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  1. Hi guys! So, I've been scratching my head a bit since trying AION again, puzzled by the iffy performance. It's an old engine; the original Cry engine heavily modified and doesn't play nice with multi-core systems, but in no way do I expect to get stutters on some of the highest end equipment available, right? I wanted to share this in the case that anyone was experiencing the same issues I was with iffy performance! Since i'm going into a bit of detail here i'll throw some general optimization guide tips for people who want to get the most performance. Basic In-game settings Tweak your shadows. Aion doesn't like new graphics cards. If your card is even semi-modern, chances are this engine doesn't really care. Getting 100% usage out of any card in this game is going to be nearly impossible for most systems. But, there's some things you can do to trim back graphic fidelity for huge gains. One of them is shadows. I like to keep this in the middle. If you're running the "HQ engine" (I'm not a fan) there will be three toggle settings, the middle will disable the rendering from objects based on light sources. This can give great gains to slower cards and in heated situations like pvp (looking at you zerging animals...) it can make a solid FPS difference. If you're on default engine, based on my testing, the highest setting and the second highest are almost no difference in performance on higher equipment. If you can't stand objects without the rendered shadows, don't bother dropping it at all. If you have limited VRAM on your card, taking shadows down is one of the biggest gains. TURN OFF VSYNC! I shouldn't have to say this but this is a PVP game. Turn off VSYNC, no ifs ands or buts about it. The latency introduced isn't worth it. Do you have a 120hz, 144hz, or 240hz monitor? Well here's a great tip! DO NOT USE FULL SCREEN MODE! I don't know why, but I've tested with numerous systems and for some reason full screen mode locks the game, likely through a registry or code, to 60hz, no matter what I tried, I could not unlock it. This will present a lot of tearing in high end systems with VSYNC off. There is situations where Windowed-Full Screen will introduce some latency in low-end systems, in which case you might want to instead deal with the tearing. HQ Vs. Default Engine :: If you have an old card (6yrs+?) It might not play nice with the lighting changes introduced in the HQ engine, I'd recommend default. I personally use default when I pvp, I find it to perform slightly better. The other benefit is, in the HQ engine, there is no option to use typical AA techniques. The HQ engine will use a technique that blurs and messes with the edges pixels to give it a smoother "look" but I find it just looks like nyerk. The default engine uses traditional AA techniques and on 8x looks beautiful with no jagged edges. Best of all, it costs nearly no performance to use it on modern equipment. Terrain Range is generally useless and in cases of draw distance causing stutters, this can remove a lot of them. Try tweaking with it, if you dont notice the distance terrain changes, turn that baby down. The texture quality on distance objects in this game is such nyerk that you may even prefer the cleaner look of the background images that actually look good! Before we move on, i'm sure this has been hammered hundreds of times, but you might be wondering... What are the best PC upgrades to get performance gains in AION? Hard Drive, Hard Drive, Hard Drive. Aion uses some odd texture techniques that introduce amazing stutters when loading distant character objects. The SINGLE BEST PC UPGRADE YOU CAN MAKE FOR AION IS A SOLID STATE HARD DRIVE. Have you ever been running through the world map and know that an elyos is going to be right around the corner because of the lag? Yes, that's AION pulling the needed textures from your hard drive in real time. It's a disgusting effect and causes the game to feel as if playing from my grandfathers 8-tracks. RECOMMENDATION: Samsung 860 EVO It's a cheap, modern, reliable piece of gaming equipment that will make AION run beautifully. You can go for the other style SSDs if you have the board to support it, but the differences don't carry much weight for just AION. CPU... If you have anything modern, i5+ or equivalent AMD equipment, don't go crazy upgrading this just for AION. You will see minimal gains in-game alone. The engine simply doesn't take advantage of newer technology enough and all you will see happen on a newer card is your usage go down while your FPS stays the same. If you MUST upgrade, go with something that can overclock well and increase your core clock. Aion does really well on single/dual core equipment and you'll get the most gains from a strong core clock. GPU... Same as above, very little performance differences in higher end tech. You'll see good gains in faster cards, VRAM is not a necessity in AION. But if you're already attaining 50+ FPS, you'll see minimal gains in upgrades. Now on to the good stuff... Ryzen user tweaks... If you are an intel user you can still try this but I can not guarantee the same benefits. So, unlike Intel, AMD's implementation of multithreading and the latency overhead caused by the Infinity Fabric can reduce performance in response time sensitive applications, specifically, gaming. While AION doesn't get absolutely hammered in performance by Ryzen's tech, it does take some serious performance drops in certain situations, from my experience. One way to fix a lot of the performance issues I faced was to disable SMT and cores on the CPU. I'm not a big fan, and feel it's better to optimize the individual programs and still allowing other programs to automatically take advantage of all the other cores available on Ryzen. Download Prio - Process Priority Saver, this will allow you to change affinity in between computer restarts. Find AION in Task Manager and "Set Affinity" in my testing, I found the even cores performed much better in Aion. Do your own testing but it should be the case for anyone in most situations. For additional performance, you can enable only cores on the same side CCX. On a Ryzen 7 1700X for example, it uses a 4+4 CCX which is two 4 core dies meshed, using Infinity Fabric. Also to note, Infinity Fabric runs at the same speed as your DDR4 memory, so if your memory clock is lower than your CPU core clock, it can bottleneck between the cores. I recommend 3200+ DDR4. As an example, enabling only cores 0, 2, 4 and 6 on the Ryze 1700X uses ONLY the PHYSICAL cores on the same CCX and eliminates the infinity fabric bottleneck. If you're confused by any of this and just want to keep it simple, just disable all of the odd OR even numbers, and enable the opposite. You'll see an immediate performance boost. So that I too can attain greatness, what is your PC build? Ryzen 1800X AsRock X370 Taichi Samsung 960 EVO 1 TB PCIe 16GB G.Skill Flare X Series DDR4 3200 XFX Vega 56 8GB Also... Check out my Twitch for AION pvp and League of Legends feeding!
  2. A plea to NCWest...

