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  1. What do you mean 'before getting the diminishing return'. It diminishes at the very start, there is no cap. This is the formula 1 divided by (550 + x)/ 550 where x is your stat point. If you are at 1 will, that 1 will is 100% efficient pretty much, at 450 will, it averages out to 50% efficiency.
  2. Ummn Kumuki, we've been getting lots of AP and Spinel medals from that event. I hear Mirash Sanctum you get level 70 AP pieces which you can trade for plenty of AP (like 200k AP), also I don't believe Korea or any other region were bugged for returning player event like we are, so a lot of us can get 2 free temperings from Home coming event. Other characters who could open the twins gift would get an additional 2 temperings and omega. Even more so I hear a good number of people have accounts with level 1's with both the new and returning player support bundle. By the time they get to
  3. Asmodians in Danaria as well. Elyos from either servers shouldn't own those fortresses, we should! THIS IS NOT FAIR!
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