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Where are my 250 Guestblooms?


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This was your official response to "FAQ about the upcomming  server merge"



Q: I have non-studio housing. What happens to me? 

A: During the merge, your non-studio housing will be forfeited and you'll be refunded the bid price you purchased it for. Some or all of your deployed furniture may be undeployed during this process (it will still be available for deployment), and you will lose any custom wallpaper or flooring. Additionally, you will receive 250 Guestblooms. Housing auctions will be disabled from maintenance on 7/28 until the merge. 

It's been a week. 

So far I've neither seen nor heard anything  about the one thing you told us we were receiving as compensation for taking our homes from us.


Did you delete them all when you removed the Guestbloom Vedors from the game?


I want my 250 guestblooms.


And I don't want any that have no current relevancy in the game, such as the Gold Coin, Kerhun Coin, Manastone, Godstone, Recovery, and others. 

 I want something that is current to the game play as it is right now.


250 - Guest Blooms  - A Nice Varity please


I also expect a response to this posting  with in 24 hours.   

Your a professional On-line Gaming company...  we expect you to be good and understand how communication and this technology works.  

To act or pretend otherwise, is an insult to the us but more importantly to the people that hired you and sign your paychecks.


PS.   I'm fairly certain that you had meant to say Guest Petals, the things you would get when you took care of an actual guest bloom. 

Oh well.  Tough.  We don't care that it's a probably a typo.

If you couldn't be bothered to take 2 seconds to proof a 2 sentence statement that upset so many people, then guess what, those people don't care how much more work your going to have to do to follow through on the ONE thing you did promise us for our homes.

250 Guestblooms

Don't care, you rushed out the FAQ  just two days before the merger.  Your prep and communication was Sloppy and Rude AF. 

But that's how you role these days isn't it.  And since you took my home away from me, I'm not in a forgiving mood.

Also - you're probably going to need to unlock all of our inventory and warehouse slots to properly accommodate from your generous compensation packages. 


This is a fine opportunity to prove you still care about your customers.   That you don't just flat out lie to the people that essentially keep you employed.


- Mystier Starchild                                                                                                                                                                                         


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