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  1. Hello, from moment when 6.2 came I keep crashing because of popping window with error "Connection to the shop was interrupted. Please launch the client again to use the shop." It's probably because of changing the BCM, but i keep crashing in game because of that notification. If i don't wait for that window to pop at character selection then I crash... I play at high quality graphic if that matters..
  2. Helloo. Dear @Cyan, is there possibility Cradle Of Eternity Bonus (1 entry per day, entry available through wide-server recruitment) will be available? It would be really nice idea, since 4 Cradle of eternity per week it's in my opinion a bit too less for someone who would like to get gear (especially if you get all the time the same items you already have in box) and faster to get Daevanion skills Please consider it.
  3. Hello. I got a problem, I wrote already on Danaria group on fb, Katalam too and nothing.. but maybe I'll finally find someone who can help me.. So I updated aion to 6.2, I clicked on "Start game", after that it showed me the logo/picture of aion, loaded xigncode like usually... and then the error shows up: CrySystem.dll loading failed: The dynamic link library (DLL) initialization procedure failed I even tried reinstalling the game, updated it to first stage to see if it works, the error still occurs. Is there someone who can help me fix it? Everything worked fine on 5.8...
  4. Hello, I need help. I had problem with xigncode error for first and now I got this Sorry for polish, it means : the dynamic link library (DLL) initialization procedure failed Please help
  5. I thought like "yaay, they listened to me" after I saw the rewards LOL
  6. L2 & Aion Operations‏ @L2andAionOps We're currently looking into connectivity issues currently being experienced by some players. Please bear with us. #NCSoft
  7. i was downloading the update, it downloaded a bit and then its stucked, i turned it off and on again and i have 1 bytes / 450 bytes and before i got even E02018 problem and i can't turn it on at all, can someone help me?
  8. Soo.. everyone of us saw the armor archons are wearing inside of Norsvold city.. @Cyan will we be able to craft/get them once? They are amazing, please! (yes,rip my fps)
  9. Hello. I'd want to inform that NPCs who should give XP buff, is giving instead PVP Def 3%. Is it bug or it was intended?
  10. When we gonna get these wings http://aiondatabase.net/us/item/187060255/ to buy in BCM and not only for 1 day to users which have Twin Gift?
  11. Aspida for IS/TM/KR Belus for BR/SL
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