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[Israphel/Elyos] <Overdose> We're active, we're social, we're a LEGION.


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One of the first few Elyos legions that popped up on the Elyos side on Israphel, <Overdose> is a place you can call home.
We understand people on Classic are often returning players from 2k9, that we've grown into adults and have our lives to live.
We also understand people progress through the game at their own pace.

That's why we at Overdose do not require you to reach some crazy level in order to join our ranks.
The only requirement we're setting is to be an active player. (With some reasonable exceptions).
We want our players to not disappear for weeks or months out of nowhere.

Other than that: What is it you can expect out of Overdose?
You can expect a feeling of home...family... we're that place you come home to after work to hang out with the homies, share some laughs and complain about your quest items not dropping.
We consider Legion members to be our friends and family and we will help you out when you are struggling to clear content.
When you need to do those veteran campaign quests, we will be the ones that tell you "Hey, I can come and help you out there buddy!"

Sound good? Why not join us today? You can find me ingame pretty much every single day on the character 'Liselotte' or you can join us on our Discord ( https://discord.gg/gtCNbcJAw2 )


Much love from your friendly neighborhood Legion,

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