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  1. Did NcSoft forget about GP in 6.2?

    You know. It really depends on how you look at things. I could just as easily say that the only people asking for a GP wipe are those that want instant gratification, aren't willing to put the time in to gain a transform legit like everyone before them and who think that transform will make them invincible but they will actually melt in under a minute. What a waste.
  2. Week 4, 16 FM runs

    You really seem like you are searching for excuses for why you can't do something and poo-pooing any avenue other than sitting and waiting on drops. You don't want to craft because it's too hard. You have invented something called "double layer RNG" which is no different than any other RNG we had. And somehow you believe that skilled players are being kept from IDD and PF because they aren't rocking 100% legendary +15 gear. I can assure you that that is not the case. You forget that Kahrun and Ancient Coin gear was not all that wonderful. That you could run TS over and over and still not get all your gear if RNGesus was not your friend. And that enchanting during the 3.x was every bit as awful as enchanting is now. It's easy to look back on old patches when we are barely into 3 weeks of this one and say things were so much better way back when, but things really weren't.
  3. Did NcSoft forget about GP in 6.2?

    That must be so frustrating. I would say, though, to give it a month or so and you will see yourself zoom right back up. A lot of older players came back and played for a week or so and have already quit. Just need to go that month for them to lose their rank.
  4. Week 4, 16 FM runs

    I don't run in LFG groups unless I am making the group and we just need one person. My best advice is to find a friendly legion and run with them. Legionmates will often carry someone who doesn't have the best gear as long as they have a good attitude and a brain. I know I have. Though, yes. I do see those groups that specify "geared". Not sure what I would do if I didn't have my legionmates. =S
  5. Lol. True. I remember Kaisinel's Governor, Mac. The poor guy was just saving for his AP bow and ditched rank the moment he got it. I used to buy stacks and stacks of AP pots to keep my rank low because we lost soooooooooo much AP when we died at high rank. Those were the days.
  6. Favorite Patch?

  7. Daeva Skills

    I'm afraid to buy the 200 gold bar skill book since with my RNG.. it will be the one I already have from CoE. qq.
  8. Did NcSoft forget about GP in 6.2?

    I agree that the reduction to 800 GP/month to maintain rank was overkill, though some adjustment did need to be made as you shouldn't be required to make every single siege (and win!) in order to keep your transform. Someone that participates in -most- sieges (win or lose) should be able to keep their transform, imo. What I don't understand is why a returning player shouldn't be able to reclaim rank if they become active again. Built into the current system, there is fluidity to the ranks. Active people will rise. Inactive people will fall off the rankings. If someone continues to siege, they will keep their transform. Those that don't, will lose it. Isn't the purpose of a transform to help the faction in taking and defending forts? As long as your faction has 100 active transforms, your faction has a much better chance in sieges and everyone benefits. It doesn't actually have to be you transforming. Wouldn't you rather have 100 players who have been around awhile who know what they are doing transforming? Rather than someone who has played Aion for 3 and 1/2 weeks who doesn't know where to buy seeds? Transform doesn't mean that you are good. It means that you have been around awhile and you siege. Period. Story.. on Kahrun we had a player who bought everything. Bought their account (and several others). Bought their legion. Bought their gear (or paid someone to grind it out for them). Bought their legionmates. And he bought his rank. He couldn't lead his way out of a wet paper bag. He didn't know how to use artifacts or anything about strategy. Famous quote, "Just tell me what to say and I will put it in banana chat." Most cringe worthy quote, "What does Hellfire do again?" This guy said that unless he became governor, he would feel that he hadn't really experienced all of Aion. He didn't care that we had an active governor who the faction happily followed. He didn't care that he was clueless and that all the real money in the world wasn't going to buy him skill or respect or knowledge. He just had to be governor so he can say that he had. And he did. And the faction fell apart. Rank isn't assured and it wasn't designed to be something for you and we had gotten away from that with the last few patches by tying gear to the rankings. I believe rank was designed to help your faction. I would rather have the best and most active people in possession of those high ranks because we all benefit from that. That's more important than me personally having one.
  9. Seriously? This again? I would bet that the Korean Dev's most regretted decision was releasing this "wish list" video.
  10. Right. Not sure what isn't entirely true. If someone's motivation for doing sieges is the material you get from participating, they are still participating. So they will move up in the ranks. Once they have that top end gear and stop sieging (if materials were their only motivation), they will lose that rank as they won't get 800 GP each month. If they get the 800 GP each month, they are still participating and should get to keep their rank. Or did you mean "gear isn't tied to rank"? What I meant by that is that you don't need rank to -wear- your gear. There were those that wanted to wear the "best" gear and to do that you need to be a general or above. If they lost their rank, they not only lost their transform (which is fine since they weren't sieging and didn't need it) but they couldn't even wear their own gear. Someone who lose their rank now because they aren't sieging, can still wear all their gear; though you are correct they can't actually purify it unless they siege.
  11. Feedback On 6.2 & Current state of aion

