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  1. End The Tia Eye Event Please

    Sigh. We've been done this road already. But once again.. You believe that the undergeared are catching up. Do you honestly think that the very geared are standing still while that is happening? It's the geared that are running multiple alts through this event. So the undergeared are now rocking full +15 level 80 abyss. The geared who had +20 will now have +35. The gear gap is going to get larger.. not smaller. As you said, we are all sprinting together. Those geared players have always sprinted faster than the casual players. This event will be the same. Because I have been here forever and have been disappointed time and time again, when the dust settles I think we are going to have a good number of the player totally burned out. They will just quit. Some players who just couldn't take the boredom will leave because they will feel they are left behind. I think we will find some players that are burning their candles at both ends come out of this with nice PvP sets and yet step outside and be mowed down by the same people that mowed them down before because that person also progressed further. The fact that they worked their bottoms off and still can't win in PvP may cause them to quit. The broker is going to be flooded with omegas and temperings and other things that used to be highly prized, sending inflation through the roof. New players are going to get smooked at level 66 because the bottom gear level has gone from a couple of pieces of 75 abyss +5-10 to full +15 80 abyss. Leaving them completely unable to catch up. The gear gap will be larger and more frustrating. Inflation. Frustration. Fewer players. Hopefully I am wrong.
  2. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    It's far too late. It's one thing to ask the players to accept losing 14 hours of their time. It's another thing altogether different to ask them to accept losing a -week- of their time. We are stuck with this mess now. The only thing that could mitigate it is that NPC. Let's see if NCWest is paying attention to what has happened this week.
  3. inappropriate name

    Depends if someone makes the case that they are offended. Honestly that is all that matters.
  4. End The Tia Eye Event Please

    Not at all. I am saying that everyone would have benefited had this event been put out as intended. You said that only the geared would have. I went through what the geared would be doing and what the undergeared would have been doing. I pointed out that @Gideon told us that those nice low prices were going on the theory that we would have the same event that Korea had.. which was group loot for the fatties. That with the low prices, NCWest was thinking that the average person would be getting enough coins to get a handful of omegas (using that as an example) each week. See the benefit? The way we have the event now, the prices are going to get jacked up. We have no idea to what level. I am thinking x10 or more. Even with that I think we are looking at flooding the market with omegas and temperings. So is that good? They will go way down in price. Meaning what you used to get a a really good prize and that would have been sold for big kinah is not worth much less. So not really. Also, those that are undergeared may chatch up, but do you honestly think the geared are going to just sit on their hands? It's those geared people that are running multiple afk alts in this event. So their gear will go up by multiples. So the undergeared is now running about in +15 level 80. The geared are going to be running around in +35. The gear gap is going to increase. Not decrease. Korea had this event with group loot. GROUP. Read again what Gideon wrote.
  5. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    @Arkaida-KT I thought we talked about using our indoor voices.
  6. inappropriate name

    You will get your named changed for anything with "Jesus" and something derogatory or naughty. Remember.. it isn't what you find offensive. It's what some other player sees as offensive and Support doesn't allow you to defend yourself. They just change it. I told you about the completely clothed red-haird short woman and the stripper pole. It wasn't naughty in the least. Just took one person with a grudge to say she was offended and it was gone.
  7. End The Tia Eye Event Please

    It was group loot in Korea. And yes, it was meant to be a risky event for good rewards. The stronger you are, the more chance of getting coins you had. BUT.. look at the original prices. They were very very low. @Gideon explained to us that they had set the prices that low (the way they were in Korea) because they knew that the average player wasn't going to get more than 50 to 100 coins a week. There would have been benefit for average players. Not as much as the stronger ones. But also consider that with group loot, you had 6 people killing a fatty. How long do they need to stand there killing it? Time enough for another stronger group to come by and start a dps race. Time enough for an enemy group to come by and kill a few of you. The only people that would have zero benefit would have been the afkers. And those potatoes running a string of scripted alts wouldn't have been able to double, triple or quadruple dip. A few of us were talking yesterday and something dawned on me. Most of the people defending the league loot are actually going to use the items themselves and are undergeared or underleveled and are seeing this as a way to catch up. Those of us who have been around forever look beyond that. We look at the potatoes who come out of the wood work to exploit -everything-. When you look beyond your own wants and needs and start seeing this the way, frankly, NCWest employees -should- be seeing it.. you see the massive damage this one event is doing to Aion as a whole. How many bad decisions killed MxM? Let's hope this isn't the one that kills Aion.
  8. End The Tia Eye Event Please

    This is the way it was meant to be. It was meant to be a few elite groups competing for the fatties. They would have all needed to be there and controlling their characters. They would try to KS each other or PvP the opposite faction's elite groups for them. Everyone else was meant to be killing normal mobs to try and farm the coins while other groups not farming fatties ran about killing those trying to kill mobs. You weren't meant to get thousands of coins. You were meant to get -maybe- 100 a week. (i.e. 10 omegas/week) This event was never meant to be the Mother Load of events where items rain from the sky. It was meant to have just good enough rewards to entice people into the Eye so that there would be PvP. The way we are running it now is a very twisted version of what it was meant to be.
  9. End The Tia Eye Event Please

    Hmm. And here I thought people were ticked off that they had to carry dead weight or that someone else was benefiting from their work
  10. End The Tia Eye Event Please

    It's funny. People were all up in arms over the afkers getting a free ride to purification materials in Evergale, but don't seem so upset about the same thing happening in Tia Eye. Weird, right?
  11. End The Tia Eye Event Please

    I can't wait for this event to be over, but I can't see them ending it early, @Tyd-KT.. much as I would like to. I have been called a White Knight for NCWest more often than not and I am actually playing other games with friends because I can't stand the farming. We canceled all legion runs of things (though we did do IWW yesterday). We aren't seiging. We had pink forts on DN! People in legion are saying that they feel -pressure- when in game to farm or they will be behind. We did do a few FMs and then PvPed around a bit last night. Watching the leagues killing the fatties a bit.. characters with long strings of other characters running behind them obviously exploiting. No idea if they were scripting or perhaps just coming back every 10 or so minutes to run and loot all the bodies they missed while afk. Some, however, were obvious alt strings. Someone pointed out that if you bought omegas on the BCM a few weeks ago, you got something like 80 for $100. (Can't recall the exact amount.) Yet people on that first day farmed for 14 hours and got 100 omegas for free. Paying players have ever right to be ticked. The economy is already going to be borked. (Unless the items are changed to untradeable.) The gear gap will go from pay2win vs. free players to Farmed Non-Stop Tia Eye vs. Did Not Farm Non-Stop Tia Eye. This is already going to have far reaching repercussions. If NCWest follows NCKorea's model, people with +25+ gear will get pre-enchanted new gear in 6.0. Instead of just a handful of top players getting that gear, anyone that farmed this event on two or more characters will get it. We have already had a player admit that they have no intention of using any of the omegas or temperings that they get from this event. Rather they will hold them until 6.0 and then have -tons- of things to exchange for the new enchant items. So if they stop it on Wed, people will claim false advertising.. and be correct. If they stop the league loot on Wed and go to group loot, people will cry because this event will go from one long afk'n'loot event and turn into the geared KSing the masses event. No matter what NCWest does now, they are screwed. In all my many years playing Aion, I have only seen one other Poop Show bigger than what this event has turned in to.. and that was the famed "One Month of Free Transfers" which ended in a week and trapped people on grossly unbalanced servers for years.