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  1. Hi guys! So, I've been scratching my head a bit since trying AION again, puzzled by the iffy performance. It's an old engine; the original Cry engine heavily modified and doesn't play nice with multi-core systems, but in no way do I expect to get stutters on some of the highest end equipment available, right? I wanted to share this in the case that anyone was experiencing the same issues I was with iffy performance! Since i'm going into a bit of detail here i'll throw some general optimization guide tips for people who want to get the most performance. Basic In-game settings Twe
  2. So, first off, I'd just like to state up front that I am the type of player that keeps AION servers running. I'm active, and have the income to indulge on entertainment, and would like to enjoy the game. But at this moment, there is no value to invest in. I've been gone from the game a long time for the most part, periodically making some sparatic, short lived visits generally to be shot down by issues I still feel the game has not addressed. Aion 6.0 was the first patch in a long time I've felt was possibly worth my time and money. And despite the issues I will talk about, I feel it can
  3. The underlying reason why AION has gone to shit is the pandering of a minority player base, a catering to P2Wers, hackers, and the endless fan boys that will support it versus protesting negative changes. The player base is always to blame for the industry normal, in my opinion, because we have the power to stop it with our wallets and time. The care bears have been ruining open world PVP since its inception. The lack of monitoring and banning of cheaters is unreal, borderline criminal. I've never seen such blatant hacking in the 3 weeks I attempted to get back into the game. I'm a vetera
  4. @Dreaming-KT Wow they really upgraded the forums to allow for this instead of quoting. Color me impressed! ...Yeah, I probably shouldn't respond to trolls but I never turn down a chance to discipline children. I got triggered from the trolling. I've loved AION since beta, I've played more and longer than the majority of people left. Sad being forced to quit due to the insane P2W changes to the game. I've defended P2W in the past when it wasn't extreme; stating that some people do work insane hours, like myself; some form of P2W can offset their lack of playtime. But right now, in its curren
  5. I get it, your reading comprehension is terrible. First off, I've played BnS. Like I said, I've played every game developed and published by NC in recent history. I've at least tried virtually every F2P and P2P MMO released since FFXI. Some more than others, obviously, as typically I have no patience for bad games. BnS's economy is NOTHING like BDO's. BDO's economy is regulated, with item and gold trading completely blocked aside from potions. BnS gold is tradeable, hell, at one point they were selling gold items with nccoin, I don't know if that still happens or how long it lasted. BnS questl
  6. Interesting. Lots of keybinds saved (***Looking at you; shift+alt+1/2/3/4)
  7. Over 8 million in sales, and in only a few months on Steam sold to over 400K players (and that was months ago) and it has maintained a top ten seller spot on Steam since release. The game is an undeniable success and the changes to the MMO industry since have proved it. Including the obvious mimics by NCSoft. I no longer play BDO and I'm not trying to "white knight" it, but, denying its success isn't healthy ^.~ . FFXIV and BDO, with the obvious exception of WoW, are the only games that are maintaining, and increasing in players. Every other game is bleeding players, and AION is quite frankly
  8. Thank you for this thread OP! Great work in translations. For the most part I have quit AION for a long time now. I tried to come back numerous times throughout the years, even spending some money in an attempt to jump-start the comeback. In the end, I ultimately decided that I wouldn't be able to be as competitive I once was because of the inability to gear, even through hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Every patch seemed to put people who spent the most far above the average player and it seemed there was no end in sight and they were turning this game into a disaster P2W retard-f
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