    So, first off, I'd just like to state up front that I am the type of player that keeps AION servers running. I'm active, and have the income to indulge on entertainment, and would like to enjoy the game. But at this moment, there is no value to invest in. I've been gone from the game a long time for the most part, periodically making some sparatic, short lived visits generally to be shot down by issues I still feel the game has not addressed. Aion 6.0 was the first patch in a long time I've felt was possibly worth my time and money. And despite the issues I will talk about, I feel it can be with some easy fixes. The gear disparity and damage distribution problems are beyond toxic. For players like me, not here previous patch to soak up the glory of free P2W +30s, the free exchange gear is an atrocity to what was suppose to be a "fresh start" patch design. While I understand paying customers needed to be coaxed, and I certainly would of been furious to find that hundreds of dollars worth of gear was rendered useless, you have essentially broken the game and brought upon the worst imbalance issues I've seen in Aion, ever. It's not only going to drive away veterans returning, but new players, instantly. It's not simply that the gear is an advantage, hell, back in the blood mark era, you could gear out quickly as a new player and be competitive. That is not possible now. Not only would you require the ability to craft at high levels, but you would need to upgrade multiple stages with limited stones and kinah, also requiring mats that force you to DE the very same gear you are attempting to upgrade. It will put new and returning players substaintly behind for months, not to mention because of pvp instances, new server players will be rendered absolete in the face of other servers. All around while again, I understand the concern over old players, you made a poor business choice and offered your returning and new players no ability to catch up to those said players quick enough. And, let's not also add server siege imbalances that force another subject and restrict those same players even further from upgrading. I'm not generally one to complain, but something has to be done. Perhaps a new and returning player event that will allow new and returning players to earn that same exchange gear so that we can level the imbalance issues? Something needs to be done asap because if you think people are going to tolerate a month of being 3 shot while doing 100 damage in return you are sadly mistaken. The other problem is the transform system. While it has slightly grown on me since my initial views of it, I still find the forced skins in the wake of scroll removals a sad ordeal. Transparency scrolls need to become vastly cheaper, buyable via kinah and in mast abundance. The game is forcing you into a skin outside of your real choosing because of stat viability, and it is really sad in a game like an MMO where people invest a lot of time to develop their favorite character designs. There are more issues of course, but none of this magnitude or worthy of the importance of this post. I hope NC can do some serious reflecting and invest the needed changes and events as immediately as possible. The game is at a serious tipping point and you risk losing veteran and new players permanently like never before. Just to add, the most ironic thing is outside of transforms you prohibited p2w style items from the cash shop in this patch, understanding the need to prevent imbalance, but you failed to recognize the imbalance you already have created last patch. Please for the love of God, smarten up and fix these problems ASAP.
  3. 6.0 info

