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  1. Event Disappointment

    No. I think she is saying that they should have given us a Kaisinel Transformation for sitting afk for 120 hours.
  2. Event Disappointment

    My cleric's account (main account) got a Hamerun. Well.. shoot. But at least it finished a collection.. for accuracy. *doublefacepalm* My SM (first alt account) got a Viola! Lucky, right? Only that account has one and only one legendary transformation contract. You guessed it! It already had Viola. *cringe* My SW (second alt account) got a Mastarius. After the "luck" of my first two accounts, at least this one was attack speed even if it has physical stats. *sigh* BUT.. all I did was place something on my space bar, so I don't feel too bad about the whole thing.
  3. That is completely true. We were told that they wanted people to have ways to get everything they needed in the normal course of the game instead of waiting for events and yet nothing changed. Events are still the best way to get geared.
  4. I agree that Aion is 100% not new-player-friendly. Unless a new player joins an active and social legion, they are unlikely to stay for very long once they reach max level. No matter what they do, they are going to be undergeared for a good long while. So unless they have people to carry them or people to laugh with while they get their bums spanked, they will just get frustrated and leave. And who could blame them?
  5. Missing item

    Some things will be missing from your inventory, but not skins. When you first logged in there would have been a pop up with all the things being deleted and what you would be receiving as compensation (kinah or ap). Were the masks in this list? Support might be able to tell you what happened to them. I am not sure how far back they actually keep records. It's worth a try, though. To make you feel a bit better, any gear you had in the past is useless and sells for 1 kinah. They would only be good for skins.
  6. Aion 2.0 or 2.5 or 1.0 legacy servers

    No. "A lot" would not come back for a classic server. What would happen is that those playing now would roll a classic server and play hardcore for about 2 weeks. In a month, the server would be empty and would be shut down. It might be helpful to you to search "classic server" and read the bijillion other threads posted about this. Most of them are authored by the same person, but there are quite a few decent responses on why this isn't a good idea.
  7. Legendary transform BCM item

    We've had selectable contracts as well in past events, but they involved a whole hell of a lot more than standing around afk for 120 hours.
  8. What happened to our skin rotations?

    Yikes. Very underwhelmed by the December store updates. There are so many winter/Christmas themed skins that we look forward to each year and this year we just aren't getting them.
  9. Aion

    There is no maintenance. No authorization? I don't believe I have seen that error message.
  10. fix ib bugs PLEASE

    I have never been stuck in there, though I know many people who have. I just count myself as lucky. I have gotten stuck in Kamar, however. Figured when they brought that instance back they would have fixed the stupid invisible boxes, but noooooooooo. They aren't going to fix the instance because they don't care and Support is pants-on-head potato, so you shouldn't be surprised that they tell you nothing is wrong with the instance.
  11. Event Disappointment

    My first legendary transformation was a Kromede.. and I am a cleric. It happens and yes, it's disappointing. I sympathize. BUT.. you are hardly the first player to get a transformation that is wholly unsuited for their class and you won't be the last.
  12. IB Broken/Removed?

    That happened to us as well. Someone said that only two members of their group got a pop and the third one did not. For us only one person got a pop. The other two did not. But when we all passed to queue again, the ability to queue was no longer there. We relogged and were able to queue again. Something is horribly wrong with IB. Someone on DN said they got into an empty IB (no Elyos) and they got the message that because there was no opponents, the instance would end in 10 minutes. And then an enemy entered.
  13. IB Broken/Removed?

    Been in the queue for over 10 minutes with a full, 3 person pre-made. The message we have is "Waiting for players of needed class". Never seen that with IB before. And I'm a cleric and one of the other members is a chanter. So... even if class mattered, we have two healers.
  14. You mean to purchase etium or genesis crystals? That takes some time. It doesn't happen at the server reset. Not sure how long it takes, but try again to buy things in a few hours.
  15. Can we expect any 7.2 announcement soon?

    This is a guess. It's not a bad guess, but it isn't fact.
  16. I can't remember if it should be GP this week or next. Since it isn't mentioned, maybe it's next? =S
  17. They are about the same and neither is super populated. Enough to make you lag during sieges but not enough to find people for kill quests in Lakrum.
  18. Xforms Event puca.

    You got one more horn than I got! (Mostly because I haven't bothered trying.) No. This part of the event was not made for casual players and it wasn't meant for players hoping to get a little gear. It was meant for players that already have gear to get more gear. Because that makes sense.
  19. A solution that would benefit everyone

    Well we do get instance resets on one character if you read the patch notes for this event from other regions and knew the time and date to be logged in for in order to get the reset! That's something.. right? Anyway, we haven't had the Meteor Shower event that EU had yet. Would love to see us get that one.
  20. Thanks for the instance reset event.

    And this is the biggest steaming pile of yak poop in our barn full of piles of yak poop to date. The first week, someone notices by accident. They post on the forums and Cyan says, "Oh. Right. That was intended but we didn't -tell- you so that it would go 'smoothly'." But he neglects to confirm the time and date that it would happen again. So people missed it for the second of three weeks. And here we stand.. in our barn full of poop still playing this game.
  21. what happened to support

    The breastplate should still be there, though it is useless in the current game. Gear stats were redone since you last played and only sells for 1 kinah. Basically.. it's crap. Let it go. The wraps were probably deleted along with many other things that are no longer relevant to the game. When you first logged in there would have been a window with all the things that were being "sold" since they no longer work in the game as it is today. You were compensated with kinah.
  22. what happened to armor?

    What happened to Aion? It continued to change while you weren't playing. If the absence of those shops "ruins" Aion for you, then just delete the game from your computer and don't look around any more than you already did. There have been so many changes over the last few years that have been wildly unpopular. The deletion of those shops is pretty small potatoes compared to most of the other changes.