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  1. Stigma stones in 7.0...

    I thought I saw Hime say "a couple of weeks" for additions to what we are getting next week. Fingers crossed.
  2. Gameplay suggestions

    What? Who said anything about treating anyone like a god? There isn't anything in my posts that would lead you to believe that. What the staff is, though, are the people that can effect change in the game that we are playing. In order to get the changes we need or want, we have to get our information to them. Gideon is our game producer (assistant.. associate.. whichever). When was the last time he posted? (I just searched.. he hasn't since we got these forums. Yikes.) When was the last time he even logged in? So it's pretty safe to assume that he relies on Cyan to report to him what happens here. Cyan's time on these forums has drastically decreased. Though he has posted a couple of times the last week, he had fallen into a pattern of only posting on Tuesdays after putting up the maint message. So we have a limited window to get our urgent needs across. Does that make sense? None of that is saying he or anyone else is a god. You 100% are not going to find any type of game where the GMs are not the conduit to getting information to the company that runs that game. Doesn't matter if it's an MMO or not. You have to reach one of them in order to be heard. Some companies do a better job of communicating and listening. The type of game doesn't matter.
  3. Gameplay suggestions

    I understand that you post what you feel would make the game better, @Neleth-KT. I read your posts. I sometimes agree with you. I also have come to see that your threads are like a stream of consciousness novel. Anything that pops into your head is posted. Often that is interesting. And as Rakesh said, if these posts were labeled as speculation or theory crafting just for fun then there wouldn't be an issue. But if they are posted as actual needs, then you are covering up actual urgent needs and I think we can agree that there are many urgent needs. You dismissed Rakesh for just raging. I am just trying to get you to see her point.
  4. Stigma stones in 7.0...

    We didn't see it in the instance list in the stream. So perhaps it is one of those things that we will get in a couple of weeks?
  5. Gameplay suggestions

    Rakesh is a cleric and one of the best in the game, Neleth. If anyone understands the plight of a heal cleric in our sieging mechanisms, it would be Rakesh. She is pointing out two things. First that your idea is full of holes and isn't really going to make anything better. Second that if we flood the forums with half-formed ideas that aren't addressing all of the urgent, real issues with the game, we distract the staff who have shown they have a very limited amount of time to give to Aion. So imagine Cyan looking through the forums on Tuesday after posting the maint message. All the threads asking for changes to transformations and easier access to transparent scrolls and current bugs have been pushed off the front page by me posting threads asking for a flood asking for the color blue to be transformed into the color green. He's going to skim, laugh, close the forums and report to Gideon that Aly is still on her crusade against the color blue and that everything else is fine with the game.
  6. Purplr/Pink (LUna) missions

    You can craft luna in the Workshop tab under Special Designs or you can buy it from the BCM with real money. The Luna Missions, however, give one free entry daily to the Underpath and one free entry weekly to the Factory. If you want to do more, you would need to buy the entries with louna.
  7. 7.0 Stream Screencaps

    This shows that we aren't getting two modes. Not sure it's the hard mode that we are going to be missing. I can't remember where I heard that the easier mode of PF was without dragon form and that the harder mode was what we have right now. Can anyone confirm or discount that?
  8. My Aion Calendar/Schedule + Altars doubt

    A lot of ego in a very small space. If nothing else, it's going to be entertaining!
  9. It wasn't mentioned and it isn't in the EU client, so the answer is probably no.
  10. Returning players need guidance

    Gameforge also requires you to have a sub to use the extra character slots, so that is hardly a reason to start over since the two publishers are doing the exact same thing. Having recently played EU Aion, I would say there are several points in NA Aion's favor. First, it is much easier to get transformation contracts in NA. EU can get 2 free from the BCM every few days where in NA they have a chance to drop from the final boss in all instances. Also, EU's transformations are server wide and not account wide. Meaning if you unlock a transform on any character on your account in NA, that transform will be available on every character on your account; while in EU that transform is only available on the characters on the same server. Second, luna is craftable in NA. It's true that EU's luna costs for things are much lower, but we basically get free luna just by afking luna dailies and weeklies. Lastly, EU is unplayable without a sub. It's true that you can buy their gold pack with kinah, in a patch where kinah is so much more difficult to come by that's not as helpful as it once was. In NA, you can 100% play the game without a sub and use every function of the game. Being perfectly honest, Gameforge does a much better job communicating with their players. I can perfectly understand why NA players are frustrated and may be considering a change. I guess my point is that the grass isn't as green as you think over there.
  11. 7.0 Stream Screencaps

    The bolded, I believe, is correct. We are getting our own, unique mixed up patch of interesting. lol.
  12. No. EU has to have a gold pack for the extra slots. So we are right in line with them now.
  13. Aion: Mark of the Vandal update livestream

    Probably not? They have to make money and they let the pay2win genie out of the bottle already. It would be rather difficult to put it back. We were told more events with better rewards.
  14. 7.0 Stream Screencaps

    All they said was 9pm server time. Though I believe they said no Dumaha siege yet. That that would be something added lately. Anyone can back me up on that?