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  1. Current Bugs and Issues for the New Patch

    Level 11 Tutorial Quest [Learning Combat Support] for powershards can't be completed because it has no "Start Tutorial" button. Changing regions/servers causes all Minions, Pets, and Emotes to vanish from my bars.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 19, 2020

    that is a lot of shards Ele. I take a break every and smash mine down every few hours so there's never more than a couple hundred sitting in my cube.
  3. [Event] Terirunerk npc bugged quest

    HM 2 runs mid - about 4-6 books per run. And 3 books open world just doing Genisis crystal quests closest to town. Wasn't really keeping track of the number of mobs. I did have to port back to the standard server to get the survey to appear after the first book dropped.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 19, 2020

    But why tho? @Kibbelz We asked for more drops not less. *swats your nose* Why does he even exist? Unless you're going to change the rate so he offers a discount he is literally useless. I can double-click the stack of fragments in my cube and it combines them 10/1 without having to run back to the fort.
  5. [Event] Terirunerk npc bugged quest

    It's RNG. I got 14 yesterday from 2 runs of Herelym and Lakrum mobs.
  6. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    Thank you for all the positive responses to my 12 point presentation/ TED talk on why AION retail is currently a dumpster fire. I know I’m salty and sarcastic and often it feels like I’m just screaming into the aether. It’s good to know it’s not just me and a lot of you share that frustration. Most of the complaints in this thread are about how brutal the RNG is and how progression is not just throttled but strangled completely, if not outright broken. To Hardcore players and ‘giant marine mammals’ progression is a mountain. For new, returning and casual players that mountain is Everest. @MIKH-DN had some really fantastic suggestions that should be escalated to the devs in Korea; starting with reducing the punishment for failing. If I loose the the materials, fine. I’ll try again. If I loose the materials AND progression goes backwards or explodes in my face I’ll log off in frustration for days or weeks. A lot of players just up and quit. The second is adding that visual progress bar. Sure RNG didn’t improve any and I just failed 30 times but now I can SEE IT. Players who can see the goal line are more likely to stay logged in and grind those mobs for another hour or do those extra instance runs. Or (And here’s the part that helps your bottom line) $$$ They reach for their credit card and buy what they need to push that bar over the top. Happy players pay. Frustrated ones don’t.
  7. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    hang on. My potato is messing with me... 5. Minions S rank is supposed to be the end game norm however, even the most basic A-B rank contracts are difficult to get. I haven’t seen an A Rank in months. I’ve resorted to combining my B’s to get A’s. And after MONTHS of grind only to have it all *poof* out of existence when I fail on the S Rank combine. Seriously, all that work down the tubes at the click of a mouse and now you have no Minions. At all. · Better avaliblitly of basic named (NOT KERUB) Minions · The return of at least one A Rank Minion when S Rank combine fails. · A way to morph or upgrade Minium C-->B -->A 6. Kinah Since the introduction of 6.0 all of the game systems are designed to suck kinah out of the economy. Well it worked. It worked so well that the economy is broken. New players struggle to pay for the most basic things like teleporting and binding. If you make the mistake of unlocking more inventory space, you can’t pay for teleport and now you have to delete your character and start over. The only consistent way to gain kinah to continue to feed the massive currency sink is to... · Luna Crafting kinah boxes with tons of alts · Use Third Party Programs · RMT Put ways to make kinah back into the game and reduce the fees or the economy will continue to crumble. a. The Broker The fees are obscene. You get robbed coming and going. No one lists things on the broker unless it’s super overpriced. Then there’s the risk of having items “sniped” by bots. · Ban the bots · Reduce the fees 7 Cubics Basics Cubics are very difficult to get. Just to increase my HP at Bronze level I need 300. Where do you get them? They’re locked behind RNG (Section 3). A mob might drop 1 after hours of grinding or I might get 1 out a pouch at the end of an instance or I can grind Titan Coins and pay and I might get 1 from a pouch. That is extremely slow for even the most basic progression. Then there’s the “new” Platinum Cubics which you can’t get in-game. I’ve only gotten these from surveys. And the Ereshkigal Cubics... again can’t get them in-game but they’re still required to do the instance. · I would like to see a better way to get Cubics and the return of the NPC that lets you exchange for higher grade Cubics like we had in 6.0. Currently she only exchanges Eresh Cubics... that you can’t get... *face palm* 8 Trading Items The inability to trade is extremely frustrating. I don’t want to give items to anyone else most of the time but it would be nice to slide that HB manastone through the Account Warehouse to my Chanter or a MB to my SM. Otherwise I have to risk the broker bots. · More items Account tradeable 9. Events · Fewer P2W Giant Marine Mammal Only Events · No more New Player Only Events – It feels like you’re snubbing your loyal veteran players when you do this. We just make 50 new alt accounts in order to get the rewards. You’re not really getting “new” players. We’re just working around your event roadblock. · BCM Sales Are NOT Events · More events that engage the playerbase and encourage them to go out into open world and run instances to get the rewards. I’ve always been fond of hidden cake, shugo capsule, and floating flower events. · Event Instance drops for EVERYONE in the group/alliance. Don’t make 24 people fight for one drop. · Rewards that benefit everyone. Stormwing event is an excellent example. Everyone loved it. Do that again. 10 Cheating Do something about the Hackers. They are rampant and have been for years. I would like to see punishments for cheating that feel like you give a nyerk about the state of the game and aren’t weighted against how much said cheater threw their wallet around. 11 BCM I haven’t given NC a dime since 6.0 rolled out and the pitiful state of the BCM has a lot to do with that. There is thread after thread, literal pages of us, on our knees, begging for updates and items. Please go read them. · S K I N S !!!! (We are skin-whores. We wanna look purdy.) · Mounts · Pets · Housing items/furniture And that’s just the cosmetic list. 12 Communication I want clear, consistent communication. · Don’t just ninja a maintenance post every week and run away. I know it’s tempting but don’t do it. · Don’t hide information on one of the twitter feeds. Post it here as well. · Facebook – do you even use this anymore? · If you don’t know something say “I don’t know.” Just be honest. · Don’t NC “soon” us. We have memes for that. · Ask our opinion – especially before major changes – either here or with in-game surveys. We like to feel like were being listened to and are contributing to how you make decisions. Ok I’m about exhausted and I’m sure I missed a few things. Anyway, here’s your cookie for reading the whole thing.
  8. Updated Transformation Contract Bundles?*BCM

