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  1. Notorious aion player about the anti-cheat

    Clip is not available anymore. R.I.P. I'd suggest you to PM @Cyan and @Hime about it with the video so they have the opportunity to avoid such things.
  2. I'd really love to keep being able to launch two clients, please. In the KR 6.0 patch notes there was already mentioned that you will be able to launch just one client, which is quite painful for a majority of the community. Would be awesome if you review this matter. ;/
  3. Power up Event

    It's up to each player if they wanna spend money on a game or not. If you don't see it fit, then don't but most of us already guessed what this event will be about. Not really a suprise when you have played here for a while. Nobody is forcing to do so, so I don't really understand what your goal is with this thread anyway since NCSoft is a company and have to earn their money too somehow so of course there will be some P2W events and this is one of them, although this one is a bit different compared to others, since you might actually get some of your stuff enchanted. Not sure how the RNG will be, this thing is unpredictable. lol
  4. Problem Previewing Items

    Have you tried to file repair your client and check if all you rgraphic drivers are up to date? I know this might be a silly question, but it might fix your issue. :3
  5. Evergale Canyon constant disconnects

    What I heard (not sure if it's true) it's caused by a bug in EC. If you kill certain things before a certain time, it caused mass dcing. I have no details about it, but that's what I've been hearing lately. lol
  6. The fall of Raksang SAM and IO

    I just loved the looks of Raksha since I loveeeee dragons. <3
  7. Is possible a new server in 6.0?

    Please no.
  8. be elyos is a chit

  9. Rotating buffs for Jan 26 weekend

    Thankies! Stating it in the monthly preview would help a lot. I started wondering the other day the same thing since I didn't know when the next EXP weekend is. lol <3
  10. Aion 6.0 Lakrum Proven Information by me

    Yaaaaay! You can get the deku set now. <3
  11. Google doc of class changes?

    I have this one related to the 6.0 patch: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wgtjKE5idoYyH6xDTHoySqoWBN3lo2YpYjJ1pxYdTts/edit?usp=sharing
  12. 6.0 info

    I made a short post about it here:
  13. Panesterra Stage 2 Exploiters

    Riiiiiiggghhhhttt, I'm such a nuuub! How could I just believe in a second that they would do this in the first place. *smh at myself*
  14. Panesterra Stage 2 Exploiters

    I'm surprised that thise titles haven't been removed from everyone's inventory if this is such a big issue. Panesterra is once a week, so if they remove all of it before this, it should be solved.
  15. what avoid in aion 5.8 before aion 6.0

    Does this mean that aetherforge crafts while be untradable too? There are quite a few skins which seem to be worth something. o: