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  1. Old motions and skins back on BCM

    Konkers and I don't often agree, but we do here. I won't take anyone anywhere if they refuse to use a transformation scroll. I am pretty sure that no one is going to complain if someone doesn't use a transformation for CoE. Pretty sure that no one is going to worry about what someone else is doing when they are (afking?) in Evergale or get stuck with someone who refuses to use a transformation in a quick entry dredg or ID. But I doubt you are going to find anyone who is fine with someone not using a transformation in PF or IDD. Though I suppose if you are a dead carry, it doesn't matter what you do or don't do. Odd that you asked if someone would get kicked for using a transparent scroll though. You do realize that there is a buff under your name that shows that you are using the transformation (even if you don't have the look of it). That buff is actually color coded to show what level of a transform you are using and if you hover over it, you can see which exact transform is being used. It's not like you can lie say, "Oh! I -am- using a transformation! You just can't see it because I used a transparent scroll!"
  2. Does anyone know how these quests were in Korea? Are we sure that the quests are miss-marked? I know it makes sense for them to be the other way around, but this is Aion afterall.
  3. NCoins Gone

    You need to make a ticket with Support.
  4. There is no way to transfer a character from one race to another. To be clear. You do not have to delete any character. You can continue to play on an account that has both Elyos and Asmodians on KT. You just will not be able to create any new characters on either side. If you want to create new characters, you will have to either pay to transfer one race to DN or delete the characters of one side.
  5. Lol. OMG! Someone gamed all those people who were gaming the system to tie for first place and "took" rank 1 all for himself?! RIP
  6. In regards to your legendary transform, RNG happens. That's why some players spent a good deal of real money to get the 2k coin legendary transform where they could pick the transform. Concerning what happens if your account will have both Asmodians and Elyos on it after the merge of KT and EK today, we were told that in this case you will be unable to create any new characters on that account until you either transfer (paid) one race to DN or delete one race from that account. If you don't want to do either, you can continue to play both races on that account just fine. You just can't create any new characters.
  7. Kaisinel transform

    If in 6 months you haven't managed to get a single piece of Ultimate gear, I agree.. something is really wrong.
  8. The event is already here. It isn't going to change. At least not for this incarnation of the event. Though I do wonder when we are going to get the changes to the Gold Sands Shop that every other region got with their reset. We are a season in and so no word.
  9. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Never mind! Carry on.
  10. It might be 7.x gear. If so we probably won't get it for this anniversary.
  11. Kaisinel transform

    Congratulations! Sad, though, that you feel you have to say you didn't buy any contracts. Wouldn't have mattered to me if you had. Getting that transform is an accomplishment no matter what! May you kill many Elyos with their own patron deity!
  12. Ereshkigal Server Consolidation FAQ

    Yeah. Those poor EK people totally need a boost to their ap before the merge. /sarcasm
  13. Broker Bot and Untradeable Items

    Totally agree and it looks like Cyan did get our complaints about this system to the devs and they have answered. They say that they are unable to change the tradability of many items for "various" reasons. Not even sure what that means but it sounds like a "no". We can keep complaining and Cyan can keep sending our complaints to the devs. Until then, trade safely rather than taking a risk and losing your items.
  14. Compensation for the returning players

    We were told pretty quickly that there would be some sort of compensation for the bug. I understand not wanting to trust that, but that was a gamble. This time it turned out that the compensation was generous.