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  1. Game worth coming back to?

    Agreed, it's hard to say since everyone will tell you something different. It really depends on what you're looking for. PvE or PvP or w/e. The game is well populated and you can feel it since we just had a merge of 5 servers to 2 servers, it's active. :3
  2. Need help asap ^^

    Hi Hi, sadly it's not possible to switch from EU to NA like you were asking to do so since EU is via Gameforge and NA is via NCSoft. You guys need either to decided on NA or EU. ;/ Hope this helps and sorry that I couldn't bring you good news to it. </3
  3. Ohhh, that's good too know! Wasn't sure since there used to be Prov magical extends too. Thankies for the info! <3
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 6, 2017

    Does this mean that they might also be in certain in-game events in the upcoming events? My RNG in this Luna game doesn't seem to like me... u.u
  5. Tree event organization Danaria Elyos

    Okay, you calm down now because I wasn't calling you names but now you are and this is quite inappropriate. There were many of us there back when YY was leveling the trees for us, not I can't say that I've seen you around. It was also on LFG back then and things were very fine. If you didn't like the choice of the trees being worked on, you could have PMed those people and figure this out with them. Like I said, Khalessi and now also others are helping to level certain trees and instead of QQing about it why you're not in charge of it, you could help them instead. They seem trustworth and have helped before as proven. Also I do know you very well, sadly. Not the first time I've seen you being rude towards others, but I'm not here because of this, it's because people on DN-E need to learn to work together instead of against each other. Awh! I was hoping that there still might be a few left who actually care replying with something useful. My bad! <3 Thankies @Khalessi-DN for the update! <3
  6. Hmmm I see, I didn't check the IDs in-game! I was curious about the magic weapons to compare those with the prov weapons. So if you find any of those, feel free to share! ❤️
  7. Because I played around with it and I was curious! Here's the box which gives out the extendies: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item:188058661 As you can see, you'll find the weapons from the box below.
  8. Tree event organization Danaria Elyos

    Might wanna ask in LFG on KT-E! ;/
  9. Tree event organization Danaria Elyos

    *cough cough* To correct you WhyWhy was doing this for IS-E mainly. Khalessi is trying to help and instead of helping her and the whole faction you're just bitchign around, same as on LFG earlier. Man up and help instead of being rude toward someone who wants to actually help. =.=
  10. Cleric DPS set

    We are talking here about PvE, right? Then I agree with CoE gear since you might not be able to afford a BoS set as a DPS set yet.
  11. Is siege worth doing anymore as Elyos DN

    That's one of the big reasons why KT-E transfer to DN-E now.
  12. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    Very disappointing... The only useful reward I can pick out of this long list is the Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic) but everything else is quite not on point. I can see that they tried to "update" it somehow by throwing in some BoS wings but that's about it. *sighs* Not much else to add on this one since most of the others already mentioned their point of views. One more thing, don't be so harsh on @Cyan since I don't think this reward list set up is all on him or not even at all. He's been so active and trying to help. <3
  13. Is siege worth doing anymore as Elyos DN

    Nah, it's not really a siege on DN-E anymore, more liek war who has the bigger ego and what not. It's very sad to watch... But can't help it either since siege is out of my time zone. z.z
  14. I feel your pain! >.<
  15. Cleric CPs

    I love it and the damage is helpful doesn't matter if it's PvP or PvE. I also have it up even though I'm support to help my group DPS (it's sort of in my rotation).