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  1. Got some wallpaper before reset and now I have a chair, table and lamp. "Breezy" though, not sure yet if it's just that.
  2. They're already aware of it. https://twitter.com/AionOps/status/1141356744397991936
  3. What I wish for is for them to add kinah gain in instances because I'm still losing more than gaining anything.
  4. Very nice VERY NICE VERY NICE The GST is still low on skins compared to KR but at least it's only slightly better. The fact you added Ancient xform for craft is a GOOD choice you've made. I was about to quit Aion overall. AND LOOK! Furniture, wallpapers, other skins in Luna for craft! Now that my friend, is some gud shit.
  5. BnS, Lineage 2 and Aion will eventually share the same launcher, which is what Korea has. Even on KR, it requires login before entering the launcher, so that won't change. Aion is last because Aion is least of their concerns for improvement.
  6. Added maybe 2 new things to GST? Guess 7.0 is close to be announced (I'm guessing after Steel Rake for sure). Either way, we'll find out how good of this "update" to GST and Luna is to begin with.
  7. Mirash Sanctum Reward

    Very low rate, but it still drops.
  8. Account banned due to suspicious activity @Cyan

    That's interesting because I haven't logged in for weeks Nice attempt to troll though.
  9. Decent event rewards

    Too bad this is gonna fall on deaf ears.
  10. Account banned due to suspicious activity @Cyan

    "Everyone", you mean you admit doing it yourself?
  11. when the new event will come

    Give it 2-3 weeks maybe.
  12. Server upgrade & name reset

    That's a nice attempt to troll, my friend. As IF you deserve anything at all lol.
  13. Server upgrade & name reset

    When EK demands a Name Reset lol. That's cute.
  14. Account banned due to suspicious activity @Cyan

    Here's a song to cheer ya up but not really https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSM3w1v-A_Y