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  1. Updated Website for Aion NA with new patch?

    Same thing with the forum, took them waaaaay to long to get that one running. *sighs* I'm still hoping for it though. </3
  2. Highly doubt there will be any kind of delay, not counting in the technical issues. Usually the day of the patch is the worst. Patch itself usually takes half a day and some stuff mostly won't work as they should. So try to finish most of your things and enjoy the game! If you try to speedrun everything, it's no fun after a while imo. :3
  3. Gotta get online with the others and show off some of your skins @Cyan ^o^
  4. Gold Ingot Exchange rate? - sounds good to me!

    I think the exchange is quite good! :3 Totally happy with it considering EU got hard much harder with a lot of things.
  5. You need to look into your battery settings on your laptop, there are different modes. Also I wouldn't recommend the power save mode in the Aion settings. I personally haven't had good experience with it while playing on a laptop. Check your graphic card settings and also make sure it's running on your actual graphic card and not just the regular one (a laptop usually has 2x graphic cards).
  6. I made these and now you have to suffer

    Yaaaayyyy! Super excited. ^o^ I gotta say it's amazing how much effort you but into your commissions and the outcome is beautiful. <3
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 10, 2018

    Uhmmm @Cyan, so we won't get a plume/bracelet enchanting event anymore befre the event? D:
  8. Aweeeh, thankies! I totally didn't see this one. <3 Glad that they at least talk about it, would be so great considering that games like Tera have quite a few character slots too.
  9. @Cyan I guess my question got overlooked so I'll try to ask again. >w< Will dual clienting still be possible on NA? Will you expand character slots up to 11 slots just like GameForge EU did?
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 10, 2018

    According to Hime, nope.
  11. As far as I know, you can "only" really get GP out of AoD as far as I'm aware, not speaking of the coins which are quite useless by now. It's all about their rank, I assume. *shrugs*
  12. New Server for Incoming Update.

    As far as I can quote Hime, nope, it's not going to be happening anytime soon.
  13. End Of The World Event Question

    I felt like running DLs was the best result of all instances, which gave me 12 boxes, but it's pure RNG. X3
  14. [Suggestion] Sell more characters per account unlocks

    Well Gameforge already applied the 11 slots to the EU version and I've already drops a post about it in the update announcement thread. I agree, it would be really really great if we get to have the same feature especially since we might not even be able to dual client in 6.2 depending on how NCWest decides and even if they leave us dual client, you won't be able to trade items much around anymore, so it would be nice to have an account with all classes and be able to stick to one account and not 2-3.
  15. Prestige Society Benefits??

    Have you been receiving your coins even if it's greyed out? Could be a glitch.