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  1. Yes. That's what it says.
  2. Fastest players NA

  3. That's the way things are in GW2. One of the reasons I love that game. No groups needed. Do damage to the boss and you get credit -and- your own loot. (No ninja looting!) In order for this to be implemented Korea would have to re-code all damage and healing scripts and that isn't going to happen. Because Korea. It's a great idea though, @Neleth-KT.
  4. Coming back to the game

    When you played last, you could use an omega and greater supps and be guaranteed a success up until the max enchant of the gear (+15 usually). Without the omega and greater supps the gear would break if you failed the enchant. Now once you purify that gear, it no longer breaks if you fail an enchant. BUT.. you are no longer guaranteed a success with an omega and greater supps.
  5. Cleric questions and other issues

    A cleric does indeed need 4 or more sets if they want to PvP and PvE and heal and dps. To do damage in PvE, you need a knowledge (for magic boost and magic crit) set. To heal in PvE, you should have an health (for hp) set. For PvP you need sets that increase your PvP attack and defense. To damage in PvP, you need a knowledge set. To heal in PvP, you should start with an agility set. (It's much better than a block set.) That would be used if you are having trouble with a melee character. If you are having an issue with magic users, you need a will set. If you are only going to have one, I would get the agility set. You cannot mix and match the sets. They need to be -all- agility or all will. Some will and some agility will give you a set that does little to protect you. Keep in mind that you can register these two sets and place them on your bar. That way you can flip between them quickly depending on which type of damage you are trying to withstand.
  6. A Simple Question.

    RNG has been the plague of since the game launched. It's just a fact. Spending time and kinah (and real money!) won't make things any better. If the staff were to do what you ask and improve the odds of enchanting stigmas, events like the one we have now wouldn't happen. Having full +9 and above stigmas is supposed to be hard. Everyone isn't supposed to be running around with them. Same with +25 and up gear. That's not to say that tons of people aren't, but those people have been lucky.. .. or they have been abusing Support's "one do over" rule.
  7. Kicking people in EC is allowed, comfirmed

    Yes. There are do's & don'ts posted. However there is also instructions for the proper reporting of someone that misuses the kick function. You need to write a ticket. If you have played Aion long enough, you would have realized that Support blows. They may such a back log that they haven't gotten around to looking at your ticket yet. They may have looked at it and the Support person was so clueless that they didn't see anything wrong with the person's actions. Who knows with Support. It is such a mixed bag. If you are really upset about this, keep sending in ticket until you get one of the very few Support people that know something about Aion. @Seinka-DN has it exactly right. People cried so hard for a kick function even though many of us warned them that it would be abused because people are basically poopy. No one should be surprised that we have the kick function now and people are abusing the hell out of it.
  8. is everybody in this game anitsocial? :(

    I wouldn't ever send a cold group invite or duel. Both are just plain rude. If, for example, you would like a group for the Newt Warrens, try putting a post in LFG advertising the quest you are looking to do. Or stand at the outside and whisper people that come by asking if they want to group.
  9. I got stuck and I can't get out

    Try logging in and out as well. If none of these options work, send a ticket to Support.
  10. And once again we see Support using out of date information! Where to start.. There are no longer defenses in sieges. You don't have to kill the boss to take a fort. There are no longer "grades" or levels of rewards. Everyone on the winning side receives the same reward.. even if they don't hit a single mob. They just have to be near the fort during the siege. The losing side will also all receive the same losing rewards as long as they make the minimum number of points for rewards. If they do not, they will receive nothing. AP, GP and number of deaths has nothing to do with the rewards. Support not only blows and has zero idea how things work in Aion right now (or ever!), but they are totally hit and miss. As @Forgotten-DN said, open a new ticket until you get a GM that isn't a total window licker.
  11. Locked account for suspicious activity.

    Your passport and birth certificate? I have never heard of such a thing! Usually they ask you your name, birthday and questions about any spending. Things that only you would know.
  12. Locked account for suspicious activity.

    You can try sending a ticket through the Support system here on the website.
  13. Leave Your Legacy: Costume Design

  14. Leave Your Legacy: Costume Design

    What I meant was.. it doesn't matter where you live. You can submit your design and have the same chance to win as anyone else. Doesn't matter if you live in Quebec, Rio de Janeiro or London.
  15. Guardian General transformation?

    It's way more than 6. For a general transform (top 30), it's 49 seeds per transform. I don't remember what it is for a 5 star. It goes up with each level of transform.