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  1. Wouldn't be surprised if they made Beritra use Inanna to resurrect Apsu or something. I'd like them to start introducing Meslamtaeda at some point but that seems rather unlikely.
  2. I'm not sure how 8.x is better yet. I've been trying to play it out, but to be bombarded by so many things to upgrade becomes obnoxious at best.
  3. New players coming into the game wouldn't even know Cygnea and Enshar ever existed unless they specifically searched for it or some old veteran player told them, same about Sarpan, Tiamaranta and so on. Up until 5.8 I would say the lore made sense and there was some degree of consistency. I enjoyed some vagueness and loopholes because it gave freedom to explore and use your imagination to continue building up the world in your mind. After 6.0 came, well, we all know where that went and how it ended up being. Because it is lazy. The game is not about building up a world or a story
  4. It looks like a deliberate ninja change though. Seems unlikely this will be addressed.
  5. I'm unsure of all the changes in 8.0, but I'll be giving it a go as it's a major patch (as I always do). Kinda weird how 8.0 is already coming out when 7.9 was barely released not too long ago.
  6. People surprised at NCWest's lack of ability to punish their players for cheating/hacking? Shocker.
  7. Yes but unless you know the technicalities to fix issues by yourself, it's better if you try to install it through Lutris. Since there's no longer anti-cheat program, it should work.
  8. Honestly, if you want to have a reaction, you have to hit them where it hurts the most, and that is with money. If everybody stopped paying, you'd have 1.5 within next week.
  9. The main issue here is that you're comparing the game to how it was back in 2.x to what is now. It's around 7-8 years of difference, and the way I see it, seems to be the main cause people are forgetting this is not, in fact, the same game being played here. The entire purpose of Classic was meant to attract old and veteran players after they've butchered Live version, and right now Classic is going down the same path. People are free to believe whatever they want, be my guest, but to ignore this particular part here shows people are willing to either ignore this for their sake of sanity or si
  10. You guys have to take a small break, sit back and think some things through regarding these issues. You see they aren't doing anything, yet you play and pay them your money. Question yourself, is it worth the anger, the stress and the disappointment? If the answer is "no", then it's time to pack your things and move on, if the answer is "yes", then keep on playing and have fun. The game, as is in its current state, is a lost cause due to the continuous hacks and exploits, and many have already gained advantage over legitimate players. To keep supporting the company is simply allowing your
  11. NCWest is not keen to take action against anything.
  12. Quite amazing how out of touch from reality NCWest actually is.
  13. I'm glad I didn't fall for the temptation to buy the 3-month pack and stuck with just 1 month. I've seen issues 2 weeks into the game and seems to become worse and worse.
  14. My names were taken (my SM and SW) and I sent a ticket about both. They answered after few hours and granted me the names back. So long you had the name for longer than the person who took it, you should be fine.
  15. Having a big forum post count is rather meaningless and I personally don't care how much I have. I never mentioned "the game is dead", maybe retail is, but Classic holds fairly fine even if Israphel server is struggling. Voicing your opinion about the issues regarding the company (not the game) should be important. We can't say what they do is fine when there's so many things that can be improved upon. Yes, this is NCWest we're talking about, and maybe they don't really care, but neither am I surprised how they approach these situations. Game has potential, but it's being wasted.
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