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  1. Aion players: to get someone's attention when I'd like a group invite, heal or buff, I should stand where they can see me and jump a few times. Also Aion players: the perfect way to afk is to park my character in front of a frequently used NPC and place a brick on the spacebar.
  2. That's interesting! I'm going to take a wild guess though that upon going back into the instance, that +1 was supposed to be consumed, unless it wasn't the case in Korea?
  3. I don't think we'd notice. The whole thing is kind of a mess, but hey at least it gave us something to talk about other than the enchantment rates, right?
  4. @OnionKnight-DN I admire your patience for going through 600 enchantment stones. The failure rate plus the sluggishness of enchanting is just.. argh.
  5. This suggestion, here. Obviously some players prefer luna, while others prefer stones, so why not* let us choose? *I say, knowing full well the answer to 'why not' is because that's another thing the devs would have to implement, and the devs aren't keen on the whole implementing of things we request business.
  6. How does one get rid of something that is unsellable, unstorable, untradeable, unbrokerable and cannot be discarded? @Cyan - any suggestions? ;<
  7. My favorite part about the storyline with Cheska is when Princess Tutu blocks a dagger with her face, gets vanished on the spot because she clearly hasn't bound to an obelisk once in her life, and everyone gets Dramatically Sorrowful about this despite cheering by a fresh pile of corpses not 2 minutes ago. What?
  8. Oh hush, the Hair Ribbon is cute.
  9. There appears to be a derpy little bug with the hair accessory prices in Gold Sand Traders shop that is unkind towards new players that don't know better and treasure their kinah. This is what it shows for hat prices: Neat, right? Unfortunately when you purchase any, they actually cost 1.9m kinah, instead of the listed 5. The shugos are using false advertising techniques.
  10. I've had this happen in the past often enough to where I was pleasantly surprised recently when it did not, in fact, happen. Sending an e-mail to support as Cheesecake already advised should get it sorted out pretty quickly. Unfortunately they don't ever want to tell you what the problem that caused your account to be flagged is, so go figure. My best guess is something about the region, choice of email provider and the number of recently created accounts, but it's just a guess.
  11. Deadly Blast was deadly. Everything checks out. Working as intended. 100/100. But yeah the mob density is a bit silly. Fighting the enemy faction is one thing, but fighting the framerate is far less entertaining.
  12. The error claims that the player is suspended for 8 hours after 5 consecutive attempts, but it doesn't actually suspend anyone. One has to exit the client, reload it, try it again. And if it fails, then again. And possibly a few more times. It would be less of an issue if every attempt didn't require a new loading of the client, which can be very frustrating and time consuming, especially if you're trying to get back in after a crash, say, in the middle of a pvp instance. I find that the error comes and goes in waves. Sometimes, I can log in a bunch of accounts with no issue. Sometimes, t
  13. Does this only work when the new skin is uglier than Thunder dragon like in the example shown, or also for other skins? You didn't really explain.
  14. Have prestige, max slots are unlocked. Can't comment on limitations, accepting time machine donations though. I promise to use one productively.
  15. So NCWest noticed the influx of players and everyone having fun and promptly put a stop to that. I suppose I do have a lot of work coming up next week so losing that sudden incentive to play the game is all good.
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