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  1. Well that's a disappointing choice in event. I suppose I'm okay with it, won't feel like I'm missing out on much by spending less time in the game.
  2. Is NCsoft west bad or Aion just a bad game ?

    So, in a nutshell, you like BnS better. Wrong forum?
  3. Ultimate Firebrand Items

    Erza, you walnut, it's entirely possible for someone to have a PvP weapon because a better alternative hasn't RNGd itself into existence. The base stats on ults are adequate even without the pve bonus.
  4. A prosthetic from Korea would be an option although we might get a spider leg there, who knows. It's just that we really, really shouldn't reattach the old one. That is all.
  5. There was once a runner, named Aion. The runner got into a terrible accident with a combine harvester operated by someone who maybe shouldn't have been driving a combine harvester, and lost a leg. Everyone agreed that things were much better when Aion had both legs, because with just one leg to stand on it could hardly manage, never mind win any races. And then a brave soul named Neleth exclaimed: "Everybody, I found the leg in the field, let's reattach it!" And everyone said, "No, Neleth, let's not." And then Neleth said: "But it was much better with two legs, so let's just reattach it!" And then... well that's where we are now.
  6. ice gem still shot mailings

    It's a polar day. u.u
  7. NC Coin

    As a consumer I would like this (15$ here gets more than 15$ in the states for the things that I like), but from the developer's point of view it means putting extra effort to cater to a market that has less to offer. So given NCWest's track record for that sort of thing, it's unlikely they'd accomodate.
  8. I saw! It's so so so nice to finally have it available.
  9. The minibosses are interesting in that they can be rooted, stunned, slowed, all of the things, like regular mobs. They reset if they land a hit on you outside their room, so if you can get away before they can, that should help. However, the easy way remains to get a mob to the edge of a platform, root/stun/slow/something it so it stays put for long enough, jump down, hookshot yourself back up and enter tachysphere before you're at the top. And then you get to enjoy the satisfaction of crawling up to a building, aiming it, and watching the FLAMES SHOOT OUT OF THE WALLS while the boss topples over. Good times.
  10. Exploits approved and encouraged

    The hookshot thing is a little strange. If not used to move the tachysphere around, then it's only necessary in one location on two kobolds and only if the right shugo spawns on top of that tower which is not always. That's also a little strange. And then they have those mobs patrolling right along the very edge of the upper level platforms, especially by the third miniboss.
  11. Someone did things!? Whoa! No but seriously this is pretty great, I love that list.
  12. Partnership with 3rd parties

    Because effort. You must be new here.
  13. Can confirm, got a copy of it. The orange ribbon likes to clash with things.
  14. Also Hair Ribbon: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/125040082 . The accessory that has been in the game since 2.5 and has shown up in the stores everywhere except ours for ???reasons???. Gives your character a neat braid, like so:
  15. Plox Extend Buffs

    It'd be nice to see these sorts of buffs whenever we have a lull between events.