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Character movement/skill issue

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Hi guys, I have a ranger (not sure if matters) but sometimes when I am attacking a selected target and probably running around kiting + autoattacking, when I attempt to use follow up combo skills (ex: button 3 combo after stunning shot) for about 1-2 seconds my character just runs forward and doesn’t attack for that period of time even though I am not pressing any key other than 3, and I also obviously never press the autorun/mouse clicks to move forward.

Also, to clarify, I said it runs forward, it doesn’t matter where my target is, even though I am standing on my target it will run forward and move away from the target (as if I was pressing W)

This really hurts my pvp and pve dungeon experience as I pulls mobs accidentally or fail to kite/approach on pvp.

This seems like a bug and has been happening often. I was wondering if anyone else has had similar issues. If I completely stand still and just autoattack+use skills, it doesn’t happen. Its mainly if I use movement while using skills.


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