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  1. Aion Equipment System Update

    You can tell NA disappointed the community already if the Korean players start making posts about this item exchange and how bad it is lol.
  2. Aion Equipment System Update

    I have little interest in JP's exchange list tho, but I see why you assumed that. I'm mainly comparing NA and KR here, sometimes adding Russia's details too.
  3. Aion Equipment System Update

    Wew, we have been blessed then. Shame I don't have +35 gears.
  4. Aion Equipment System Update

    I went to check and compare the exchange lists (my translated version) and theirs just for the hell of it, and it's pretty much the same. Exact enchantment levels, just different names.
  5. Aion Equipment System Update

    If I remember right, Korea removed the new/returning player status with 6.0 which meant no Homeward Bound.
  6. Aion Equipment System Update

    When Korea launched the 2 new servers, pretty much everyone started moving there, I'm guessing to avoid that specific issue. What happened over time is that the older servers became empty and they were forced to merge, giving free character transfers beforehand.
  7. Aion Equipment System Update

    Yeah, that would be the best option, but overall all instances drop gear. If you have crafted Legendary (purple) then you could pretty much try to run DD or Prometon.
  8. Aion Equipment System Update

    Crafted gear is second best (first one being the instance drop like DD hard mode and Prometon Workshop) as of 6.2. Just don't forget we will be swarmed by bots again and NCWest might nerf world drops. If you can't get your gear exchanged, just remember you can exchange Omegas and Temperings at an NPC in Sanctum/Pandaemonium, that is, if NA will include that NPC. No NPC, no exchange.
  9. Aion Equipment System Update

    In Korea, if your gear had +11 and +12 manastones, you'd get a new bundle to choose from. But only those.
  10. Aion Equipment System Update

    I agree, we should get events like these, but we don't even have Master Harvester wings. I said it many times, but we never got the full patches of 5.3, 5.6 and 5.8. We're stuck in a limbo. I guess I expected people to beware of this atrocious list, and I really hoped for something like Russia, perfectly adapted, everyone is happy. (I think)
  11. Aion Equipment System Update

    I'm not sure why are people upset about the list, it's the way I predicted it to be back in January. If people followed the 6.0 thread, they'd know (although some had hopes) it'd be pretty much like that. Even if you guys don't exchange, or don't reach the minimum enchanted level, you're still keeping your old gears (like Cyan said). This Zenith gear isn't even "the best" around, it's just a compensation to help you run some instances.
  12. Aion Equipment System Update

    Thought of that, it just either keeps me in cycle at one stage or keeps dropping me down. Never had luck enchanting rip. It can be hard when you sometimes can't run BoS welp
  13. Aion Equipment System Update

    Wait, didn't I kinda predict NA following Korea's steps? Pretty sure some insisted it would be different. I was kinda hoping Master Harvester at +10 to exchange at least lol, really having tough time getting it to +15. I thought we'd get something similar like Russia, where they had normal Harvester at +15 exchanged. What's gonna happen is that you're given a choice to exchange it. Pretty sure you could run the easy dungeons in Lakrum with what you have on, but don't count on it to be OP.
  14. Taiwan bringing the smack down NA soon to follow?

    NA should start banning people too, otherwise they shouldn't count on 6.x to succeed.
  15. Wednesday Maintenance + New events (668MB update?)

    I think Daeva Dash was the most exhausting for me (especially since I wanted to do it on my alts) but it was worth the effort. Having multiple heavy-type events fatigues people real quick, there needs to be a balance lol.