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  1. Just stay an anon if you enjoy this game. if they ask about ur family, divert. this is not a place for us. the hate and harassment is unreal. you are black sheeped and no one will speak up for you.they will dog pile on you with hate speech.this is a toxic community and reporting and taking screen shots means nothing to the support team. My final warning and my last post and interaction with this game . You and I are not welcome here
  2. seriously if your hardware is that outdated or broke as hell you need host the server from a cloud server. There are many that are cheap af and secure. time to shut it down and send the hamster who has been powering this archaic shit to his retirement home.
  3. Aion Players (citizen scientist) have struggled for a decade to identify the source that fuels the devs' horrible decisions. Finally, we now know exactly what this element is - Dickium
  4. wth no. for those not ready its game quitting disappointment since they aren't geared enough for this transformation to make the case for them. that's heart break on a game destroying scale. And on the other end it defeats the purpose of those that got it legit ( not arguing f2p or p2w come off it). this is just no, completely no ( would love to have it!) this would hurt the game and what little player base it has rn. again just NOOO
  5. I feel a compensation survey coming... 5 small abyssal stars and a middle finger xD.
  6. AionOps Please put this in your weekly maintenance post like you guys use to so that ppl can keep track of the server down time during updates. ty
  7. This is getting extremely annoying. Stop posting this. It’s getting really pathetic. It’s like every week on every post you are whining about this. Give it up and move on with your life.
  8. LOL the only ppl crying about the balance here are those that get carried by their gear. Learn your class dynamics and stop whining because you cant zerg here. 4s cast time hmm? perhaps not run out in front and cast from the back like sorc use to?
  9. I love this, this is perfect rn YES YES
  10. I completely agree and from a business stand point it would help them make more money ( which they looove). More ppl will be buying drop boost, luna, and entry tickets to get these stones of evolution. We all win. This needs some serious consideration!!
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