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  1. New Website for 6.0+?

    What is this "Aion team" that you speak of?
  2. @Cyan- seige times

    I think the problem now is that there are no longer "throw away" forts. Throw away forts were forts that could switch over multiple times over a week or even a day and not make much of a difference. I am thinking about the Tia Hearts or Gelk/Inggi forts. Since the UA is the only game in town, game design just doesn't make for multiple vulns. I agree that not changing the time for daylight savings time is just plain lazy. Pure and simple and do make sieging a hardship even for NA players.
  3. 6.0?

  4. A message from CEO

    They have offices in San Mateo as well. That's in the Bay Area.. i.e. near San Francisco in Northern California. Orange County is in Southern California.
  5. 6.0?

    We will probably be getting 6.2 as well.. when we get it. Which is anyone's guess at this point. I kind of thought there would be an announcement when they announced the birthday events, but that didn't happen. So. Idk. There is a saying.. no news is good news. In this case, no news is just no news.
  6. A message from CEO

    Aliso Viejo is in Orange County.
  7. Comparing EU community and NA community

    I would think that people are the same no matter what region they play on. There will be the same mix of helpful and friendly people in each community. Aion NA has its fare share of issues that make this player base salty af. Aion EU also has its fare share of issues that make them salty af. And all of this is hardly unique to Aion. The friendliest player base I have ever experienced is the GW2 player base. Mostly because the game is developed to reward you for helping others and to prevent you from screwing others over. It's actually built into the game. @Neleth-KT.. I would say that the community that will best suit your needs is the one where you, either by chance or through some research, find a good group of people to play with.

    Cyan and Hime are community managers. It isn't their job to make sure Aion gets what it needs. It isn't their job to make sure BnS gets what it needs. Someone else does that. They communicate. That's it. They communicate more for BnS than they do for Aion because someone is actually working to better BnS. They have little to say to us because no one on the NCWest cares about Aion. Aion is an afterthought. "Oh.. right. We need someone to look over the Aion update. Anyone have time for that after they finish all their work on their -real- game?"

    Goodness. This isn't an "us vs. them" thing. What everyone wants.. new and old players.. is a healthy game. The fact is a new server isn't going to give us that. History will repeat itself and though there will be a short term boost to the player base for the new patch, that new server will 100% have to be merged within a few months. And again using the past as a predictor of the future, that merge will be -years- in the making and you will either have to pay to get off that dead server or sit quietly waiting for NCSoft to get around to doing it. I can't recall who first brought up the under-staffing problems at NCWest which has led to the neglect of Aion, but that is the umbrella under which all decisions need to be looked at. Unless NCWest does what we have been begging them to do for years and years.. which is to at least have -one- staff member dedicated -only- to Aion.. this game will continue to decline due to neglect. Plain and simple. New content. New servers. New events. Free stuff. Nothing will save it. And that should make all of us incredibly sad.

    Please no. No and no. And I will try and explain my reasoning so I don't get the "OMG another 1k poster who just doesn't understand the plight of the little guy". First, fresh servers haven't worked in Aion. What has happened (and will happen) is that old players will flood to the new server. For about a week and a half (less now.. since you max level faster in 6.x) everything will be fine and there will be a love fest. Everyone plays with everyone. It's lions and lambs cuddled up together. And then no-life happens. And pay2win happens. And egos happen. And it's the old server all over again. In a week or less. AND THEN.. the old players get bored and go back to their old characters on the old server but show up just enough to keep their ranks leaving the top ranks on the new server inactive but filled. Second, 6.x is a new type of animal. From what has been foretold the new gear is head and shoulders above the old gear. Everyone is going to be switching over to the new gear quickly. Ofc old players who currently have the best gear will start with better gear, but there is no trading and selling of new gear. Meaning that very quickly anyone who is willing to spend spend spend is going to have that same gear. Rather than being a matter of "old players vs. new players" it is going to be "pay2win vs. f2p" in a way we have never seen. A new server isn't going to save you from those willing to open their wallets in a big way. Word of a new server might bring people back to the game but it won't keep them there and will lead to another merge. Let's just skip that part and leave things as they are.
  11. The best way to handel AFK instances

    Or.. we can all just let it go. People have been complaining about afkers in PvP instances since the game went f2p and NCWest announced they would no longer punish people that afk in dredg. Afkers are a fact of life now. It's just the sad truth. Make premades when you can. Avoid quick queues. And in things like EC where it is harder to make a premade, just try not to let it bother you.
  12. Aion September Preview

    We got it.. and then it had to be redone because what was posted was the exact KR exchange list which made no sense for NA. Maybe EU is waiting to get it right the first time? Maybe they want more feedback before they put it out so they don't have to put it out twice? Who knows. Maybe.. NCWest is waiting to announce the 6.0 release date -on- the birthday?! Maybe? Probably not. But maybe!
  13. About the possibility of a new server for 6.0

    ^ This. Please don't.

    That's Support for you. Inconsistent is their middle name. (Their first name is Clueless.)