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  1. also dont forget about new players... if u want to ever have them u gotta do events with all transforms more ofter! new players need to work on their collections... even old players too far from having them.....
  2. @Kibbelz its been already more than a year since we have 3 HP collections and no one has even 2 of them!! Official Russian server got that promo event already 3 times also as another events with good (better) awards. Why are we always so behind??
  3. you can cry about this as long as you want but believe or not but i got 1 weapon with my hands. Mostly because of my fps 100 and ping 30.
  4. Hi @Kibbelz! I see running around a lot of new players which is surprise for me. And they all seem to be very active. So we need to hold them as much as we can. We all know how hard to get to average level of playing gear and stats for new people. So it would be nice if we and your team could help them. I wish to have some events in the closest future with S rank minions (not promotion but exact box with S minion, which were giving away on EU and RU a lot of times), maybe some cubics event, Legendary transformations event for collections (which also handy for old players). and it would b
  5. its known issue. they promised to change to original Aion Tower song
  6. People who crying about their names are so ridiculous. Why do u think anyone needs your ugly names?
  7. u will see pet on 23rd when servers are open to play
  8. yes. you will have 1 hour of Aura per day and after that u still can play but with some restrictions
  9. Classic discord server has legion recruiting channel. it is very active there. you should also post it there https://discord.gg/nPVZAzA9
  10. what's different between "your game name/handle" and "The name of the character you are entering"
  11. im only saying cause I have another 1.5 client right now which was built on classic Korea client and it is 13GB so should be around it yes Aion Classic The period allowing for Character Creation and Name Reservation, will begin! Servers will open for character creation at 9AM Pacific.
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