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  1. There's no Abyss in Live servers. That was removed around 3 years ago. If you want to experience the Abyss, you'll have to play Classic server.
  2. Glad I dodged the bullet within the first month once I saw that season 2 pass just a copy paste of the first, then say it was a "mistake". You don't do those types of mistakes, it was intentional. People have moved on from Aion long ago, it's not going to be the same as it was back then.
  3. I once joked how mods on EU forums would censor posts, but here it's just straight up deletion.
  4. Just when I thought I could play this on Linux again, guess not.
  5. The wings are a re-skin of "Atreia's Wings" back from 5.x. and I believe you got them from doing Evergale.
  6. Killing the fairies is easier overall, but the Daru spawn time is bad, and you have to kill 300 of them for the event.
  7. Don't the mobs in Apsaranta have huge HP pool already? At least in my case it takes me about 2-3 min to kill 1 single mob, and that's with the Kerub gear.
  8. Now that's an oldie I haven't seen for a long time. I recall seeing some familiar names back when Classic launched, not sure if they still play though.
  9. Ironic that in 8.2, the game is getting a "wardrobe" system for skins, yet NA version offers little skins. Even with 8.0, game could be somewhat decent, but NCWest wants it to remain bad on purpose.
  10. What are you saying? Of course there will be buyers. That's the only reason the game is still holding up.
  11. My question is, is it only skins or does it apply also to gear we want to use as skins?
  12. NCWest is not fond of skins, they stopped bothering years ago.
  13. Wouldn't be surprised if they made Beritra use Inanna to resurrect Apsu or something. I'd like them to start introducing Meslamtaeda at some point but that seems rather unlikely.
  14. I'm not sure how 8.x is better yet. I've been trying to play it out, but to be bombarded by so many things to upgrade becomes obnoxious at best.
  15. New players coming into the game wouldn't even know Cygnea and Enshar ever existed unless they specifically searched for it or some old veteran player told them, same about Sarpan, Tiamaranta and so on. Up until 5.8 I would say the lore made sense and there was some degree of consistency. I enjoyed some vagueness and loopholes because it gave freedom to explore and use your imagination to continue building up the world in your mind. After 6.0 came, well, we all know where that went and how it ended up being. Because it is lazy. The game is not about building up a world or a story
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