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  1. Because BnS got it last year, so they were asking if ours is going to change too. All they did it add Aion to the launcher next to BnS and Lineage. Dunno why people make such a huge deal about the new launcher... It's just a launcher!
  2. I hope that's on their list too since it's been a major part of the game since 6.2. Back then the rates were much much better and you could actually work on it. Nowadays it's a very tiring grind and even after farming for hours, you still can't get things maxed out at all or even get close to getting in your stats. Would be nice if they can fix the rates to how it used to be or find a way to make them more accessible! Not even talking about the endgame cubics, I'm talking about the basic ones like HP, Magic Attack etc etc
  3. Yeeee... I also feel like it's needed to point out that the new launcher doesn't fix the pin bug as some people thought it does, misinformation here. The pin bug is related to the actual game files while the launcher, as the name already says it, is only launching the game itself to word it simple. Also funny how it took them 1 year to add Aion to the already existing launcher. I feel like they have been playing the catching up game right now. I guess they gotta start somewhere! ;o
  4. Yes, I was talking about NCWest since other publishers handle this particular topic in a different way. I've said it many many times but I'll say it again: NCWest is missing out on a HUGE opportunity here. Skins are still desirable by the community and they could do so much with it. From the very old skins to the very new ones! Not even talking about the licensed ones since most of those are not available anymore as we know.
  5. It would be nice to see them add an NPC just for costumes which you can buy with a different currency. I'd totally grind it for the skins! ;x OR just add some more into the Gold Sand Trader (Costume Tab). I remember when skins were such a huge part of the game and they slowly got removed more and more. It's just sad! x.x
  6. I remember when people were asking about the launcher because Blade and Soul got it in March 2019. So it was just a matter of time to see Aion getting added to it. Nothing really changes, which is good! As for the social media aspect, it's just an add on. If you wanna use it, do it, if not, it's whatever. *shrugs*
  7. I feel ya, but don't see this happening. It's not like we haven't mention this to them and you know how that worked out until now... This whole situation is quite frustrating!
  8. Yeah,I hope they will fix their mess which they created for the whole community... The whole thing with the ice cone event doesn't surprise me because I assume that they realized that they need to extend the event because it's easier for them to keep it for another week than take down the whole game for maintenance again or they need another week to figure out what they did wrong and while doing so, they are extending the event to "keep" the peace. Pick your poison, I guess, same thing to me tbh. X3
  9. Small info update? Soooo it seems like they are really good at ninja editing their posts and if you don't keep checking, you might not even know about it because the whole team as been quiet. Buuuuut we all take screenshots, right? ;o
  10. I mean, they do have a test server as we have all seen via live streams BUT it's not public and yet again they seem to break things.
  11. Ugh that silence after so many mess ups again... Some things seem just not to change. Why launch an update if you keep breaking things?! Not the first time. Even simple things as posting the patch notes turned out messy af, but lucky that most of us were already familiar with the new update and the KR patch notes. The joke is on you for posting such a mess. >.>
  12. Keep in mind that some materials like spirit fragments and etiums are account tradable.
  13. From what I have heard from people who got lucky to get a stigma from the event, you get to pick your class and the stigma itself, the stigma then becomes tradable.
  14. This one hit me hard because I agree 100%. I literally feel robbed by this event and not given any rewards. I'm glad I didn't craft as much but I've been seeing others and it's sad to see such a promising event go to waste once again because of terrible rates. This event was intended to help us, the community, not to waste our resource which we have farmed for the past 1-2 years, just so we're empty handed for the next patch. x.x
  15. That's ridiculous! u.u I remember when I was working on my ultimate DT gear, it was already a pain to farm all those mats. The EC survey (for the time EC was not working) totally saved me back then. If I didn't get those back then, I would be SUPER behind on game content. Just imagine how new players feel?! And now this event (it sounded great and was very promising) arrives with such bad rates with the goal to empty our resources with nothing in return. I feel robbed... not helped by this event. x.x
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