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Exploit Steel Rake


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Hello, theres a lot of users doing a kinah exploit in game, they are there 24/7 for over a week now, and according to the forums they can get 300-500M a day, I can't believe you guys have not ban these guys or even fixed this exploit that is critical. Seriously, do something already! This users are in Siel Elyos and Siel Asmos doing it over and over again, the names are as follows: For Siel Asmos: Kabullka Blessyou bamddde zolo firework korls lsmith penoventa birkin ahmyonefour four milkie johnwick ahmy aonefour sandro And For Siel Elyos: angelbbb Timmey Linn Galanz Krloey I do hope you guys ban this guys fast! They will ruin the economy!

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