    omg I try and make a post and it ends up in the entirely Wrong Thread Thank you, you evil potato computer. someone delete or move plz
  9. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    Okies @Kibbelz. Remember you asked for this. MULTI-POST WALL ‘O TEXT INCOMING! Shaid essay time. First off, I would like you and the rest of the team to take a few days, make brand new an account and actually PLAY THE GAME! Nothing any of the players can tell you about the game will hammer home how broken AION really is quite like experiencing it yourself. (And don’t even think about rolling the painter class. You can lick the keyboard and still win with that class. It’s designed to make established players want to reroll.) It has been made painfully obvious that the NC staff doesn’t play AION and Support is so clueless that it’s not worth the time or effort to report problems. We’ve been on the back burner for waaaay to long. Private servers have a larger, healthier playerbase than retail and that should worry you. All right, now let’s dig in. 1. EXP Experience marks are a major currency. If you can’t gain experience you can’t get marks. No marks, you can’t buy things you need to progress. EXP has been nerfed so hard that running an instance won’t fill the bar even if you kill everything that moves. Regular instance mobs and open world mobs are a joke. No one farms them beyond the daily/weekly quest requirements. They’re moving scenery at this point. · Solution: Un-nerf the EXP on everything across the board. Slap a couple of extra zeros on the end of it and it will instantly be more satisfying for players to go and do those quests and instances or spend more time just killing mobs. 2. Loot Tables Mob drops are in a word: Garbage Mobs either drop nothing at all or nothing worthwhile. They need a full overhaul. I throw out or vendor, for miniscule amounts for kinah, pretty much everything that drops. · Add Cubics to every loot table and crank the chance up so players can actually get these and not just by spend three hours grinding in front of Gelk/Iggy forts for the chance to just get ONE when we need hundreds for the tiniest stat increase. · Kinah. If it has pockets, it should drop kinah. · Mana stones. All grades. I have only seen Ancient drop from Named mobs and Ulti boxes from Hidden mobs. No one wants to socket Ancient manastones in their Ulti gear. · Enchantment stones. Even if these are just Ancient or a few Legendary it would be nice to go out, do the daily/weekly quests and get a few extra stones (that will probably break anyway.) · Gear. Random, Ancient, crap stat, rubbish gear pieces that we can DE for whopping amount of Fasteners we need to unlock and upgrade our gear. Or sell for kinah. · Crafting Materials. Magic crystals, ‘cause where do you even get them anymore? 3. RNG I think I need to address the elephant in the room before we go any further. The RNG in the game is awful, just awful, and much like corn syrup – it’s in nyerking everything. · Gear drop after beating that really tough instance boss – RNG · Socketing Manstones – RNG · Enchanting your gear – RNG · Retuning your gear - RNG · Gemstone sockets – RNG · Enchanting your Stigmas – RNG · Enchanting your Skills – RNG · Getting a Runestone or Gemstone for your class - RNG · Crafting (not that anyone does) – RNG · Events – RNG · Minions – RNG · Transforms – RNG And this is just scratching the surface. It’s a problem. It’s such a problem the developers over in Korea added items to the game to SELL to us or make us grind for, just to fix the problem. (Deava Essence, Socketing Supplements, special “no fail” enchantment stones, transform selection boxes, ect.) Stop, just stop. Take a serious look at the rates. Ask yourself if, as a player, you would be willing to work for hours, weeks or even months only to have it literally blow up in your face or end up worse than where you started. The answer is no. And it’s one of the big reasons player retention is so low. · Ticking up the success rate a couple of percentage points on everything – everything, everything – is what’s needed. 4. Transformations Oh good God, this Zootopia nightmare. If you want to be competitive in PVP you need an Ulti transformation. Period. If you want to just feel like you’re not moving in slow motion or slapping mobs with a wet noodle you need a Legendary – FOR YOUR CLASS. White transformation contracts should NOT cost 12 Million apiece at this point. White and green transforms and gold transform shards should drop from Open world mobs, instance mobs, instance bosses or be daily/weekly quest rewards. Combining 6 transforms for white, green, gold should not have them *poof* into the aether and ya get nothing. (See section 3. RNG) Legendary transforms are so normal in Korea that they added the Halloween themed ones to the game. Meanwhile NA players flounder.
  10. Hidden Mobs

