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left click doesn't work when I start the game on my Desktop and my laptop.

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When I launch Aion, And left click my character, it'll let me click my character, and he'll do his animation, but I can't left click any on screen buttons, like to put in my pin to start the game. I have to push enter instead. It happens on my Desktop and my laptop. And it seems random, but can persist for days. It was just working on my desktop. But now my desktop is doing it as well as my laptop. This has happened when I first purchased a subscription to this game, but it eventually went away on it's own. I've tried running the game on windows 7 compatibility mode, and windows 8 compatibility. Turned off all services that aren't microsoft related, still nothing. It's impossible to put my Pin code in to play my character. Anyone have any ideas? I can't play the game anymore.

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