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  1. Aion TW will get 6.0

    I kinda feel like NA is getting left behind of most of the things, which is sad. ;/
  2. Post your Aion character!

    Was a bit bored after running SFTs, ended up making a newbie glad. ^w^
  3. Evergale tricks they do

    You seem to take this a bit too much by heart. Just ignore it and move on. It's just a game... u.u
  4. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    I can borrow you my Golden Retriever baby! I got two of them. <3
  5. Evergale tricks they do

    Aren't you special? lol
  6. Soulstones

    *off topic* Wait what?! He got banned too? Jeez... Whenever I log into my KT toon, less and less people I know are around because most likely they got banned for "some" reasons.
  7. Post your Aion character!

    @Nalariel-KT She looks very cute! ^w^ Always been a fan of the big bow.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 9, 2018

    Oh well, figures. lol Had the same issue...
  9. Soulstones

    Does this matter? lol
  10. Ye... I remember that and worried it might be similar but seems like people are actually for getting 6.2 straight away. *shrugs* Still dunno how to feel about it but if it fixes more than it breaks, it should be okay, right?
  11. where is version 6.0

    NCSooooooon. <3
  12. Prestige Pack Update?

    I like how you compare it to Starbuck. Made me giggle. lol
  13. Windows 10 April 2018 should I update it ?

    Always make sure to turn off certain Windows programs which are running in the back while playing. It's annoying to turn them off all the time but back when I used to play on my really old laptop you can tell the difference... Now I have a much better one but I have this habit to turn it off anyway. lol
  14. It actually looks really great. Been seeing posts about it on various social media. Reminds me very little on when NCSoft changed the textures on Aion. The engine is still meh. lol
  15. Looking for old friends from Kahrun!

    Depends on what the system message said. It wouldn't let you mail it if those names were existing, but again, might be other people now who own the name, you never know. I'd also suggest you to check out the Aion Facebook groups of each server (incl. the old ones). This will increase your chances for sure. Good luck! <3