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Guest Leery

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Guest Leery

< A Band of Colours> has returned to the world of Atreia. 

Who Are We?

 (ABoC) is a  casual social LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, BiSexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, & +) PvPvE gaming group consisting of a tightly knit group of friends who have built  a community focused on building within multiple MMOs To make the most of our playtime together. We want everyone to completely enjoy their playtime together and feel comfortable in our family.


• Respect everyone in discord, legion, and in game.
• English Only.
• 18+ (Be Mature)
• Be active (I know we all have a life. If you cannot be in game for whatever reason, come hang out with us on discord!)
• No hacking or cheating in anyway.
• Be a team player and help others out if needed!

Join us if you enjoy the following

• PVE content (Instances, Crafting, & Farming)
• PVP content (Siege & Rift)
• Legion Events & Giveaways
• Active discord and voice chat
• Great community
•Veterans to help new players

Our priority is to make a space that everyone can feel safe and welcome

How to join?

Fastest way would be to join the Discord and say something in our AION chat channel. A Officer will do their best to get you in the Legion.



Or you could try reaching out to someone in game. Below is a list of people with ability to get you an invite

Arduinna, Vahlla, Nyssa, Marishaten, Leery, Emory, & Fowl

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