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  1. Patch notes say it will be removed today after Maintenance ... but it's 2:14 pm EST and the Paragon Items are gone ?????
  2. It's 2:11 PM EST ... Where are the Paragon Items on BCM ... Why are they gone before the server reset ??????? Oh and Please FIX Luna .... Come on guys ...
  3. I also recommend posting your thoughts regarding this on our forums where they can be viewed by the Development Team and fellow players firsthand. You can reach the forums at the following link: http://forums.aiononline.com/ Thank you for understanding and if you have any other questions, please let us know. Until then, take care. Regards, GM **** NCSOFT Support Team @WisspThis is what NCSOFT Support Team told me to do when I asked about LUNA, so here are my thoughts, FIX LUNA!
  4. Am I reading this correctly ... the "Grow, Grow, Grow" event is for 3 Giant Berdin Lucky Stars ??? What kind of event is that ... 3 Berdin Stars ... I use 3 Stars every 3 minutes ... how will that help anyone "Grow, Grow, Grow" ??? Please FIX LUNA ... we are literally BEGGING HERE !!! @Wissp Help us OUT !!!
  5. Do any of the GM's actually play the game? How is this even possible?
  6. I recently purchased 4, not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 Halloween Transformations from the BCM. I messed up and opened 2 transformations at the same time and got the same exact transformation. I sent a support ticket, requesting if they could swap 1 of the double transforms I opened by mistake. Here was their reply to me: Thank you for contacting the Aion Support Team. After reviewing your request, we regret to inform you that we currently do not offer restorations of used transformations. Unfortunately, we will be unable to provide assistance in this case. It's possible that this feature may become available at a future date, but we have no information about when or if this might happen. For now, we can only suggest posting your insight about the event and requests for additional options of getting your desired Holloween Transformations in the game forums. So here I am in the forum posting this. Be careful when opening your transforms because if you mess up ... there is no going back. Not going to put the Senior GM on blast ... just thought this was weird he or she told me to go to the public forums to post this. See ya in game guys ... don't kill me, i'm weak and just came back from a 12 month afk ... lol Your Friend, Basia
  7. Really, so I paid top dollar for this Pass and it doesn't even work ... COME ON NCWest ... now you're just ROBBING US BLIND !!!
  8. So Level 5 has a "Daeva Pass Season 1 Jewel Box" and I got this reward, opened it and it gave me (Daeva Pass Season 1 Attack Jewel & Daeva Pass Season 1 Defense Jewel) - the description reads "You can register the item in the Start Menu > Item Collection window." How? I have looked everywhere in the Item Collection Window and I can't see where to register these items??? Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you
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