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  1. HACK

    Did he have a seed up? Did anyone else in his group have a seed up where they could have told him where you were in voice chat?
  2. More Ways to Acquire Fighting Spirit

    Use your genesis crystals to buy ancient weapons and disenchant them. Genesis crystals are easier and easier to get.. no gear required.
  3. You think? Let's see. We had people bragging about exploiting EC on the forums. We were told something was going to happen. A month later we are still waiting. Do you honestly think that anyone at NCWest cares that people are exploiting in seige? The only think painfully funny here is that once again we are told something is fixed and it isn't.
  4. Cool alts dude

    Every player on DN on both sides had the same issue that you did. Both teleporters were swamped with kisks. You could: Move your camera until you could click the teleporter Use the command /select Teleport Device Use your mount to run to the altar you are attacking Stand there for 20 min crying that you can't reach the teleporter, take screenshots and cry more on the forums that you can't reach the teleporter. You are the only person to chose the last. That makes you special indeed.
  5. *EDIT* Received a mail today with the stones for the season before this. So we just have to wait for the stones for this season.
  6. Mean little bug

    There goes our vision of an Aion world where everyone has Extraordinary Square Hair.
  7. @Cyan Relay to Support and Gideon that if this is true, it's completely unfair. All of those who won enchantment stones deserve the promised stones. Not just the governors or top ranks.
  8. Aion black hole event

    He just out-Dirty-Birded the Dirty Bird!
  9. We have already been promised the correct rewards, which are enchantment stones. So we have gone another full month and still haven't been compensated correctly for the previous season and now need to be compensated for a second? Goodness. Saddest part here is that this is totally unsurprising. We are still getting old crafting mats and totally useless items from our Prestige Pack.. which we PAY FOR. Can't NCWest just take a day and update things for Aion? One single day. Just have everyone give this game that much of your time. Please.
  10. Aion black hole event

    You: I don't want to play Aion, so shut it down! Us: But we still want to play. You: Look. Time to put on your big boy panties. Stop posting from your merge name alt. Step out into the light and admit that you don't want to play Aion any more and JUST DON'T PLAY. You can do that without hiding who you are and without trying to force others to join you.
  11. Ultimate manastone on weekly lugbug mission

    You know what's funny? I keep getting physical crit and accuracy as a cleric. lol. Just extract them and try to craft a new one.
  12. HACK

    OMG! You found the one and only hacker in Aion! That's amazing!!!! /sarcasm Even what you are saying isn't solid proof that the guy was hacking. First, scrolls don't let people see in hide. Seeds do. You are a ranger, he or someone in his group that was in voice chat could have used a seed and seen you. Second, ID has some pretty obvious choke points. You don't need to see in hide to place your aoe in one of those and catch people moving out. In order to actually prove that the guy was hacking, you would need to provide a video and that video would need to cycle to every opponent that was near you so we could check for the use of seeds.
  13. Good work on transform times and fixing Dem siege, but what news on Evergale? Come on, @Cyan! Give us something here!
  14. Cool alts dude

    Figured you already were. Putting aside the thought of you standing there for 20 min, here is the thing. The Elyos already do the same thing to the Asmodian teleport. It doesn't bother you because you aren't using that teleport. I don't know which side started this and I don't care. Both sides are doing it now. So it's time to put on your big boy panties and learn2Aion or lace up your sneakers and starting running to Altars each evening.