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  1. This is likely part of the across the board changes to Normal (white) gear. All normal gear is untradeable now, including open world drops, gear bought from merchants and apparently crafted items. If you want to trade with your friends and legion mates you should still be able to trade greater (green) or above.
  2. Soooo rather than doing something about the bots this is your solution? Also since this was NOT mentioned in the patch notes... All normal grade gear drops from open world AND merchants is now untradeable.
  3. Why does everyone think you're getting B-Dredge? Nowhere in the Producer's Letter, or on the website, or the forums by any member of NCWest is Dredge even mentioned. Anytime players ask about it the question is met with silence. Awkward, uncomfortable, rather guilty silence. If they were going to give you THE ONLY PvP instance, don't you think they're be trying to hype it up? They're not. They're going to chop up the content so they can drip feed it to you and keep you subbed. If you're one of those players who's "coming back for Dredge", don't smack the "BUY" button until
  4. Log in after a week and the first thing I see is someone with a Silence Godstone on their weapon. ...So yeah..
  5. Yup, I would not put it past them to do a bait and switch. Zero faith left in NC.
  6. Are these Bitterhorn items permanent or are they the expiring versions like from previous events?
  7. Me having to log back in just to unbundle ALL those boxes: Auto Hunt in TT? Are you serious? Elite Grade 5 mobs in packs of 4-6, bosses that one-shot you, and random roving gank squads; and this is the zone you pick to add Auto Hunt? The ONLY update I want to see for TT is for captured Souls in my inventory NOT to disappear when I leave the zone.
  8. Guys, he doesn't have "hide" like a Sin or a GM does. He just gets into the blocked off areas of Pande and AFKs there. Anyone with a level 10 toon can get into Vanhal if they know the right spot to jump.
  9. They stopped doing the pumpkin contest 'cause they were tired of giving me free stuff.
  10. Lemme guess his next move will be to AFK "hide" in Vanahal again.
  11. Incoming Emergency Maintenance to remove this "Event". 'Cause holy nyerk, a BILLION in a box??? The game is massive kinah sink and we're all desperate.
  12. It's next level sketchy. @Konr-KT would have to have Name, Legion, Title/Rank turned off AND SHIFT+12. Even so, there is no white dot on the radar and the mob does NOT have a target. It's clear from the video that the "Invisible Man" is a Sin from the poison and rune debuffs on the mob. They are also Asmo. The camp is flipped blue. If it was an Elyos they would have attacked the player not the mob.
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