    Welcome to Aion! Apparently it's your first day. "Now"? Lol. It's -always- been that way. Mention "Killing for Castor" to any old timer (which -isn't- someone that started playing in 4.x) and they will full body shudder. Picture a bunch of level 28s in whites and greens trying desperately to kill a bunch of mobs so they can enter Eracus Temple Cavern and being mowed down every two to three minutes by full groups of level 32 twinks. We weren't even speed bumps. They didn't even slow down. Zooooooooooom-smacksmack-lol-zoooooooooooom. Ah. The good old days! I love the one shared map. Love it. Love it on my main. Love it on an alt who isn't geared at all and I am usually solo on. I die. That's fine. The map isn't huge so I can get back to where I need to. Love sneaking around and avoiding PvP when I can on that alt. It's a challenge! I get that I am a quest mob for the enemy and I understand that they are a quest mob for me. It's not personal. Death happens. Love joining in and trying to help others when they are being attacked by enemies or using the camps or artifacts to get away or prevail in a fight. It's Danaria and Katalam and the Idian Depths all rolled into one! I am getting used to the transforms to the point I sell all my transparent ones for kinah and laugh at my character in her kooky transforms. Having male animations is still novel, but meh.. getting used to it. Still don't love them and probably never will. I really like that the PvP instances are split up by days so I can get those done and siege -and- get some instance runs done without having to stay up to the wee hours. I love at the end of the week just having time to run around trying to get the cubic shugo to spawn and PvPing. I hate the enchantment rates. It's like the 3.0 days all over again. Fail and fail and fail and fail. Nothing like collecting 50+ stones and thinking, "I will just spam these and will definitely have a +10 when I am done!" and end up with a +4. I hate how much it costs to change my stigmas. Makes me feel like I can't say, "I can heal or dps. Just let me know what you need." I feel like I have to say, "I am heals right now. I need to be heals for dredg. So I can't do an instance where you need me to dps until after that is done because I can't waste half a million to switch twice." I am getting used to the broker fees and think that maybe that will keep people from throwing up items for outrageous amounts of kinah. You just lose too much if that item doesn't sell. So things seem to be priced to sell and far more reasonably. I agree that Aion has gone "backwards" in this patch, but I think that was sort of the point.
  12. I believe that rank is being tied solely to sieges in this patch because transforms (the only thing rank is used for now) were designed to be used solely in sieges. Those that attend sieges will have rank where they can use the transforms. You can't transform in an instance. You can't transform in an arena. Someone who only does those things doesn't need a transform. We have to try and get away from the mindset that rank=good at PvP. It was never really true before and even less so now. Rank now just means that you are someone that participates in sieges. Not having rank doesn't make you bad. It just means you can't or don't want to siege. It's not a badge of honor. Since gear isn't tied to rank, you lose nothing by not having one.
  13. Week 4, 16 FM runs

    I think the drop rate is fine and I actually like that the items are untradeable. Gearing has always been RNG based and there is no need to gear super quick. If you make the gear tradeable, we will be right back to where we were before with people that look super geared on paper but suck eggs because they bought all their gear.. or got it in events. If someone is wearing legendary instance gear now, you can reasonably assume that they know what they are doing. Untradeable gear stops most ninja looting, as well. Plus.. a legendary orb dropped in my BoS run the other week and we didn't have a sorc/sm so we ffa-ed it. I won and vendored the orb. I got almost 7 mill! With kinah more difficult to get than in the past, that was a nice surprise.
  14. The transformation system is terrible

    There are two kinds of scrolls. One that transforms you (easier to get.. less expensive) and one that makes the transform transparent (harder to get.. more expensive). We can chose now.
  15. Consider this, though. Snowball event + no trading between alts = ?? I am getting ready..