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  1. Gameplay suggestions

    Listen and.. ..then what? There's a number of issues with Aion right now that are worth harping about, but I sincerely don't think that it's a fine time for suggesting complicated overhauls for general boss mechanics. The amount of community feedback that gets passed along to where it matters and then actually gets addressed is so tiny, that it is absurd to muddy that tiny stream with wild hypotheticals. Unless the purpose of the thread is just to speculate for funsies, in which case, please, label the damn things appropriately. It's frustrating when the state of the game is like a house on fire with pretty much the kind of shouting about fire hydrants and water you'd expect, but then someone decides to voice a very important suggestion that the landlord should really replace the carpets because that would do wonders for the dust mite issue.
  2. Gameplay suggestions

    It does matter if the healer is in tank group for applying group heals. You have heard of things like acquittal, ripple, splendor etc., right?
  3. Gameplay suggestions

    So what you're saying is, the healer who is in the group with the tank will get credit on account of group heals, and everyone else can get bent. A+
  4. IMPORTANT: for the new class

    Why, vene- I mean, VD, of course! We're all mature people here.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    Just add a second shugo with Fighting Spirit Fragments at 1 gem = 1 fragment and I'll be happy as clam. Or idk if we're feeling EXTRA STINGY because the servers require blood sacrifice and so all event rewards must be handcrafted by Cyan with a dull spoon you can make it 2 gems = 1 fragment.
  6. Will the abbreviation be VD? Discuss. /my first shitpost
  7. 7.0 @ Agust 21st

    Aw snap, 'Vandal' is a great name for the class!
  8. sorc vs. anything but

    Painter version: I hope I didn't space the dots too far apart.
  9. Proxy users geting banned

    Usually Texas 2. Texas 4 also has good latency, but it seems to be less stable at times.
  10. Proxy users geting banned

    I've been using Battleping and haven't encountered any issues with that.
  11. Above all, I'd like to see better tradeability of things and less ridiculous broker fees. I'm f2p because Aion's prices don't make much sense in my country - and that's fine, because I could still contribute to the game monetarily by giving my kinah to people for whom Aion's prices make sense to spend real money on. However it seems that NCWest are oddly determined to have none of that because BCM is extremely slim pickings, trading kinah for stuff is slammed with questionable broker fees and what ever happened to that talk about tradeable prestige, and if that's too hard to implement, can we please and thank you have the instance boost pack back? As patches go, I liked the tail end of 5.whatever just fine - after they sorted out the leveling to be a bit less insanely grindy. Add perhaps a cap on enchanting so it doesn't get astronomical and yeah, that was fine in my book. Gear was accessible, there was stuff to do, and Norsvold and Iluma were crazy pretty. Too bad my client would often crash in some of the spots where pvp was almost guaranteed but eh, crashes are a part of the complete Aion experience so whatever.
  12. Let's talk about 7.0

    Too bad I can't edit the previous post anymore but... found out about the guidance stones. Their new replacement can be crafted right back into them at 1:1 ratio. So, bottom line, crafting difficulty of fighting fragments in particular is unaffected.
  13. Let's talk about 7.0

    Krall form showed up looooong after Mau form was a thing though. As for the crafting, yeah pretty much. There's a whole thing with essencetapping a new kind of gatherable in the new map. The silver lining is that I think it's only 100p of essencetapping required. Edit: wanted to add that the old crafting designs don't go away, and although Kibrium won't drop directly, you'll still be able to convert the new 'Alchemium' that drops (or whatever it'll be called) into that. However no idea on the guiding stones.
  14. Let's talk about 7.0

    My favorite part of lore relating to transformations has always been that Mau are found only in Asmodae, not Elysea. Meaning, every Elyos ranger has had a moment of 'wtf am I supposed to be', followed years later by 'I've been turning into one of THOSE?' As for fighting spirit fragments, the yield for T2 looks to be the same as T1 which is here: https://aiondb.ru/items/152080002.html (you can set the language to English). To be sure, I checked ingame too, and got the same results.
  15. Colorweaver ?

    'Mistake'? :V
  16. Your Painter's name

    I have an inkling of what I'm going to call mine.
  17. Let's talk about 7.0

    First time I found out about it on a Pandora boss. Just checked again, now on regular Dredge mobs. We had 4 painters in the group sooooo wasn't hard to meet the conditions. Same result: That says 'Skill cannot be used: the target is under another effect' (implied: of the same type). I forget what the wording is exactly but we have an English version of that string somewhere. Doesn't show up very often.
  18. Let's talk about 7.0

    Are we talking about two different things...? Scenario I'm describing: Painter A uses laser A on Anomos. Painter B tries to use laser A on Anomos, cannot, gets a system message along the lines that target (Anomos) is already under effect of this debuff.
  19. Let's talk about 7.0

    This was distinctly not the case on Aion RU, which is where I've been checking out the patch. Regional differences?
  20. Let's talk about 7.0

    A small but important note about these skills in particular. Just like dots, they do not stack if several Painters use the same skill on the same target. However, unlike dots, you cannot override. In practice this goes like so: PigmentSniffer uses Zappystring A on Anomos. PaintChurner attempts to use Zappystring A on Anomos as well, but cannot and gets a system message that Anomos is already under effect of Zappystring A. Thus PaintChurner has to wait until PigmentSniffer is done with Zappystring A and instead use something else. This is pretty small potatoes right up until 5 painters decide they'd all like to use the self-healing zap because they just got smacked by the same aoe, at which point hilarity ensues.
  21. Colorweaver ?

    That sums it up well, thanks Aly.
  22. Colorweaver ?

    I suppose that's proof positive that even folks with Highly Particular Aesthetic Sensibilities can tell when a facial expression doesn't work.
  23. Colorweaver ?

    By the way, while we're on topic of Paint Enthusiasts, here's a fine little teeny tiny nuance of a detail about the male variant. This is the face in hover motion, which is one of the more neutral options: And here's what the same face looks with hover motion turned off. Which is to say, the Hue Dispenser default, and shown about 99% of the time: