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  1. I really loved Tiamaranta's eye. Tia in general was OK too when there was massive amounts of people. Just wish there was more reason for ppl to be in the PVP areas beyond the 1-2 dailies. In general that Stronghold area with the dragons at the bottom was a really cool place to run into fights. Just no reason for the avg players to be there. If they had better quests to fight those dragons and stuff... that would have been awesome. I hated those 4.X maps. The safe zone circles were the most toxic and annoying things. Only ever found people at BM camps and then once EB released 90% of the w
  2. The current version is a P2W button smasher that butchered every part of the game that made it an MMO, from crafting to gathering to actually progressing in the game without the need for events. Classic is an old school game where your progress is determined by the time you can spend, not the size of your wallet. PVP is more balanced and people who spend thousands of dollars won't instant kill you like they do in the current version. The game hasn't even launched yet and there's more people in the aion classic discords than there has been on retail servers in the past 6 years. A
  3. Was the instance. They ended up capping the level the following week. Historically NCW never gives us the small single issue patches that Korea gets, we generally get a lot of those thrown in the following patch. Could be pretty catastrophic in this case.
  4. There was also the issue of the first level 50s clearing all the lower forts and then getting all the ap on their lower level alts. They patched that real quick but not sure if we'll get it at release.
  5. Problem is how convoluted and aged the current build of the game is, that unless you play the game religiously, you're unlikely to know anything about the mechanics. This is the problem with NCW staff. They're absolutely oblivious to huge portions of the game and it's painfully obvious. It was never as bad as the things I read about on forums now, and I can only imagine how many things never even get posted to forums, and just ignored because people are just use to dealing with it. It's not entirely NCWs fault because you can't expect them to be able to find staff for every game who actuall
  6. Oh man... I forgot about MxM, that game was actually amazing. If it wasn't for the atrocious lag because they built it on a P2P networking system, I think it had insane potential. Skins were a bit lazy and some balancing issues but damn I had a lot of fun. Real shame. It's amazing how good NC's developers are at actually producing quality games with some amazing ideas and mechanics, and how bad the overall company is at virtually everything else. If you removed the leadership driving their products into the ground, or setting them up for failure, and let the developers actually focus on w
  7. They've been teasing a Classic post every 2 days on Twitter and Facebook at noon for the past 10 days... They're not going to do that for 6 months and release classic at the end of the year... That would be the most cringe marketing blunder of all time, even for NCW standards. It also doesn't matter if elyon is bad, which it is; historically, MMO players tend to flock to each new MMO release. It's why every company in the industry tries pretty hard to stagger releases. But whatever, speculation doesn't matter much at this point, but I'm pretty confident it's going to be sooner r
  8. Korea teased classic in mid October, and then confirmed it the same week (Oct 28th), and then released it in November, on the 11th. Aion 8.0 released after Classic in Korea, which means NCW and the other subsidiaries got the source data for 8.0 long after the 1.2 source which is now confirmed for the launch. 6 months is also generally the average time between KR launch and us; it has pretty much been about that now. It's going to be soon. I'm fairly confident about that; they can't afford to even risk launching it after New World or Elyon, or it's DOA. If they don't launch it so
  9. Our anniversary is September, Japan's is November, but Japan is launching before their anniversary so, KR obviously isn't interested in forcing it to their other regions anniversaries like they did their own. It's probably going to be at E3 along with B&S UE upgrade, and Aion 2 mobile (maybe, but that was delayed again to next yr, so...) If we're really lucky we might see the cryengine 5.6 upgrade, but they'll probably save that for the NC Media Day, which is in November.
  10. @Pipum-EK There will be another teaser tomorrow at noon EST. The release date is likely this month or the beginning of next month.
  11. Japan has a server that on average has like 30 people online. Pretty sure they can't just merge down to one server because of the way the instance servers function and the cross server networking. Pretty sure that's why every region has two servers, even when Japan is even more dead than NA.
  12. Lmao... This live aion is sooooo much better, it just has low players because of memes! It's dead even in Korea but its all just a lie! This aion will recover with 8.0 even though it LOST players and closed a server in 8.0.. surely this will be the thing that makes people realize they want to run instances in aion all day and play casino mechanics in everything they do. Classic will fail even though buggy private servers have thousands of players! People will realize they'd rather play on retail and p2w and spam the same events rather than play an actual mmo! It's all a lie! Man... I
  13. So some kinda bad news? Seems Japan will be launching with version 1.2, the same as Korea. This didn't include include a lot of bug fixes, QOL fixes and adjustments for daeva pass abuses. Hopefully it is not a copy paste of the same old monetization, because it can cause some catastrophic issues for launch. It's a little disheartening that NCW is also significantly behind NCJapan in providing information, which is a smaller organization with a substantially smaller community and playerbase as well. NCJapan has already started marketing promotions, giving away Amazom gi
  14. Everything is subjective. It's not my intent to change his opinion, my intent is clarifying his presentation of what a grind or "trying" is towards a new player. While everything is subjective, the state of the game determines what is reasonable. The only people that view the current requirements as reasonable also ironically like to misrepresent those same requirements to returning and new players; that was my point. Which is why he, the entire time, refrained from giving any specifics, only to find out after a year he still didn't have a transform that P2W players have had since 6.0, which w
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