    The underlying reason why AION has gone to shit is the pandering of a minority player base, a catering to P2Wers, hackers, and the endless fan boys that will support it versus protesting negative changes. The player base is always to blame for the industry normal, in my opinion, because we have the power to stop it with our wallets and time. The care bears have been ruining open world PVP since its inception. The lack of monitoring and banning of cheaters is unreal, borderline criminal. I've never seen such blatant hacking in the 3 weeks I attempted to get back into the game. I'm a veteran and I know every skill, every animation, and have always been very resistant to crying hacks as I think most claims are unfounded; but no more. I've witnessed such disgustingly blatant hacking its no wonder I can run through the main PVP zone for 10 minutes at 8pm and find nothing but bots. I've attempted to get numerous gamers into AION over the years, and it has always ended in their inevitable quitting. The game is rough for new players. The combat is complex, especially in PVP, and the quick garbage leveling system secluded to spamming brainless missions with huge EXP boosts, while it's great for veterans and their alts, it puts new players in a tough position. I found so many times that people I got into the game would be doing stupid pointless quests in low level areas even though they aren't "Dumb" gamers, the game simply has a lack of guidance for new players and is inefficient for progress; there's too many maps, too many useless quests, and a lack of really defining game progression. In its current state its a "Rush to 68 and spam this instance". Are we really surprised new players don't get into it? It's a joke. My only real comment to people worried about these changes, or crying about it, is do your best to embrace it. I think deep down we all know this game is dying. The bleeding player base in Korea and these changes are a sign they've recognized a lot of their problems, and while I don't think this is a magic wand and an end all great solution to everything, if you truly love AION, you need to recognize what is good for growing population, and how we can attract new players. The key is about bridging the gap between P2Wers and the less "paying" and F2P players, because at the end of the day in order to be a successful PVP game, you can't have a gear discrepancy as big and blatant as there currently is in AION, it's disgusting. Just my 2 cents, sorry for the rant.
  4. 6.0 info

    @Dreaming-KT Wow they really upgraded the forums to allow for this instead of quoting. Color me impressed! ...Yeah, I probably shouldn't respond to trolls but I never turn down a chance to discipline children. I got triggered from the trolling. I've loved AION since beta, I've played more and longer than the majority of people left. Sad being forced to quit due to the insane P2W changes to the game. I've defended P2W in the past when it wasn't extreme; stating that some people do work insane hours, like myself; some form of P2W can offset their lack of playtime. But right now, in its current state, its to the point that you cannot truly be top tier without spending tons of money. I was skeptical of gold restrictions and market limitation in MMO's. I thought for sure it would be garbage, but from my experience it has been surprisingly wonderful. I felt it prevented the RMT gap in player's gear and overall made the game less bot-filled garbage. Last time I logged on AION to PVP I saw more bots than people on most days, was pretty sad.
  5. 6.0 info