    Loool That's good. I'm stealing it.
  11. Hidden Mobs

    There are a dozen other (better) ways to get fasteners other than yeeting them from players who need the gear and manastones. Apparently they don't get the concept that you're (supposed to be) on the same team.
  12. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    These are from the offical AION Korean site. https://aion.plaync.com/ and a forum badge Tho I haven't seen them much since they redesigned the site awhile back. Would be nice if we could use them here without having to paste them from my imgur all the time. *hint, hint* @Hime, @Loki
  13. Hidden Mobs

    *cough* These guys.... yeah. I'm a solo player and I run into players like this on a regular basis. I like to refer to them as the <A$$hole Patrol>. They don't really benefit from anything Hidden Mobs drop as their +15 fully-geared, advanced skilled, high-ranking backsides don't need the gear and nothing is sellable, tradeable or broker-able. They're KS'ing you for the entertainment value of pissing you off. All you can really do is try to get stronger and do enough damage to the mob so that when they swoop in at the last second and try to steal, the kill and the loot still go to you. If your're frustrated focus on something else for a bit besides manastones. Work on getting enchants or improving a skill or swapping out an accessory. .....or find a buddy. The KSers will find it harder to steal from both of you.
  14. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    Yes. The Spirit Mammoths only appear a night so check your in game clock. They'll appear in the Mammoth Graveyard after sundown. As for the others, a lot of the mobs have been mis-labled/differ in the quest text. If they have they icon over their head it's the right mob or you can try killing a few and see if your quest updates. P.S. Watch out for the Reflect on the Naduka mages.