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  1. Nope, they have a ton of limitations to our version. We get half the patches and not all the upgrades. In KR people already walk around with paragon gear sets with the right stats, they have all transformation collections, we don't even have the ancient ones that give +5000HP. Autohunt is integral to the game and is taken into consideration the amounts required to do things thus they are insanely high, but we do not have auto hunt and the few edits we got to address that were temporary and got reverted back to the official rates. We got some events that required us to kill 1500 mobs
  2. Finally the XP on weekends is implemented. As for the poll, I will trust nothing on your decisions for custom implementations on NA from now on. I am sorry but our good will is depleted. A special map for auto hunt only seems like a bug infested cesspool that will never be addressed once implemented with a myriad of errors that will defo exist. At this point I vote to simply translate the game and publish it and copy all the events KR gets.
  3. One of the many reasons the population is too low is the bot themselves though. Bots in general create a problem that make people quit and now they are the important part of the game because nobody plays except for bots. Even if you do remove the bots now (or the p2w cash shop) the game won't revive and actual players won't come back because damage is already done.
  4. That is because thousands of players signed at launch only to see they were lied to about the model and the tactics of the company. They lost 90% of that player base within the 1st month after the launch. I wish I was around a corner to see them talk about the loss of player base so fast and their excuses to keep doing the same mistake that lead to the death of retail. Someone must be taking these decisions and that person is either happy with the outcome or utterly oblivious about the reasons that this happens to the game.
  5. Winning is when they fight people, giving them the rewards for lack of participation is another thing. I am doing it for me not for them, because I do not find any fun in dying in less than 1 second while I do 0 dmg to the opponent, that only makes me want to quit because I am reminded I play a game that is not meant to be played but rather paid for. I exclusively do things that make me happy or I do not mind spending my time on and if there is not much to do I play other games too.
  6. I find it hard to be immersed in a pseudo-3D isometric environment. It reminds me of Diablo or MU Online, but that gives early 2000s vibes.
  7. P.S. one of the items was purchased from broker, so far I only gotten 1 items while doing the quests, renown level 4 in fate and 3,5 in the rest. I am pretty tired of doing them in such a hostile map with tough mobs and enemies around.
  8. Not sure how many people signed but most people don't have just the kerub gear, they have like 1~2 other items and they most likely deleted the kerub parts that they upgraded to fighting spirit, so they are not eligible for the small competition. Having 1~2 fighting spirit items and fighting against those p2w people that don't die would be like giving them a free pass and a waste of time. Also there are collections, special items, imbued weapons, passive skills, paragon gear that some might have at +8 or more etc. I didn't even know about this until someone asked me, not a singl
  9. The problem was in EU people couldn't do weeklies in main maps (Gelkmaros/Inggison) because every mob was pretty much camped by a bot. Now that Apsaranta is out, Gelkmaros and Inggison are no longer that important, plus drops there suck so farmers can't take over the economy on auto hunt. Many people were incentivized to even play, I have friends who were saying they had to put their chars to auto hunt to do basic things because it was nearly impossible to farm due to bots, so they had to bot themselves too.
  10. I haven't tried it and I do not want to "bot" in open world. I never wanted the game to become a botfest when the main map was gelkmaros and we had to do weeklies and kill mobs for quests etc to be taken over by a myriad of legal bots. Not having the auto hunt worked in the beginning because they were changing event rewards lowering the amount we needed to hunt, they gave us XP passive events for the XP we couldn't get, brought the auto hunt map but it was only an event etc BUT they are no longer dealing with the game so we are left with a naked version of it. Gelkmaros is not a main
  11. I voted yes, but then I realized I would probably quit if I knew the drop rates, because it would confirm they are near 0% so I wuld quit knowing it
  12. But the auto hunt is what they made for other regions and when it was made it was a good way to make XP marks, now we have a better way and thus it seems less effective. Don't treat it as an event we got instead of something else, this is a trial event for them enabling auto hunt permanently so they do not have to alter events that are based on it, like kill 1500 mobs to get xx reward! For Gelk/Inggi yes, because they are secondary maps with little to no reason to go there other than some basic quests and dailies/weeklies. Drops are also not that important and bots already farm
  13. But the auto hunt is meant to be like this in open world for XP, drops, cubicles etc. The other option is to have that auto hunt map but they need to expand it and not have it under Hourglass. As for the luna pouch yes, but bots already do the luna 50 kill, now they will normalize the auto hunt of it.
  14. I am glad you are addressing this issue. If we get an auto hunt event map then we have to make sure it is done correctly! otehrwise the normal auto hunt will have to be just like the rest of the world does.
  15. So they are thinking of putting it permanently based on player feedback. Well if an auto hunt map is not done properly it will suck so they better do the right thing this time.
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