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  1. Method One: Start in Iggison. Purchase as many Premium Essencetappers as you can from Esdio <Aetherforging Quartermaster> Starting just outside the fortress gather [Raz] until level 20. Move to Soteria Sanctuary and gather [Hasia] until level 40. Head to Undirborg Observation Post and gather [Ferilla]. Reaching Angrief you will find [Magic Crystal] 60 and [Titania] 80. Method Two: Purchase as many Premium Essencetappers as you can from Esdio in Iggison. Check that you have enough time on your Dimensional Hourglass. If not refill it with an hourglass. (2 freebies on the Deava Pass) Use the portal to travel to Lakrum. Gather [Shining Raz] outside the main area. This is a safe zone (marked in purple on your map) and you cannot be attacked by other players while you’re trying to level your Essencetapping. Follow the path north to Lebu Forest Scout Post for [Shining Hasia]. Continue to Hymn of Aion Legion Garrison for [Shining Ferilla]. Now South through the center of Endorim for [Shining Titania]. Finish at the Devastated Coast with [Shining Magic Crystal]. Regular nodes are 1 pull = 1 material. Shining nodes are 1 pull = 1 shining material which can be opened for 2-3 regular materials.
  2. It's only available in the cash shop now.
  3. It has been repeatedly proven that the people running the game DO NOT understand even the most basic mechanics. If they say they are going to delete Experience Crystals, then they are going to delete them and you should prepare accordingly. You have until the 17th to burn through your stacks of crystals. As @Viseris-KT pointed out they all share the same item ID and staff is probably not going to go through the hassle of tracking which ones came from where.
  4. Think of it as background scenery or prop. Most of these "structures" aren't fully fleshed out, think 2d cardboard cutouts, and lack coding for collision.
  5. Why are you leaving the instance? I do my 1M and then AFK in the corner while I watch my shows. Lather, Rinse, Repeat until I get to the character I'm actually working on for the day.
  6. @Roseae @GM Vega @GM_NCA Please add the 100% Success Stigma Enchantment Stone back to the Shattered Abyssal Splinter reward NPC. ------------------ NPC: Redrinerk Item: Flawless Stigma Enchantment Stone Bundle Item ID: 188076838 Cost: 2000 [Event] Abyssal Fragment Limit: 1 per week Refrence: https://aioncodex.com/us/item/188076838/ ------------------- Look I did your homework for you. Seriously, it would take one guy 5 minutes to fix this.
  7. The 100% Stigma Enchanting Stone appears to be missing from the Shattered Abyssal Splinter rewards vendor (Redrinerk). This was accidently removed during the last patch as well and had to be added back.
  8. For all 8 of my characters on my Primary account (Asmo), all of the Event Pass quests are bugged. The instance entry quest does seem to update but only after 24 hours. I will continue investigating if the bug is per character with my other accounts but I'm pretty sure that at least one of those other accounts all of the characters are bugged as well.
  9. None of the Event Pass quests count for Asmo players. Works fine for Elyos. 12h maintenance and nothing works GG.
  10. Yeah... not surprised. This is not the first time they've done a ninja edit to events and announcements. As outraged as everyone is I have to remind you that they've already fled the office and will be unreachable until after New Year's.
  11. Occasionally when teleporting from Gelk to Lakrum all of my pets and minions will vanish from my bars. This only happens on my Asmo primary account. It feels like the longer I play during any given session the higher the chance for any glitch or bug to occur.
  12. @EMpulse @Loki Turn on the Christmas decorations. You completely neglected to do this for Halloween the LEAST you could do is turn the Christmas decorations on.
  13. And this right here is why I have never ever bothered to ask "Support" to restore anything.
  14. The 2 day difference is to give you the "opportunity" to purchase Luna to unlock any levels you haven't finished. That's all it is; 48hours to give them more money.
  15. @EMpulse @Loki Having multiple accounts is not against ToS. Dual-boxing with those accounts is not against ToS. If this has changed players deserve to know BEFORE a ban is rolled out. I have 4 accounts. Occasionally I dual-box to run instances. (mostly trying to fill holes in my collections) I am not going to wait around for hours trying to get someone to hold group when I can simply do it myself. I was going to add a disposable 5th account to get some +0 class stigmas that no one on either faction seems willing to sell. (again just trying to finish collections.) I cannot create any more characters on my existing accounts. 2 have both Elyos and Asmo characters and I am unwilling to delete any of them and a 3th has 2 “hidden” Classic characters that can’t be deleted. (I can’t get Classic to reinstall. The Launcher thinks Classic is installed when it isn’t but that’s a whole different issue.) And my Primary account is at maximum number of characters without Prestige. If your policy has changed to 4 accounts or less I kinda need to know. I am also thoroughly disgusted that your “payers” can send off an e-mail and get themselves unbanned but actual “players” are told they are SOL.
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