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  1. New update charaters eye bug

    This happened after 6.2 was launched? Or just today? It's a known bug. NCWest is aware of it and says they told NCSoft Korea. NCSoft Korea is aware of it. Nothing has been done. Totally sucks.
  2. Saturday/Sunday IDD/PF report

    You were lucky. In each of my 9 runs, someone used a 50% or 100% drop rate. It's to the point that I question if those buffs actually do anything. Hence the joke, "50% more than 0 is till 0."
  3. PVP Instance/Siege Times

    Agreed. There are several threads asking NCWest to change the server clock to reflect Daylight Savings Time like they had done for years. So far it doesn't seem that they care.
  4. We won't get them until the maint for 6.7. Perhaps a day before, but I wouldn't count on it.
  5. Siege contribution question

    "Contribution" has always been a bit of a mystery. Support will tell you not to die and stupid things like that. Don't listen to them. What we have gathered in years of playing is that it's pretty much AP gain. PvE (killing the gate.. killing the NPCs.. damage on the boss) seems to weigh more than PvP. Supporting (i.e. healing) gets you nothing, though you will leach ap gain from those you heal as long as they are in your group/alliance. You tend to get more contribution when you are solo than when you are in a group/alliance as carrying anyone splits the contribution. If you have a really strong group/alliance you can still get max credit, but it's harder. The "siege" area is anywhere that it reads "Lakrum fortress" or that is how it has been in the past.
  6. Where is the schedule for Divine F siege?

    Divine goes vuln Sundays at 8pm EST/5pm PST. Not sure what time that is for you. I believe it's an hour before the siege that a portal to the abyss opens near the Jotun in your main town in Lakrum that allows for entry into the abyss. It disappears after the siege timer runs out.
  7. EK Server Situation

    With every merge, every single person on each server gets thrown under the bus. Why should those on EK be any different? Mergers are hell. They hurt everyone. Which is why EK should never have been created, but here we are. So join in our hell. We will cry together. Tissues for everyone!
  8. EK Server Situation

    There are so few people on EK that you can probably smack the gate once and get max GP and max rewards for each siege. Easy GP gain is easy. Easy legendary stones are easy. If during a merge they didn't take into account that factions like IS-E had hyper-inflated GP ranks due to dominating for so long or that BR had only been around for a year or so and so didn't have even near the amount of GP as the older servers, they aren't going to suddenly give EK a sweetheart deal when they get merged or transferred. We know that there will not be a GP reset. We know we will get "GP Seasons" in a few weeks.
  9. I'm so lonely

    There are notes that flash on the screen now telling you what to do, though if you don't catch them it might take some Google to figure out what you need to do.
  10. Saturday/Sunday IDD/PF report

    Would love to know this as well. Did 5 PFs and 4 IDDs. Two ultimates in the bunch.
  11. Server balance after transfers

    That's funny. Because I was a general and I did leave after 4.7. I personally contacted the NCWest staff and was part of the negotiations to get a siege buff from the GMs for the IS-A that helped us take a fort. (Have screenshots of the staff and an IS-E rep in my house in Pernon.) I passed out siege weapons at most sieges. I was at every leader meeting for the IS-A. I negotiated with Alaryl to get him to help and support in taking and defending a fort, which worked out great until it came the time that he was to support some other legion holding the fort. (Go figure!) I ran an alliance in every single siege. I watched as whole legions fled IS and continued to try and work to get good things for IS. In fact, I was one of the last people to leave, though I took tons of heat for leaving. Aside from that, I started life as a Kaisinel Elyos and was one of the main people trying to hold that faction together. My character name was Honoria. I was one of the architects of the "Super Legion" which was a combination of three or four smaller legions designed solely around sieging. Perpentus Emprium, I think was the name? Was a totally stupid name. We lobbied for "Under Foot" which was going to have a symbol of an Elyos holding up a hairy, clawed foot of a gigantic Asmo trying to crush us. lol. Much cooler in my opinion. Gee. I remember Aphotic stating their main goal was to get every Elyos to quit.. and they just about succeeded as I can think of only a handful of players from that time and that server who are still playing. Haters gonna hate.
  12. Saturday/Sunday IDD/PF report

    Were they cleric chain boots?
  13. Anyone interested in Fanart?

    Please share away! Many of us that post love to see fan created art!
  14. Server balance after transfers

    @Rapier-DN Siege done in 13min with the Elyos taking Lakrum with a level 4 buff. Would it be appropriate for me to start crying that we can't defend against your gigantic buff and that is not fair? Or should we agree that the buff works and that Lakrum changes hands every or every other siege?
  15. I'm so lonely

    DN is the largest server. Tiamat isn't hard to beat. (You probably are not going into the portal on her right side - your left side - and killing the elemental dragon before attacking her.) Leveling is easy. I am really not sure why you are complaining.