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  1. I heard about that guy on reddit, was reading all about it and just couldn't help but laugh. But I just did want to say, to the people who say shugo console should be banned... [아이온 클래식]프레임 제한 해제 및 그래픽 최적화 셋팅 방법│로제 [아이온 클래식]프레임 제한 해제 및 그래픽 최적화 셋팅 방법│로제 : NCTV (plaync.com) That's a video literally hosted on the korean NCTV page showing players how to access console commands via a third party tool. This tool can do MORE than the shugo console can, including use the g_minfov command, and remove fps cap, change graphic settings that are not accessible in the launcher
  2. Keep your head up. There's a real increase in depression linked to the pandemic and it has been a serious problem. There have been new studies released this week based on 250,000 people sample sizes, and they show an extremely worrying trend of increases in anxiety and depression linked to our current pandemic situation. Don't be afraid to seek out professional help if think you need it. Ive been there myself, and I'm still there. I'm a nurse and in my last psyche class we actually had a very long segment about this, it was a focus being that it was during the height of the pandemic. Just
  3. I, like you, tried to come back multiple times, OP. I came back in 5.X and actually enjoyed it a bit, even though the P2W was getting out of control I was still able to stay competitive enough to have fun. 6.0 was an absolute nightmare, 7.0 increased the nightmare to a night terror, and 8.0 will probably burn me alive and throw me in a river. I just lurk these days, waiting for any official news on Classic. One thing I will say though, is if you aren't interested in competitive gameplay, perhaps there's some enjoyment you can get just out of experiencing new content.. the problem is.
  4. Hi lol Yeah I mean... I don't want to play on private servers or other patches that I know I wont play long term because I might be less inclined to invest, or just end up burnt out by the time Classic releases, if it releases West. The "leak" just sound too "Pie in the sky" for me to believe. I mean, if I were to sit back and think; what is everything I want from Aion? It's basically exactly what was in the leak, so how can I possibly believe it? NC is shareholder focused, so I really don't see large scale Aion investments in their portfolio unless it has some connection to conso
  5. I was just talking to some friends about this today and we all agreed we'd pay for a sub even if it was a stupid price, so long as there was no P2W garbage, but we're all adults (at least in terms of age..) I think having some form of F2P with moderate limitations could be good for server health though. MMOs need players and we know NC isn't a company that markets their games well this day and age. They just kinda let them ride and die. Either way, I really want to play aion again there's nothing out right now to enjoy. I've just been grinding on EFT and League while in lockdown, t
  6. There's a lot of things that are "against ToS." Fking macros are "against ToS." Synapse is "against TOS." Black equalizers are "against TOS." I'm sure being the white knight you are, you're out there every day screenshotting all the botters and reporting them, right? Keep up the good work soldier.
  7. There's a reason NC has never made a public stance against shugo console specifically. It's widely accepted and used by a majority of the playerbase. The fact you're up in arms over it is pretty cringe. FOV is a tool that helps combat motion sickness, and helps fix a problem with aion's broken scaling. It's not "cheating" nor is it harming the game for anyone, unlike actual tools that people get away with using every day. Banning shugo console is how you get people to start experimenting with actual cheats that do harm the game, because people aren't going to just "deal with it" after 10 ye
  8. By that logic people who pay for WTFast should be banned too then. Isn't getting better ping than other people that live in your area who don't pay for a 3rd party app also an "unfair advantage" by your standard? The fact is 4:3 monitors get better view ratio than 16:10, 16:9 and 21:9 monitors in Aion because it has no FOV adjustments aside from one linked to camera distance with a range of 63-71. The default FOV is atrocious and it legit causes motion sickness to a lot of people, which is partly why it has been a "silently" accepted app. Try playing aion on an Ultrawide monitor and not get ab
  9. I literally can name probably 50 games that are competitive that have FOV options. Games that have some of the biggest official tournaments have FOV customization.. Even league of legends automatically increases your FOV based on your aspect ratio, something aion doesn't because it was developed at a time when people were still playing on 1366x768.
  10. Really dude? Competitive FPS games allow FOV adjustments in some cases up to 120. League of Legends automatically adjusts FOV for Ultrawide monitors (Aion doesn't). It's the players fault that aion hasn't had modernization for different resolutions since 2009? The FOV is 63-71 for 1080p which is damn near disgusting and causes motion sickness for a lot of people. There's 100 people left in the game, many of them botting and cheating, and you're proposing banning people combating motion sickness with an adjustment that should be in the game (and is in every other game) if the developers we
  11. lmao... When I read this event I literally laughed out loud. I was just thinking how if I was fully geared, nobody would be getting a chest so long as I was awake.
  12. There's literally zero chance an "Aion remaster" is a standalone title. The hypothetical take if this "leak" (its not a real leak) is that a remaster means ported to a new engine. The amount of development time and cost to smoothly port a game as large as aion to a completely new engine is almost hilariously impossible. Aion is not nearly a profitable enough game, even now with Classic, to warrant an investment of that magnitude, while ALSO developers all over the world are suffering setbacks from COVID. It makes LITERALLY zero sense. This is fanboy fantasy. They could
  13. That guy needs to learn the definition of a leak. This is a self fulfilled rumor at best, based on nothing but his "source" and reads and sounds more like a fanboy fantasy than an NCSoft move. This company is notorious for canning dead PC games, turning their entire company into a mobile monopoly and never invests in rework or large scale changes and we're suppose to believe there's going to be an "aion remaster" and a revamp of 3.0+... as well as 8.0+? I'll believe it when I see it.
  14. 3.0 was actually my favorite patch personally. You could farm chests, you could farm golds and sellables solo, keymasters, the eye was absolutely amazing.. I was pvping and farming there right up until they removed it. It was also the last patch with real viable pvp dailies. After that it turned to spamming blood marks once a week and the pvp was all about hopping in and out of circular safe zones... I think sarpan was great for pve focused players, you could make solid money, and farm Kahruns, although I think there needed to be more reason to do them. 3.0 was a really
  15. Wasn't the kinah acquisition limit only for those playing with the F2P limitations? I think that was also a means to try and counter botting in KR. My guess is they probably don't have the staff, whether it be GMs, or support to accommodate such a huge increase in playerbase from Classic. They have a looot of job postings atm. NCW has also posted contracting positions for translators and web designers recently. For a "AAA MMORPG" lol lmao.. it's so true, but, one thing to recognize that is a saving grace for the community is, aion is actually raking in huge profits FROM classic. Partl
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