pass for the XP Amulets and drop increase?

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