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  1. At least we agree on "thanks, bye". That is something.
  2. Exactly, there are people who actually love the model, they are those that benefit from p2w. But we could have had a model here regionally different from Korean. Retail in Europe is not even free to play yet, it never was. I am not going to beat the dead horse, we agree to disagree respectfully. I personally do not enjoy it, I can afford to p2w, but I play a game to enjoy the game itself, so for me it is a hard pass. I only log to the classic game lightly without competing in anything anymore. I just get in for the memories and I play retail because at least it is free and even thoug
  3. ..if I invested 100m in a game I would want it to succeed. They lost 90% of the players in the first 2~3 weeks because of the model. And that is in the classic... classic's existence itself means their retail version failed already for the EXACT same reason to the classic. And yes 100x p2w people throw more money to the game than all the subscribers that pay for subscription only, but when the vast majority of sub-only players quit, the game dies and the p2w find no reason to log and spend more money, so the game dies as well. That is a fact and you are witnessing it in both retail and cl
  4. I swear I read the "we bring back the weekend XP/AP buff" and since I never saw it happen, I thought "that announcement must have been for classic". I didn't pay attention what section it was in. They need to separate forums, they are confusing us. ...or make a way to get fast profit throught a loop hole. They will disable the feature in one day, take 6 months to fix it, will rollback the server if needed and they will remove all the accumulated items you got from the glitch including everything you did the last 5 years just to be sure. It is the effort that matters.
  5. We want Apostle event, no BCM sales, thanks, bye!
  6. Of course they are free to spend, and people are also free to quit the game when they can't afford to buy a manastone because the rich kid bought them all in a social game where you strive to be the best. Also don't confuse the people that ask for a game with no p2w, they are not asking this from p2w people nor they are against them for (ab)using the p2w system the company provides, they are speaking to the company and just want to play the game away from p2w people. ...stop complaining and farm so the rich kid can buy your loots and earn 100m per day while you are still broke eve
  7. These are exactly my thoughts. Getting to end game faster and getting the end game rewards for more time and winning on more scenarios based on the benefit you purchased, ends up giving you back more than what you paid for and gets you ready for the next patch. Imagine someone pretending to be a better shooter at fortnite because he was picking flowers for 6 hours while someone was training in pvp for 6 hours because he didn't have to pick flowers! That is exactly the difference between p2w and f2p players in Aion. (And I am not even sure if fortnite has flower picking abilities to b
  8. Exactly, and people always create a strawman p2w dummy player that can't even kill mobs even though they are geared to teeth, so they conclude that p2w is obsolete because they provided a scenario that never happens. Whoever played the game without p2w, knows that you might never manage to fully socket all slots of your items before you quit out of frustration.
  9. The problem with this is that we can barely get Aspostles ingame by any means, but there you are putting them in BCM just like that and the limit ends up being 9 per account for those that bought them the first week.
  10. The guy that didn't have to grind, aethertap, essencetap, craft,morph etc and is geared to teeth dedicates his game play in pvp and trains himself for pvp. Grinding, essencetapping, aethertapping, crafting, morphing etc do not make you a better player, defo not good at pvp and you aren't even getting rich. The p2w guy is richer than you and has all the manastones you never had and every niche item you cannot afford. You are not becoming better in game because you play it as intended when another person can bypass the repetitive boring stuff and go straight to the meat and train to be
  11. I guess whatever gets into luna wardrobe and can pass its look on another item, should be possible. There are items that say "cannot extract appearance" or something. Those will defo not be able to. BUT there are old skins that cannot be put into luna wardrobe because they are not a "can only transfer the skin once" types. So that means you use a skin to remodel some gear, then you can use that gear to remodel new gear and of course lose that item in the process. So the skin can keep passing but you lose the gear in the process which you could possibly use for collections or other things.
  12. We can voice some things like localization, drop rates etc. We can barely make big differences in the core of the game at least not these types of "hay make that mini game for us". Change does happen because of player feedback, but it happens within years of patches and the developers are pretty slow on listening to the players One of the most prominent things that changed was the AP -> GP immigration and then the seasonal GP reset. All of these were because of player input on the issues that arose from that and that change needed many years to actually happen.
  13. Once you reach level 76 you start making the kerub guide which gives you awesome full gear including every item you need to start doing end game content. You can wear the gear at level 81+ but the kerub gear quests give you a ton of XP so you will be 81 in no time.
  14. I just googled it, it is orange! My all time unfavorite colour (along with those mocha browns). They should put some paragon skins so people can pretend they are OP while wearing kerub gear. And did they really have to have the worst wing design in kerub gear?
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