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  1. That isn't even sexist based on Aion standards. You want to see sexist outfit... take minimalist maid!
  2. The game had its death wish shown to public on day 1 when they showed the model they implemented. Whoever didn't see that coming didn't play Aion a single day in their life.
  3. And a ton of XP, simple mobs are at 832k and they go up to 2,8m HP
  4. *cries in gearing my alts with kerub gear* I went there and I did a few quests, some of the quests didn't make sense, they sent me in a spot on the map that had nothing, I assume it must be a mob that has a long respawn time and someone killed it before I went to those places. I hope it is not a timed mob or something that I need to google to find. And that place is like TT, you need a group to be effective. I have been there and barely seen any player, not sure if I went to the wrong areas, but I only saw 1~2 asmodians and never came across a single elyos so far. I guess the right a
  5. That is great to know and puts a smaller strain on those that might want to gear their whole account and have little to no time
  6. And the fact we have no autohunt makes it impossible to get all the quotas. They should bring back the autohunt map at least which isn't even enough next to the amount you can make in open map but it is still something.
  7. For now they need to at least make the Halloween transform event at least. We still need the keyboard transforms and the new cat transforms of course.
  8. ...when they said minimalist, they trully meant it! There is barely underwear there!
  9. It is in Apsuranta and it is a timed NPC that spawns in specific locations and has a tiny amount for sale limit so it is usually camped by elyos and asmodian elite legions who fight on who buys them.
  10. Lumiel Essence is a renown level 1 from any renown npc, better get it from Gelkmaros npc to buy it with 1 XP mark only. Raz is indeed a gathering item, it is 1p gathering material right outside Gelkmaros. You get 2 glyphs witht he kerub guide and they also take 1 kinah, but Glyphs have only one stat so it is the cheapest to retune without an event because you do not need 4 stats to combine correctly, only one so it can take even one try. The whole thing is supposed to be going on for 90 days, we already spent about 12 days so we have 78 days left for this. Not sure what happens
  11. And it better be a sellectable transformation.
  12. If Halloween doesn't give legendary Halloween promotion then it will suck. All other boxes or rewards might as well be 2nd grade items just like 12-box event does.
  13. When I log and go there, I'll open the sounds to check it.
  14. I suggested this before, I'll suggest it again, please separate the forums in a way they can act as individual entities. You hit "Unread Content" and you have to gamble which ones are for the game you play.
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