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  1. Let's talk about chatlog, shall we?

    If you copied it by a freak accident, then it can still cause lag whether you had the tool installed or not. When I opened the log to see one day, not even my PC could handle the scrolling. This ain't a potato PC I have either, so imagine that. At this point it's all about optimization. The game is heavily CPU dependent, rather than GPU.
  2. Let's talk about chatlog, shall we?

    Because you have answered yourself. DPS meters create chat logs for a specific purpose and I remember that gave me bad fps drops in certain areas as well til I disabled it. Mind you, this was about 2 years ago when Iluma and Norsvold were still pretty new.
  3. Let's talk about chatlog, shall we?

    I see. Then please do a clean install of Windows and Aion, then do show me where the chat log usually stays? That is, without attempting to install Shugo Console or DPS meter. Those always create chat logs.
  4. Let's talk about chatlog, shall we?

    It does not. If you had any other third-party tool installed, then removed it, the chat log remains. I know because I don't have it since I don't use Shugo Console. https://i.imgur.com/3VHgIHv.png When I did use Shugo Console on my old HDD, however, I distinctly remember having the chat logs and was using them with Support to retrieve an item I sold by accident.
  5. Let's talk about chatlog, shall we?

    It is, but NA said they don't mind.
  6. Let's talk about chatlog, shall we?

    Aion does not have chatlog. That feature is only available from third party tools like Shugo Console or a DPS meter. If you had lag while Shugo Console was up, then you have your answer.
  7. The 10th Anniversary Event.

    Yes, but right before that we had Kromede's Trial as anniversary gift until 3rd October.
  8. The 10th Anniversary Event.

    It is but a mere copy n' paste from last year, where 10th October did land on a Wednesday. They will perform the maintenance as usual on 9th. 'Tis a shame they couldn't double-check that even.
  9. I can confirm that FFXIV's newest expansion is magnificent and paying for the sub is worth every penny. Because that's what Aion currently does to you, it puts you in this "aggressive" state of mind, albeit the game or company does little to reward the players. A game shouldn't be a chore. I can understand both points of view, but Neleth,it's time to move on. It really is. Aion was a masterpiece and glorious back in the day, but its glory has been overshadowed by a titan.
  10. The longer you linger over a lost cause, the worse your nostalgia becomes. NCSOFT has no plans in attempting to bring back what they have removed because it would serve them no purpose. The current system of the game has brought it to a standstill and it's up to you whether you wish to continue beating the dead horse or move on.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    Quite the big mouth for someone who's unaware that I've been playing 7.0 since its launch before it even came to NA. Then again, how is my post regarded as "complaining" whilst I merely made a statement? If the new playerbase is filled with players such as you, then you are most correct, it's better to go back into my slumber and enjoy different games until NA pulls itself together. Then again, your comments barely ever make any sense, so there's that. I find it weird one would want more Vandals for the packs. Isn't 1 just enough? lol
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    Wanted to see if anything improved after my little hiatus, but seems it's just as bad if not worse. Quite the shame. I'm sorry but am I honestly supposed to believe there was over 6k players in the game during 7.0 launch? Unless you mean 6k toons.
  13. sorc vs. anything but

    The class by itself is very cocky. Leans on one leg, smiles and winks at you. You can always hide it behind the transform tho.
  14. Gear Progression 7.0

    That system should remain the same. If by chance it's made more difficult or any different than it should be, we all ought to be concerned as to why NA has little to no knowledge about the patches they receive.
  15. Gear Progression 7.0

    I'll try to explain this. All gear becomes Tier 1 (though it's not written anywhere). You have Genesis ancient gear. That is tier 1 that you bought pre 7.0. You can purify it to legendary then ultimate. In 7.0, you need different type of mats (named etium in KR but unsure in NA). You can purify your ancient T1 to ancient T2, or continue purifying til ultimate T1 and then purify that into ultimate T2. Tier 1 ancient > tier 1 legendary > tier 1 ultimate > tier 2 ultimate Or Tier 1 ancient > tier 2 ancient > tier 2 legendary > tier 2 ultimate. This only applies to PvP gear. All current PvE gear becomes automatically tier 1 and you might need to re-run instances to get tier 2.