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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 10, 2020

    Fixed it for ya. Srsly tho @Hime @Loki we're getting kinda desperate here. You were supposed to put skins in the BCM every 2 weeks but you've been neglecting to do it for months now. We expected someone to update the BCM 2 days a month. That's a pretty low bar and yet... disappointment. It's almost like you don't want our money. And yeah at this point I am not sorry I grandfathered an absurd pile of skins and armor into the game; especially the re-skinable ones.
  2. @DevilNest-KT Anyone who has read the forums knows you’re stupidly overgeared. You should come with warning bells and a giant flashing sign that says <World Boss - Do Not engage>. I play Asmo on KT and Elyos on DN. If I’m not running from you I’m dodging the PvP zerg that’s chasing you.
  3. Yeah, no. Just, NO. Never, ever in the history of ever has this on any character ever worked for me. Even if I have clearly died on top of the instance entrance, cubic shugo or quest NPC. Even if my character is clearly an undergeared alt or never targeted the players who killed me or never even attempted to fight back. I fully expect them to then sit in my corpse for the full 10mins to see if I self-res. (Apparently no one has anything better to do.) Or play peek-a-boo with the edge of my radar range so they can rush back in and slap me again if I don’t cancel the animation fast enough. This BS behavior is one of the reasons I don’t attend siege. I don’t want the <Star Officer Kick Me> sign over my head to encourage this crap. Some real advice: Learn to hide a kisk really really well and expect to die. A LOT. (And yes Devil, when I see your name attached to a skill in a text box I yeet the other way as fast as possible.)
  4. Countless posts about Stigmas

    This! This! THIS! I twice broke stigmas on my glad from +7 all the way down to +2 and +4. On my chanter it took 40 nyerking stones to get ONE green stigma from +7 to +9. All I wanted was to unlock the 3 slots on the right side. I know that +15 is NEVER going to happen. I have opened every Storming box from the event and I burned every enchantment stone. Still not a full set of +9 on any of my characters. I'm done. RNGeesus is NOT with me.
  5. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    Upon further investigation you can interact with the door and appears to be for the removed group version of LUT. Would not let me enter without a group. If anyone's willing to hold I'll bug test further. <Dungeon Bonus Entry Scroll Bundle> from Luna Dice game needs to be updated. It still contains BoS reset scrolls. I recommend replacing with Esoterrace reset scrolls.
  6. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    Partial repost from other threads. Nekai <General Goods> NPC in Padaemonium is invisible and cannot be selected. [Tab] [F8] and clicking all failed. Thorny Dionettea in Strigik Forest still drops sap from the removed Pandora quests. Asmo Campaign quest [The Advance] is a touch buggy. Killing Asinelli of the Whisplight Legion may not give credit/update and she does not respawn. Large stone door entrance to Lower Udas Temple discovered in the center of Subterrana. It's not marked on the map. Is it supposed to be there? It's just hanging there about 1 meter from everything else. Himusus <General Goods> NPC in Sanctum is still selling Cygnea and Lakrum return scrolls Phanoe Canyon(?) in Inggison between Taloc's Hill and Taloc's Forest has nothing in it. No mobs, named Titan Coin mobs, gatherables, just... nothing. Not sure if this was intentional.
  7. Game Update Maintenance - May 27, 2020

    The laaag Divine Soul heal option missing from Gelk/Iggy Thorny Dionetta in the Strigik Forest still drops sap from the removed Pandora quests. 2hr respawn for Garrisons in Gelk/Iggy when destroyed by the opposing faction is WAAAAAAY to long Asmo Gelk Campaign quest [The Advance]is buggy. Killing Asinelli of the Wisplight Legion does not give credit and she does not respawn. Large door to Lower Udas Temple in the center of Subterrana. It's not marked on the map. Is it supposed to be there? It's just hanging there not attached to anything.
  8. Game Update Maintenance - May 27, 2020

    So Nekai the General Goods NPC in Pandae must be on her lunch break or something.... Map says she's there but... yeah, invisible, un-target-able. Can I speak to the manager plz.
  9. where is the Motion "Wonder Girls' 2 Different Tears" staff?

    2DT along with the Captain Harlock and Hello Kitty items were never licensed for use in the west. Some players do have the 2DT dances via a code that was published in the short lived AION magazine.
  10. Pande Hide & Seek

    @Arhangelos-KT Ask and you shall receive. If you can get into the water next to the Coliseum you can just run to the other end and climb up the rocks. There are some old NPCs like the guy for the Fenris Fang quest to talk to but nothing really functional. So if you were hoping to do some skin shopping on the sly you're outta luck. Oh and look who I found "hiding" in the 2nd floor bedroom. *cough cough* Sin is best at Hide & Seek!
  11. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    You can get past the wall by the Coliseum and into the old Vanhal District by jumping and gliding. Next time someone "hides" in Pandae check there first.
  12. Temporary Everything Isn't Rewarding

    It was an event reward ages ago and it's pretty and... I WANTS IT!
  13. Skin Farming in 7.0

    I'm with @Vantheria on this. I'm not sure who told you that set drops in Alquima but they're wrong. That is Master Noble Durable Drenium Plate. It has never be available as a drop. It was an armor smithing master craft in previous patches. It was available as a skin set through the BCM for a long time but considering the current and extremely neglected state of the cash shop I wouldn't hold my breath. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Oh boy. It took a little digging but... unless someone has these stashed in a cabinet on a piece of tradeable gear AND is willing to sell them to you they are NOT available. The chest, pants, shoes and gloves are all Deft Counsel's Cloth (dyed True White). The scarf is even more rare. That is the Reian Rebel Leather shoulders from OC Rentus. That bugger hasn't been in the game in ages. Now for the worse news. Even if you were to acquire all of these pieces you can't wear them all due to the 6.0 changes that restrict armor to classes. T.T