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    Why not buy Europe back from GF? Sounds much easier tbh.
  2. EU has nerfed the enchant rates and it's clear it is. If we follow this table https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/6.0_Update_-_Enchanting_Rates, it should be possible to enchant to +3 with little fails, but people do comment and complain it's very hard. I remember the rates on PTS were exactly as KR.

    What do you mean? Clearly NA is most unfriendly to new/returning players because we aren't getting a new server (yet?). And our Gold Ingot exchange I guess is silly. Apparently getting 12m kinah for each ingot doesn't make any sense, because they had 1.3m instead (like KR). I mean, maybe it's bad comparison after all, we perceive EU to be far more p2w due to what Gameforge is doing to them, some even complained our current event is bad since everyone will run in exchanged gear. Sometimes I wonder how Aion would like if it were still subscription based? Regardless, all EU players are welcome here even if there's strong disagreements between all of us, we should just enjoy Aion for what it is despite its flaws.
  4. No more Luna items?

    Luna is revamped, yes. The Gold Sand Traders shop will have some skins (kinda bad ones though). If they could add a specific merchant with all the fancy furniture or add it to the nomad Shugos that'd be a great way too. But I rather have them add a huge selection of skins to GST instead because during the patch preview, it's far way worse than KR's. Maybe weekly updates?
  5. +12 manastones in current gear

    This is something that happened on Korea only. I'm trying to find the post about this but I'm having a bit of difficulty. I remember they had this exchange, but don't take my word for it to happen on NA
  6. Staying the same, but if you get one, you have to be in the capital city and use the Gold Sands Traders because the NPCs are not accessible.
  7. +12 manastones in current gear

    Whatever +12 you have in gear, you should automatically receive a bundle with new manastones.
  8. If you have 29.999.999 kinah, it won’t be changed to gold ingots, you keep the 29m. If you have 31m, you get 1 gold ingot + 12m kinah for it = 13m kinah in total.
  9. They can be also exchanged. Hime showed us in the stream you can exchange the Trascendent Tempering for ultimate PvP or PvE stones.
  10. The current materials and designs are removed and replaced with new ones. You can see here for a general idea https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Magical_Crafting
  11. New Server 6.0

    A new server wouldn't be a bad idea if it weren't integrated with the other 2, so if people PvP on the new server, it would be just with those on new server. This failed on EU to a degree.
  12. are returning/new players screwed on 6.2?

    It is so, but I'm talking after 6.2 hits, there still will be people coming, new and old, to try the game out. They might have some disadvantage when it comes to the ingots or gears.
  13. Gold Ingot Exchange rate? - sounds good to me!

    While it's all fancy and dandy for us, I wonder how NCWest will help the returnees/new players with this? These people might have issues regarding the ingots, unless they increase daily buy and decrease the price a bit.
  14. Awakened legacy gala gift pack sign up

    I think you guys should open it for the weekend.
  15. It means Gold Ingots are untradeable (and so are the bundles), they will be placed there, but once you take them out, say your main toon, you can't put it back in account wh.