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  1. 4.8 and 6.0 history repeating

    Right now it's very hard to tell which skins remain and which ones are being removed. For example around Draupnir Cave I managed to get about 2 pieces that resemble the 1 Star officer skins you can get in the Academy/Priory, cloth hat and I believe chain pants. Overall 6.0 isn't bad, it's actually a very good patch. You know what's gonna be bad? NCWest nerfing the patch, its drops, its items and I'm mostly concerned about the membership option. It works like Prestige Pack in Korea, but you never know, their cash shop is nothing but Quna and premium membership. Quna is also a possible concern.
  2. Aion TW will get 6.0

    While that is true that we have to wait til you guys get the necessary information, all regions are already informed about the next patch. Russia and EU confirmed skipping to 6.2, Taiwan goes 6.0, what about us? We're like the last ones to know anything lol. It's kinda sad, you know. We players are kinda tired of being neglected.
  3. Producer’s Letter – Spring 2018

    The engine in itself wasn't updated, only some graphical areas in Heiron and Beluslan, but Cygnea and Enshar remain the same.
  4. Producer’s Letter – Spring 2018

    You won't see a second muse class for a long time, maybe with patch 7.x? Who knows. Aion already had an engine update, unfortunately, on NA is awfully optimized. The mentality is, if the game is more than 8+ years old, it won't get taken care of properly.
  5. Aion TW will get 6.0

    Adding few items to the shop due to player request won't redeem the amount of failure and disappointment they've shown us. Can't blame Cyan or Hime either, but what good is a new patch with new things if it's gonna flop here in the West? You first need a publisher that will actually care.
  6. Aion TW will get 6.0

    No other region is so neglected, uncared for, disfavored as much as NA is. The website is frozen in time since 3.x patch, it's slow and buggy at many times, the shop doesn't even work properly and there's features you still can check and explore which are fun, but for 2012 time. We're so neglected, sometimes I believe even NCKorea and their dev team don't care, maybe they just don't want us to give the full patches we've missed. @Hime promised a new website with 6.0, but I honestly doubt it'll happen. https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/1416-is-there-plans-for-a-new-website-soonby-60/?tab=comments#comment-13417 Would it really take 3 whole patches to change the website? All they'll do is probably just change the background pic as always. Remember it took them 2 years (I think) to give us new forums, should we really expect anything new and exciting for a website?
  7. trying to come back to the game is aion dead?

    It's fairly alive, or hanging there, most people are waiting for 6.0 patch. Right now everyone focuses on SFT event and maybe few sieges, so depending on your timezone, there's lots going on during afternoon or evening.
  8. Aion 6.0 When?

    It's demanded by the development team that every region skips directly to 6.2. If Russia and EU do this, I presume NA will as well. 6.0 has little to offer regarding content and 6.2 has the most class balancing done and new stuff to do. Reminder we skipped a lot of things in 5.x here on NA, which quite frankly it was unnecessary. We should receive the full patch too.
  9. Player transfer from EU to US SErver, quests question

    EU client has "Display Low level quests" automatically, while on NA it's disabled by default. Reason for that is that you level up so fast these days, it's practically unnecessary to do all the light blue quests and you miss some of them right away too. Most people skip to 66+ because that's where most players are.
  10. Enchantment for aion noob

    I don't recommend enchanting anything below level 65. Most people do Omega Enchanting Stone + Greater Supplements to get a 100% rate so the 66+ Mythic items don't get destroyed. If you right click on the dust, you can get some Enchantment Stones from it.
  11. Half the times players won't pick up the potions. I guess NCWest doesn't like players winning an event?
  12. Kromede's Revenge 2018 Reward List

    The drops are awful. It's nerfed beyond description. I had better chance getting goodies with Daeva Dash, but this thing is beyond me. At least the last SFT was good, but we can't always have nice things, yeah?
  13. 6.0 info

    New gear isn't tradeable but there are exceptions. Player-to-player trade is removed. Crafting materials are tradeable (mostly seen on broker). New gears are character bound and you won't be able to get a piece from your main and send it to your alt. Same goes for kinah (character bound) Any gear pre 6.0 remains tradeable even if soulbound, mythic, heroic, fable, whatever. New 3 grade gear is untradeable.
  14. Gogorunerk's Gauntlet Auto Kick

    NCWest servers have been recently pretty bad. My friend lives in Texas (that's right, not too far from their servers) and she often gets disconnected when accessing the instance server. It just crashes, no send log, or she gets a system error. Internet connection plays little in this case. I got stuck on an endless loop while leaving the instance server and had to force-close my client.
  15. Remove Gogorunerk Kisk

    Remove [Escape] Gogorunerk's Gauntlet Why? Because it's glitched and let's you teleport to the enemy base. You're off better removing it completely. Had the enemy come in quick and steal our runner hero. @Cyan @Hime Of course it's KT doing that. KT is so well known for cheating and hacking. Much legit players, much cool.