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  1. Here's a translation. Pardon if a bit clunky in places, got lazy about rereading and tried to keep as close to the original as sensibly possible: Following Balaur Lord Fregion's attack, the Tower of Eternity was split into two. Cataclysm Atreia was split into two parts, but although Aion's Tower was destroyed, its light kept illuminating the Southern hemisphere. The Northern hemisphere, on the other hand, fell into darkness. Its lands became barren, full of cold and darkness. Thus, Atreia was divided into two completely different worlds, each unaware of the other's existance. Daevas cried over the losses brought by the Cataclysm, but understood that grief and sadness cannot last forever. Under Ariel's leadership, Southern part of Atreia decided to build a new city to forget about the horrors of the past and prosper. Meanwhile, the lack of Aion's light caused the daevas of the Northern hemisphere to change outwardly. Their wings blackened and their skin became pale. Humans and daevas united forces to build a new city that would save them from despair. And so, inhabitants of both halves of the split Atreia decided to forget about the terrible Cataclysm and build capitals for their nations. Celestial leader (Russian term for Seraphim Lords, I think?) Ariel united the forces of four Empyrean Lords and daevas to build Sanctum. A city of light to eternally preserve the memory of Ancient Atreia. The people of North united under Azphel's lead. Together, they focused on building Pandaemonium. A city that would grant a reprieve from hardships and erase the horrors of the Cataclysm. The day Sanctum was completed, a great celebration was held. Ariel together with other Empyrean Lords solemnly lifted the city into the skies. When Pandaemonium was completed, five Empyrean Lords lead by Azphel established a powerful aetheric field around the city to protect it against enemmy attacks and the destructive power of time. (cont. about Elysea) Humans and daevas praised Siel and those that had sacrificed themselves for a brighter future during the Cataclysm. The opening of the city marked the beginning of a new era. Southern people began calling themselves Elyseans. (cont. about Asmodae) People of North called themselves Asmodians. Together, they beheld the majestic Pandaemonium that became their symbol for rebirth and prosperity. Tears of joy and pride filled the eyes of both humans and daevas. Sanctum and Pandaemonium became the capitals of Elyseans and Asmodians. The wounds of Cataclysm gradually healed. Life on Atreia had begun anew.
  2. @Cyan Even if it's not fixed by Wednesday...

    This, please! There is no way the Ideal Formula for a Reward can be calculated in this kind of a situation anyway, so while the devs do whatever they do, something to at least tide the playerbase over the awkward halt in gear progression would be great.
  3. Serious issue with todays patch

    Didn't, just found the reward info.
  4. Serious issue with todays patch

    Looks to be a 5, 5 and 20 GP thing. 20 is for the daily.
  5. Could you please be more specific as to the number of stones you've used to test? The way I read the rates here - https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/6.0_Update_-_Enchanting_Rates - failure is effectively more likely than success for some of the legendary/ult combos past 10. Which in itself is enough to tell that the rates are a bit crap, but not enough to tell if there have been changes lately.
  6. Never mind the halfbreed Mary Sue with superpowers and heterochromia. The character we should REALLY be getting a story about is this one: A man presumably slept with a DRAMATA. Here's a famous example of a dramata, Padmarashka: According to the game, dramatas are Balaur that tried real hard but failed to ascend, and now just loaf around and lay eggs all willy nilly. SOME. GUY. SLEPT. WITH. THAT.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 6, 2019

    While we are on the topic of transparent transformation scrolls, I would like to propose this image for next week's maintenance pictures:
  8. Hacker In Open world

    I might not be remembering correctly, but I think the bug is that if a person has someone on target who goes into hide, the one in hide can sometimes still see the person in question as targetting them (although they actually aren't). But it looks like less than a minute has passed between the screenshots, and the assassin didn't leave shadow walk during this period, so the aethertech shouldn't be seen as targetting the sin after targetting the ranger.
  9. I will not buy anything from BCM! JOIN Me

    Nailed it.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 13, 2019

    Same deal in PF - only one group member got a box from the boss, while the event description says: "bosses will guarantee a drop for each member of the party". @Cyan halp
  11. fighting spirits

    Well, yes, "craft" isn't synonymous with "pvp". However, if you would like to pvp while obtaining kibrium, go bother the mobs that drop them on the enemy faction's side of the map. It makes things more interesting.
  12. @Neleth-KT, with the current pace of things, what makes you think that increasing the amount of work they need to do by about 20 times is going to lead to good things?
  13. Pet Food

    So BCM has the Infernal Diabol Egg (30 days) going on. The purpose of that pet is to poop out AP amulets when fed. That's all fun and neat, but what does one feed it? Unless I have missed another source, the Plain/Crispy/Savory/Sweet/Sour/Spicy Healthy Pet Food (item ID 182006413 - 182006418) that these sorts of pets require is no longer available from any NPC in the game. @Cyan, is it possible to make the pet food available somehow or are they doomed to starve for 30 days until the sweet release of death?
  14. Wedding in the lore

    I can't recall anything that specifically says yes or no off the top of my head, but Pandaemonium has (or had... thanks 6.x) the Vanahal district, where many of the residing families were known for producing a lot of daevas as offspring. Aioncodex.com has text from quests available, you should be able to find more specific lore bits about it in there.
  15. Stuck on Taloc Research Diary finding

    If I remember correctly, it's on the ground next to Celestius, a little to the side.