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Aion’s P2W model in a Subscription based game.

Guest PlayerFromPast

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Guest PlayerFromPast

Before the sheeple say “it’s only 1 million, i farm 2mil last night playing for 16 hours”.  THERE IS NO KINAH CAP WHEN SOLD FROM AUCTION OR PRIVATE SHOP.

No, we are not talking about a few milli, we are talking about $900 for 300million in 30 minutes. Please do the math and see the difference in time invested grinding =! Kinah gained. 

I thought we paid for a subscription game to support  having no RMT services so that companies can still make money without resorting to the worse forms of directly selling Kinah or gear?

Dear P2W supporters and newer players, 

Generally the player base— casual and newer players alike are enjoying  the experience  Aion brings. Which is good to hear.

But quite a few competitive players (Anti-P2W) and the majority of PVP focused player base who have played a bunch of NCSoft titles and Retail Aion especially—already see a glaring issue of the past failures of a company not listening to its community.

Of course, I like Aion and enjoyed the experience many of you are currently diving into—but… I  am already worried about the direction and blatant methods of cash transactions the game already has. Aion retail slowly suffered from p2w after going free to play, and many have quit over the years because their efforts in playing the game as intended were overshadowed by the cash shop purchases being available for no time invested. 

These methods of creating revenue for NCSoft just bring up warning signs that the publisher did not listen to players at all and are on par with the  course of history repeating itself.

it may seem like whining, but there is a history behind the reason why Aion died in the first place that I don’t want to see happen again. 

in the end, yeah… I decided not to sub to this game. You guys can repeat history once again to see for yourselves. When you become invested and go from a casual player to a long term player who wants to make sure their time spent grinding/learning/building around the game are undermined by the newest event to take our your credit cards. And when you voice your concerns to NCsoft about not making your time spent useless by adding direct kinah or gearing/enchant methods, it will fall on deaf ears.

NCSoft definitely did not understand the covert contract players had in mind when we agreed to PAY for a subscription in the first place. I will not pay to play every month, for a P2W game. That absolutely goes against my better judgement and self respect for not throwing my money at games that do not deserve any support for their business model.


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Guest PlayerFromThePast

I would like to add this:

From my standpoint, it seems that NCsoft did not believe in Aion Classic NA in surviving long term or they would not through out $30 Daeva passes and Candies(RMT kinah). If they did, they would have listened to players and made them untradeable.

Did they value the 5000 players paying a monthly subscription asking for no RMT, P2W services in cash shop or releasing Shugo Candy that gives 3mil kinah for $11 and the Daeva pass which gives a lot of much needed consumables and items to help level faster for $30?

My answer is that they chose to value short term gains and did not believe in the 5000 players sticking long term and paying the monthly $15 Subscription.

We invested in them and they in turn did not respond with confidence in its invested playerbase.

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Guest Whatever

I agree. What’s the point in paying a subscription for if it’s p2w anyways.  Subscription games have everything available in game so that you actually need to work for them. The only thing that should be in a cash shop are costumes, pets, mounts. They still could have made a lot of money on those things. There should be nothing for gear or leveling, or kinah? It ruined the game and idk how that is anything like classic. They went so far away from the classic model. 
Saddest part is “it’s too late”. If they remove it now, all those people already are billionaires and we are struggling for make even a million while they are charging 50 million for everything. So the rest of us are stuck doing the same or stop playing because we can’t afford to gear up.
Classic is just a way to steal people’s money with subscription and then force more money out of them to buy candies. 5000 people. If everyone paid subscription they could have made $75k/month. But it wasn’t enough for them, it’s pure greed. 

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