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  1. Coming soon in AIon Server

    Aren't you the one who kept failing to run the most simple instances? *rofl*
  2. Back from Break

    Welcome back! :3
  3. Aion 2 - Confirmed to be PC + console MMORPG

    I have the feeling that this won't come out within the next 3-5 years. lol
  4. Tia eye event again plz

    Yeah, EU just got it, but if NA thinks of messing it up again, I rather not want to have it. D:
  5. quick question

    Yeah, I'm aware of this issue. And gladly, I haven't been in need for this since I can play on high graphic settings myself. Still think it's a good question to ask if it's allowed or now. I've used to mainly on BDO and never had an issue there, not sure how things are on Aion as you might agree that NCSoft has always surprised us and I'm not talking in a good way.
  6. Aion August Preview

  7. quick question

    Oh weird, because I actually have the files for it, but that's from a while back so not sure if it still works. I'm willing to share the ones I used to use though. Feel free to find them here: http://sfx.thelazy.net/games/game/1407/ Also would be useful if @Cyan can somehow confirm if this application is allowed or not. :3
  8. quick question

    ReShade has is for Aion too. o:
  9. House bidding rules

    I had one for almost an hour. I got so mad. At the end it came out that this person wanted to troll me around. =.=
  10. Not anymore since you can get most of the things easily by now. I also rather extract archdaeva gear than waste it on coalescence. D:
  11. Looking to form DN FM static

    May I ask, are you Asmo or Elyos? o:
  12. That would be actually not too bad. We have been having the same old Luna items for a long time. An update on those, would be great. <3
  13. Unable to remove Lucky Hand buff

    I mean we shouldn't even be in this kind of situation, you know? u.u
  14. Unable to remove Lucky Hand buff

    It's been an issue for a while. Another thing I noticed last week when we had the 400% EXP week is that the buff doesn't stack with EXP amulets which was not the case before. So I sent in a ticket for a refund and telling them that something is wrong and this was not happening before. Got my refund, but same issue. Had to AFK my buff so it's gone now, but it sucks because I couldn't take full advantage of the event. =.=
  15. Regarding tonight's EC afk-kick

    Oh Cheese, I know that but reporting someone stacks up on those people's account. I'm well aware after 6 years of being on Aion that support doesn't do shit, doesn't mean people shouldn't point out that people have been abusing this function by sending in a ticket and maybe even post it on the forum as they did here. And as @Cyan mentioned a while back, that's what we should do, correct me if I got that wrong. :3