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Things we need to stop arguing for!

Guest LEON

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Dear all,


sometimes it is hard to grasp certain situations and take it for granted so that being said I would like to express my personal opinion on bots, sellers and the p2p AION game that most people are itched by.


1. bots

Guys we need to stop worrying about bots because there is no way GM's do not know about them and I am sure they are doing their most best to isolate them as much as possible so I suggest you just enjoy your game and ignore them when you see them, you can report them if you feel like it but please don't come complaining with caps lock on the forum to do something about them cause it alarms stress to GM's to take action that might impact even you as the normal player, I have seen it before on other games and majority of players left the game because of wrong decision taken by GM's way too fast to accommodate players stress.


2. Sellers

You have nothing to do on their site, there is so much you can gain and enjoy by simply playing the game on your own pace, if you have dopamine's stress remember your wasting money on the wrong company and you're helping parasites killing the host that you yourself is ON, if we all just ignore them and stop asking for their service they will stop on their own and leave, be a good real player and say no to Buy Kinah to the wrong Company, just buy a candy from the shop and help pay for the servers they ain't cheap they go from $2500 to $40.000 a month I ain't kidding I looked this up myself.

3. p2p AION Game

In my opinion this is the best option for an MMORPG, it puts everyone on the same level and require hard work to stay on top and every item will drop in the game with higher chance of drop rate isn't it everyone dream? yes right? so don't complain why it's a p2p AION game please.

4 p2w Games overall

the infamous P2W has become an issue in the modern world making those who have money to gain advantage over others which bring the server to an unbalanced state, real players who work harder then others still would not be able to catch up and bring signs of irritation and stress and starts to complain everywhere to try and stain the game to negativity, game companies can earn more income for eager gamers trying to avoid grinding in games.


PS: I wouldn't complain about AION Classic they are doing a great job so far and I love the game as it is.





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