    I get it, your reading comprehension is terrible. First off, I've played BnS. Like I said, I've played every game developed and published by NC in recent history. I've at least tried virtually every F2P and P2P MMO released since FFXI. Some more than others, obviously, as typically I have no patience for bad games. BnS's economy is NOTHING like BDO's. BDO's economy is regulated, with item and gold trading completely blocked aside from potions. BnS gold is tradeable, hell, at one point they were selling gold items with nccoin, I don't know if that still happens or how long it lasted. BnS questline is not linked to anything Black Spirit-like. Those are the two points I compared AION's changes and BDO to in my original post (Learn to read). So again, explain to me how they are related to the points I made? They're not, move along child. Lastly, I get that you're too braindead to understand how money is made. But money is made by sales, profit, and players. Like I said, I could care less, I'm not defending a dead game like you. But the bottom line is BDO is one of the top 5 grossing MMOs in America with one of the highest player bases in both NA and EU. AION is lucky to have 1000 people logged in on any server. BDO on Steam ALONE has 15,000~17,000 people DAILY. http://www.githyp.com/black-desert-online-135178/player-count/ You are talking out of your ass and know nothing outside of the hole you crawled out of to defend a game dying so badly they have to revamp it from almost scratch (Thankfully). If you actually read my original post I am nothing but happy for AION's changes and can't wait to play but people like you (ignorant as hell, lack proper grammar and reading comprehension) can only spew nonsense and start flame wars probably because you're mad all your money was spent on literal digital garbage and now you have to beg your mommy for more. Sorry kid, but I don't have the patience for stupid. Exactly my point, AION has dwindled down to pure P2W garbage. Not to mention the short week I tried playing again I witnessed a small handful of the most obvious animation hackers I've ever laid eyes on. Luckily I stream and record almost everything so I did report numerous people with video evidence but I highly doubt anything ever came from it.
  6. 6.0 info

    Interesting. Lots of keybinds saved (***Looking at you; shift+alt+1/2/3/4)
  7. 6.0 info

    Over 8 million in sales, and in only a few months on Steam sold to over 400K players (and that was months ago) and it has maintained a top ten seller spot on Steam since release. The game is an undeniable success and the changes to the MMO industry since have proved it. Including the obvious mimics by NCSoft. I no longer play BDO and I'm not trying to "white knight" it, but, denying its success isn't healthy ^.~ . FFXIV and BDO, with the obvious exception of WoW, are the only games that are maintaining, and increasing in players. Every other game is bleeding players, and AION is quite frankly irrelevant on the scale. (Hence the massive changes) That being said, the people completely negative about the changes make me laugh. Many of you mad about the changes are the reason this game went to shit, the unbelievable tilt towards RNG and the never-ending defending of NCWest and NCSoft's catastrophically bad changes to the game that caused a game that released with over 1 million subscribers day one to become an unsustainable, P2W, garbage mess, and even on its brink of death you defend and call the game playable, claim gearing is easy, claim leveling is easy... Some people need to get their head out of the sand, this game is utterly shit in its current state and going nowhere fast. The only people playing full time for the past few years have been getting milked dry by awful mechanics, a boring repetitive late-game and PVP that has dwindled down to who has the biggest wallet. It's sad to see a game I once cherished, turn in to this colossal disappointment.
  8. 6.0 info

    Thank you for this thread OP! Great work in translations. For the most part I have quit AION for a long time now. I tried to come back numerous times throughout the years, even spending some money in an attempt to jump-start the comeback. In the end, I ultimately decided that I wouldn't be able to be as competitive I once was because of the inability to gear, even through hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Every patch seemed to put people who spent the most far above the average player and it seemed there was no end in sight and they were turning this game into a disaster P2W retard-fest. I've not gamed much since quitting AION. I have played Black Desert Online and FFXIV since, and I am happy to see that AION 6.0 is adopting A LOT of the best aspects of Black Desert Online. From what I've read, and what I experienced, I think you will all end happy about the changes. I know many people are afraid of the Kinah trading limitations, but it is a sure-fire way to prohibit RMT disproportion among players. BDO has one of the best, healthiest in-game economies I have ever witnessed in a game. The questing system that AION is introducing (A rip off of the Black Spirit in BDO) will be great for new players, providing step by step run-downs of quests and guidance. I found that people I got into AION often had no idea what was going on, rushing to end game with awful gear and no idea how to properly optimize stats for different things. Because of this, I witness players in game that have no idea how they are suppose to play their class. They are not use to using many skills, and overall lack the basic game knowledge to function in a late game environment, let along PVP. This is partly because of AION's complete breakdown of the leveling system, catering to veteran players with alts and opting new players into a "too fast for their own good" grind leaving them clueless and mechanic-less. I am so happy to see the upcoming changes. It seems after BDO's insane asia and western success, NCSoft has decided to almost completely mimic the game's model while maintaining classic AION gameplay and PVP. I am excited to see if they can be successful in the launch and marketing to old customers.