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  1. What about Norsvold Invasion being scheduled at the same time as UA siege on Sunday? This scheduling conflict his grossly unfair to Asmodians. How about the lack of Coalition buffs during the Divine siege? That Battle Kisk will really be a game changer, especially for the faction with less numbers.
  2. My kaisinel's plume disappeared

    No worries. Glad it was there.
  3. (BOS) Parusha Equipment Soulstone disabled?

    As far as I have heard, no one has gotten a single soulstone in any BoS run in any mode. 99.9% sure it's a bug. Hope it will be fixed soon.
  4. My kaisinel's plume disappeared

    If you DCed with it in a store, it will be in your inventory.
  5. Mirash Sanctum Hook

    The hook is based on your attack speed, so casters need to use attack speed scrolls and an attack speed weapon. (Not that that applies to you two, but it needs to be said.) I find that I need to not just get up to the platform but move as far away from the ladder as possible to keep from dying. (Again.. not what you are talking about but still needs to be said.) And lastly, if you are within 10 m of the ladder but just barely, the cast of the hook goes off but the game reads you as too far from the ladder and ports you back. So it's best to be closer to the ladder than the targeting recommends. The hook is massively twitchy. Confirmed.
  6. Ez Gray Wolf Acces

    Just afk in Evergale and hope there are enough non-afkers to carry your fat bottom to 4k points. Great plan. You know.. or you could.. I don't know.. PLAY. You can't afk camps in Nors, silly!
  7. Arena free entry or bug ?

    It's a bug.
  8. Minions

    At low levels? Really nowhere. Once you get to 66, you can start running Fissure which gives 10 lesser minion contracts each run.
  9. Prestige Pack/false marketing?

    The Prestige Pack is a reoccurring thing so you need a credit card or paypal to pay for it. The NCoin amount is what you will be charged each month.
  10. Is Elyos have 500 and the Asmos have 300 and the same number DCs, do the DCs have anything to do with the loss or were the Asmos grossly outnumbered to begin with? With numbers so grossly uneven, the Asmodians have to play flawlessly and the Elyos need to run around in circles unable to find the door to the fort. (An exaggeration, but I hope you get what I am trying to say.) Disconnects weren't planned. They weren't a conspiracy. They hit both factions roughly equally. And, though frustrating, didn't effect the outcome of the siege very much at all.
  11. Siege Timing

    Oh well done.
  12. You mean while the thing is BUGGED. Let's not act like this is some lovely gift. Some people have unlimited access to GP, AP, arena tokens and Glory Tickets. Having that stupid AP to GP mob up for a day totally messed with the rankings. Imagine what 5 or 6 days of this arena bug will do? Totally game breaking. Back to bugs.. 1. There were no Coalition buffs available for the Divine siege. Is this intended? 2. BoS doesn't appear to be dropping the items to purify the Harvester's and Apollon's sets. 3. Dredg and Evergale are the only PvP instances that are dropping soulstones to purify our abyss sets. Is that intended? I mean.. the Soulstone for the armor is -called- the Ironwall Commander's Soulstone (or something like that). Wouldn't it make sense if they dropped from the Iron Wall instance?
  13. Did you mean to put the Norsvold Invasion at the very same time as UA siege on Sunday? So either the Amos do their Invasion (the one you fixed with the extra minium and all) and are at a disadvantage for UA or the miss the Invasion altogether and do the UA siege. Freaking AWESOME, NCWest. FREAKING. AWESOME.
  14. @Forthyn-KT.. DN-E capped out at 550-ish and DN-A got to just over 320-ish. I still don't believe that the disconnects factored into us losing. It was numbers and potato. Pure and simple.
  15. How do I change main server?

    No worries, Out. I honestly thought they had already carried out the force transfers. Please let us know what Support says.