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  1. Server Merge

    And yet you wanted a fresh server that would cause another merge? Unbelievable. P.S. @Cyfur-EK.. you are the one that said that EK was like a PTS. That was your comparison. Not mine or anyone else's here. Apparently you wanted EK to be your very own PTS that you could just walk away from when you got tired of it leaving the sever a ghost town requiring a merge which you admit will cause more people to leave this game.
  2. Server Merge

    Then go play there? Here is the thing, Mr Expert. You may be the expert on EK, but some of us have been playing this game since launch. We have seen and dealt with a lot of really nyerk poor decisions by NCWest. Anyone else remember the "Month of Free Transfers" right after the first server mergers? The thing that was supposed to be 4 weeks of unlimited server transfers so we could check out each server and decide where we wanted to call our new homes? But don't worry! NCWest staff was closely monitoring race balance and assured us that evvvvvvverything would be just fine, even though we knew exactly what would happen. Every single freaking Asmodian would transfer to New Vizal and every Elyos on New Vizal would transfer off and the really horrible race balances would just get worse. Guess what?! Every single freaking Asmodian transferred to New Vizal and every Elyos transferred off and they locked down those transfers after one week and trapped everyone on those poop-hole, imbalanced servers.. and that was back when we had to buy the game -and- pay a monthly sub to play. How about the mergers where names were "first come first serve" and they assured us that no one would steal our names.. names that some paid extra when they bought the game so that they could reserve those names? How about when they decided to open the Beritra server because flocks and flocks of players were going to suddenly appear when they put the game back on Steam and we warned them that the server would just end up pulling players from the old servers, leaving them empty, until those players got over the new-car-smell of BR and left to return to their old server leaving BR a ghost town.. requiring yet another merge? We knew exactly what would happen with EK and warned the staff.. who assured us that they had learned their lesson and that they had no plans to open a new server. But you, Mr. Expert, got your way and open a new server they did. And then less than a month later EK players are crying about the severe pay2win and getting their teeth kicked in not only from all that legacy gear you seem so concerned with during cross server instances but also in open world with players that thought nothing of dropping $5k in a -week- in order to get +9 stigmas, 10 to 15 dredg runs every vuln and complete sets of crafted PvP gear for them and their buddies. And now you all are crying for a merge because your server population has fallen. Gee. If what happened on EK didn't effect any of the rest of us, we wouldn't give a poop. But it does. WHEN your ill-conceived server gets so tiny that it forces NCWest to consider a merge, we are the ones that will pay the price because you wanted a PTS server and apparently couldn't find the one you just linked.
  3. Server Merge

    Agreed. Then don't ask for a merge.. ever. Enjoy your wonderful experience without ever exposing yourselves to all of our legacy baggage. Deal?
  4. Wow. You were super lucky. My experience is more like @Mukesh-DN's, though now I have seen one gold in BoS.
  5. Aion Legacy server please.

    We just don't have the population for something like this, much as it seems attractive to those of us who have played for years.
  6. Unfortunately we don't have the player base for something like that.
  7. Server Merge

    Not necessarily. I am really hoping that NCWest is paying attention to the before and after of this. Before when so many of the older, consistent players who argued against a new server because it would 100% need a merge. These people did not want to have their game lives thrown up in the air yet again because of the very bad move of opening a new server when the player base 100% could not fill it. And now after when what we all said would happen is happening and are begging NCWest to not punish us all because of their bad decision in opening a new server. NCWest could offer free transfers to every player on EK and it wouldn't effect the rest of us at all. If they wanted to try and fix some faction imbalances, they could force transfer all EK Asmos to KT and all EK Elyos to DN. @Cyan. Please consider this instead of hurting all the rest of us for your company's bad decision. P.S. @Suyji-KT You posted on a public forum where the whole player base can and does comment. I am not trying to silence your voice and I will be damned if you will silence mine. NCWest needs to hear from both of us. Not just you.
  8. Fanart painting - "We will persist"

    Oooo! Yes, pls. Would love to see your version of Ereshkigal!
  9. Fanart painting - "We will persist"

    The eyes are really looking beautiful!
  10. So a gold shugo spawned in BoS last night. That's the first time I have seen one in there since the patch landed.
  11. Tbh, I have seen one.. maybe two.. troll shulacks in BoS since the patch went live. I've never had good luck finding them in there. I have much better luck in FM and PF. You all talking about getting several each week makes me wonder if I am just cursed.. or maybe you were just really lucky before.
  12. I thought that someone said that plastic surgery doesn't fix the issue. Though I may be mis-remembering.
  13. Regarding Server Transfers

    Cyan said that they would be opening transfers again.. except for EK. You may have a long while to wait and might be better off just rerolling onto the server you would rather play on.
  14. Fanart painting - "We will persist"

    Her expression is wonderful! Very moving. Thank you for sharing this.
  15. Lakrum is too small for hungry tiger

    Report them and maybe.. just maybe.. Support will ban them. (.. and then the bot players will just make more.)