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  1. Gonna jump in here and say I agree to almost all you said there. One main thing I'm struggling with here is kinah gain. Those extractors cost tons of money and I seem to be using them up very quickly, so at least daily I lose around 5m to 10m kinah and I have no idea where to farm to have some gains. I'm aware I could sacrifice my Marks to sell the gear from merchant in Lakrum but since I need those marks for other stuff (trying to get Katalam accessories), I've reached a dead end. Yes, farming instances to sell gear was a thing and I know it still is, but it doesn't seem to be a reliable
  2. There was a survey given and an Appearance Selection Box with 2 hairstyles (1 male and 1 female) and some skins. One of them is a big soccer ball skin.
  3. The grind is not the problem. The problem is the RNG, random reward from said grind. You can farm 6 months for the legendary, ultimately there's a high probability you will not get the one you need. Of course, someone here will say "well it's better than nothing!". There's a reason why KR opened Classic and everyone flooded there, while Live servers had to be merged since their populations plummeted. I wouldn't mind WoW, but the graphical appeal isn't my cup of tea.
  4. Damn, now that is peak toxicity I've ever seen. "Don't play this game if you're busy IRL, noob"
  5. Was looking forward to get the Daevanion skill box too but rip.
  6. I did that and still don't see the feature. I'm certain it's not meant to be there. If you're using JP/KR voice/text pack, then that will appear and be functional. Someone already mentioned this on LFG.
  7. I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be active. Says nowhere in the patch notes.
  8. You press that on your keyboard, it's that arrow under Gold Sand Traders. Press Item Guide after that.
  9. While that sounds fantastic on paper, not everyone has time to be playing 8 alts to achieve this.
  10. You can open the item guide from the menu (F10) and preview the gears on your current toon.
  11. Two events with the possibility to attain transformations for new/returning players?
  12. The whole game now is a joke. Even PvE isn't worth it because there's no content to do, let alone people to do with.
  13. I've been trying the game again for the past 2 weeks and I'm already exhausted for reaching a dead wall. I got 1 shot by some gladiator in Lakrum and I didn't even have a chance to run. So yeah, this upcoming patch won't be any better, and I personally see no reason to keep on trying.
  14. It's an illusion of comfort, an attempt to show they care about playerbase and their opinion, when it's most likely shredded down soon after. They will pick things that look good and work it from there, compliments regarding the p2w, imbalance and transformation system will get a thumbs up. It's always a bad sign when you cannot access the forums unless you've logged into the game in 30 days. Just as Aion JP started removing comments and threads criticizing the company and the game, such is similar thing here, just shrouded in shadows.
  15. You may not receive it unless you're subscribed to the newsletter as it stated in my email.
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