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  1. Starting to believe Classic won't happen with NCWest being this inept at doing their job properly.
  2. Now and then I check forums to see what's going on, only to see this delicious drama pop out. 10/10 would recommend.
  3. Glad I dodged a bullet there. How to ruin the economy 101.
  4. I appreciate your advice and I've followed that the weeks I've been playing, but I find no satisfaction or fun for playing. I will wait for Classic server, and do hope it's monthly subscription, or it will just fail just as before.
  5. No, the issue is not to get everything by 2 months, my main issue is the RNG and awful chances in enchanting and cost of everything. At times I feel punished for grinding a whole week only to not get what I expected. RNG kills the game, not the grind. I've played the game since 2015, some even from day 1 of its launch. The current state of game is laughably p2w and really not worth my effort. I was disappointed with 6.0, 6.5, 7.0 and I'm still disappointed now. I farmed enough for 1 runestone and 3-4 gemstones, only to see just 1 fits my character, rest I managed to sell on broker. And th
  6. I've given the game a chance, for 2 months I've been grinding daily to get somewhere. Every day I logged in, did my dailies, did all possible quests and so on. Had it not been for the events, I wouldn't any legendary transformation. There's too many issues in the game, everything feels like a chore. There's just no way for a f2p player to get anywhere unless you have 12 alts or more, and I don't see anything worth where it would incentivize to continue, so back into hibernation I go. I've tried enchanting my stigmas, got only a few to +9, and that's using a main + alt from my second
  7. Well at least I could farm the mounts... If I clear the weekly, that is. So far looks like I'll be 1 short. In fact, I can never seem to clear the weekly lugbug.
  8. People need to understand that these days a grindy MMORPG with subscription will not fly in the West. There's just no reason to make it a main focal point when there's many alternatives these days for cheaper price. Here's what's going to happen in my mind. Exhibit A: Game is subscription mode, the game gains a huge influx of players because it's Classic server, over time, the population dwindles because there's nothing to do except grind til max lvl for some PvP. High levels rifting to kill low levels may cause drama (as it always did), people quit, they move on to something else. I
  9. I'm not sure I understand this, but you will hit max level within few hours (or days if you take it super slow) and the entirety of the game revolves around Inggison and Gelkmaros. There's no low level crafting or gathering, it's all at level 80.
  10. Live version is beyond salvation, that's why most players in Korea fled to classic server. NCSOFT is at fault for enabling this "speed running" to end game and kept adding exp amulets and events, which ultimately made it worse. Had they kept leveling slow and steady and added content to low level areas, it would've been just fine and interesting. Then again, this is a Korean MMORPG, it's about grind rather than anything else. Because everything relies on RNG, you might grind for months or years and ultimately get nothing, to the point where just playing the game is a chore rather tha
  11. I'm in similar spot, I guess. I log in to clear my dailies just to get the Stormwing tokens and gather the Stigma enchantment stones, but I have nothing else to do in the game, since PvP is brainless 1 shot dead. After that I log into FFXIV because I just need to pay around $10 and get everything in game with little to nonexistent RNG. It's not that we're distant from the KR version, we're so far behind the game is bugged and broken beyond repair.
  12. Voted for Cubics, item collections and the RNG nonsense. Think @TheSecretCowLeve-KT described it pretty well.
  13. If you have a dynamic IP that might also cause disconnections. You can check with your provider on that.
  14. Or instead of adding that garbage auto-hunt, they could make the normal mobs in Cubic instance drop them. Another fix could be adding them as Luna reward when doing the Contaminated Underpath.
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