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  1. I kinda have the impression that since they introduced the currency Luna, it's a rip off mosly... That's why I've barely even touched it for obvious reasons like this one.
  2. Oh there are so many more things which need a fix... you didn't even mention half of it.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 12, 2018

    Would be sooo cool if NCWest does something UNEXPECTED but in a VERY good way for once. I mean how great would that be if they drop a really nice thing in-game? *dreaming* I have sooo many ideas... *continuing dreaming* Naaaaahhhh, won't happen, it's NCWest after all. *burst bubble*
  4. Reason why enchanting rates is so bad +

    Glad that @Cyan shared some news with us, much appreciated! <3 Until the changes get applied I'll sit this one out until then and wait till NCSoft fixes their game. Why should I stress myself out for crazy farming and lose even the last bit of fun I have on Aion? X3 *blumps*
  5. ABSURD retune prices

    Ugh, so another P2W thingy... *blump*
  6. Maint for this week, Broken record, or actual info?

    I already decided for myself to move to another game like BDO and Tera while NCSoft sorts out their mess. This whole "we'll introduce a whole new world" and then a year later "we're removing everything and "offering" you new things" situation is getting quite annoying to me while there are games like Tera who keep most of their content and see there it works just fine, same as BDO. *sighs*
  7. If players were paying NCWest for events, ohhhh boy, it would be much more different than it is right now. Trust me.
  8. Locking Threads

    Oh and accusation threads are a total no go!
  9. The Christmas Decoration is so pretty...

    Christmas decoration in-game is the most pretty thing and I enjoy that time of the year the most. <3
  10. Nothing to do basically.

    Uhmm depends on the alt tbh. I have two 2 main classes I play, cleric and SW. It's so easy to focus on both nowadays. So maybe find another class you'd like to play and there we go, you won't be bored.
  11. This Event / Balance servers ?¿?¿?¿ :S

    Well I assume that they just followed EU and KR with this event since both regions had the same event, so NA followed through with it even if we got the event much later compared to the other regions as it seems like. Is event terrible and unbalanced? Sure is. Do the rewards suck? Hell ye. Can we change this situation? Not really, sadly. I think there is a very loud voice coming from the community showing that we disagree on many things which are going on and which are still not happening like certain fixes. I just hope they will finally act on it and actually LISTEN to us.
  12. Video - The Proof that Enchant is only fails

    Who knows when that will be, sadly. D:
  13. I'm wondering why we'd need to keep providing our feedback in so many threads for weeks and it takes NCSoft so long to fix the most simple things. And yet nothing is fixed after all. Yes, they might not have a dev team in NA and need to pass it to KR but really?! I mean, we keep hearing that they read our threads, but it's getting frustrating. Actions speak louder than plain words. *shrugs* There are so many other communities like even Gameforge who act quicker on certain issues. Even other games like Black Desert Online who keep up with things. Yes, they might have their own issues, but at least they are acting actively. I mean, I get it that some people like Cyan can't speak outloud what's going on behind the scene, he also has his supervisiors at his neck, totally understandable. Been there, done that. If NCSoft would have done anything by now, we wouldn't even be in this kind of situation...
  14. Oh man... this is just upsetting. I do miss our buff rotation weekends, since most of the people still play on the weekends for obvious reason, I'd say. Then those got removed for an uncertain time while people do want them back especially for crafting related reasons. I have aetherforing leveled up on my main, but I'd also like to level it up on another toon since we are soooo restricted on trading. Broker fees are also quite high as I've noticed. So was hoping to get a good event at least which might helps us in our gearing up process especially in the current enchanting situation. The enchanting rates are just terrible. I do liek the enchantment system compared to 5.8 but the rates are horrible... *sighs* But this event doesn't seem to be worth it after looking over the gem prices...
  15. Prime Forge

    I kinda expected better drops tbh, maybe I was expecting too much. ;/ Seeing this, makes me wonder that IDD might be even worse with 12 people rolling on one item just like we used to have it in the old BoS version in 5.8. D: And congratulations @Unskilled-KT! ^o^