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  1. Tiamaranta's Eye

    The serious problem is that people came out to play in droves in hopes to upgrade their gear. The fact that hours of farming might actually accomplish that is unacceptable by NCSoft's standards.
  2. Character and Legion Name Ownership Policy

    "I apologize for that earlier confusion. Upon further review, I've found out that we are able to give you the name "[MyCharacterName]" since you are eligible to receive it. If you want this to happen, kindly get back to me here and make sure to be offline in order for me to process your name change request." This was the reply I received after my initial petition was hastily denied. So it would appear it IS first come first server, after all. I had the name ownership, but someone took it first.
  3. Character and Legion Name Ownership Policy

    In that case I have misunderstood how the name changes will be taking effect. What I thought is first come first serve and then we get into disputes. If someones character is indeed older, then obviously they should have it, though I'm not happy to lose the name I held for 7 years, I'll live. Without again publicly going into what happened to me, by the fault on NCSoft's "security", and the aftermath of it, you'd be distrustful of them too. I'm not seeing conspiracies, it's just what I've learned from experience. The "event" kept me away for 4 years, but I did come back, unfortunately many things remain the same. Thanks for clarifying better than those in charge.
  4. Character and Legion Name Ownership Policy

    Could be, which is why I mentioned xfers and said transparency would be nice. The one that got to log in first, which couldn't have been me as I was sleeping thanks to continuous delays, got the name. Since I've been burned by NCSoft before, it's hard to just take their word for it, though that's probably gonna be the outcome anyway.
  5. Character and Legion Name Ownership Policy

    I found that I cannot use the name of one of my oldest characters (created in 2010), making it older than both other servers that have been merged with Israphel. This was the response I've received after submitting a ticket, which is directly contradicting this post: "After reviewing your request, I'm afraid that I won't be able to rename your character to your desired name. This is because of the name you wish to use is already owned by another player before the server merge. As we have stated, we will be mitigating the cases of identity theft. In this case, the name you wish to use already belongs to another player. I know that this may not be the answer you are looking for, but we can only ask for your understanding on this matter. Feel free to contact us if you have any other inquiries." Clearly this post stated that if both characters are 65+, the one with earliest creation date gets to claim ownership. Unless the other character was a transfer from one of the older servers, and was made before my character, it's impossible for it have an earlier creation date. In this case there should be transparency on creation dates, as right now it looks you guys are just being lazy with checking this and flip flipping on clearly stated parameters. I appreciate the fast response, however I do not appreciate the response itself.