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  1. The issue is people hyping up the Classic server as some sort of blessing that will save the game. Whether it's been out for two weeks or two months, over time they will start adding things for players to buy in order to cash in on the nostalgia. Who knows, maybe they'll actually release this "Aion 2" because of all this.
  2. I'm gonna chime in and let you people know a thing or two. The classic server in Korea is meant to run from 1.x til 2.7, implying it will shut down after that. This shows NCSOFT had always the ability to run an older version of the game from the very beginning, telling petty lies saying "it's not possible". In KR they have that Daeva pass, which while it sounds good to the outside eyes, it is heavily p2w. The items given there are tradeable, meaning you can throw your wallet in there and sell that on broker, aside from the fact they still have a cash shop. So, the subscription there
  3. Lovely. Thank you for pointing out something I already know. Here's something for you too. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Sarcasm Now, you can continue your bickering with me and defending the chad, but the topic has gone off topic long enough. Do you want to continue?
  4. That's a bold assumption to think I don't understand how public forums work. Oh sweet summer child. My whole conversation is with DevilNest only. I could've ignored from the start, but then again, where would the fun be in that in someone who only plays Aion and assumes things that aren't true
  5. You still don't understand the concept of casual gaming, but I don't blame you. Not like you've tried that, considering the fact you have tried to argue with me about a game you haven't even played. Dropping many hours into the game means nothing when most of the time I'm busy doing other things with the game running in the background. Here, something that might be easier for you to understand. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Casual Gamer
  6. That's what happens when you don't read my comments in its entirety. Next time maybe play the game before commenting? Just a suggestion. It is casual for me, because I work every other week. In one week I spent 2-3 hours a day, in another I pump the hours more. Then again, who are you to criticize how I spend my time with games or whether it is casual/competitive to me? I decide on that factor alone, and you should mind your own business.
  7. Ever heard of the fact that there's no need to spend cash on PvP in this game? I simply find it weird you're trying to counter my argument over a game you haven't really played. I play the game 6-10 hours a day casually and am able to do everything at my own pace without the stress of gearing or be top in PvP. In fact, there's no gearing in PvP.
  8. Clearly you haven't played FFXIV, so not sure you can really comment about that. The only money I spend on that game is the sub alone. Ah yes, while I appreciate your skills at math, the current issue should be seen forward. There's no more Stormwing event. New and/or returning players now will struggle with stigmas and its nonsensical enchantment rates because the only safe spot is +9. Even Korea laughs at that, since they had +12 since the start.
  9. I completed the Stormwing event, it's what got me to play again in the first place. Even with all those stigmas enchantment stones saved, I only got 2 stigmas to +9. This is correct. This is lack of care to players who are more casual (like me). When I come home from work, I want to relax and have fun. That's what games should do, right? Aion doesn't. You have to sped feverishly 10 hours a day with multiple accounts on in order to stay at the top. That, or you spend money on it, which is what I don't do. @Amiteahx-KThas no concept of casual gaming. I should NOT be forced to spend
  10. Really. Somehow I predicted that. Guess I'll go into hibernation mode and play something else til 8.x comes out or whatever. No point spending my time here if I'm not given the chance to catch up.
  11. We're talking about the Malefic one, yeah? I got 2 items drop from open world, though I'm still uncertain which. I believe it's those ones with huge HP pool that take time to kill, but I can't guarantee it. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/112550221 These are supposed to drop in Heiron and Beluslan, in one of the instances, but they definitely drop in Inggison and Gelkmaros open world.
  12. So, pretty much a useless skill at this point, might as well remove if from the game.
  13. @Loki I'm not exactly sure whether this is a problem within the patch itself, but whenever you use Spiritmaster's skill "Enmity Swap", the spirit disappears (when it shouldn't).
  14. Don't be too sad. In the next patch (or I'm guessing 8.0) you need to level your Advanced stigmas to +15 again.
  15. Both are equal in population. Half the time you'll spend your time on the instanced maps (Lakrum, Demaha and Red Katalam) where you'll play with and against people from both servers, and rest in Inggison/Gelkmaros.
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