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  1. 3rd Party Programs

    You probably will still get the same ambiguous response and won't get a clear "yes" or "no". This has been asked and been dodged literally for years. Though I guess there is always hope that this time will be different.
  2. World boss

    OMG! I had forgotten about that! LOLOLOL. Probably the single oddest thing I have ever seen on the forums. And the obvious response when someone calls you out on the forums! Post the nudes that their gf sent to you! This Therry guy is pretty damn close to that level of potato. We live in hope and the day is still young.
  3. Vaniiiiii god

    Damn you, forums, for not allowing us to use pictures right now! Again, little ducks. Use your imaginations on what we could post under this little gem.
  4. World boss

    I am imaging this guy flailing about and flapping is hands in frustration because the big kids took his toys and he needs mommy to get them back for him. I would find a gif and post it, but pictures aren't displaying. So you will have to use your imagination.
  5. Vaniiiiii god

    Guessing you got in trouble for something you posted. Apparently whatever it was, it wasn't enough to actually get you outright banned. Though keep this up and I am pretty sure you will get there soon enough. Were you the one that posted advising everyone to use hacks because everyone else is? The thread was taken down, so that's my guess. If that was you, it's really odd that you can't understand that posting that would get you in trouble. From the Code of Conduct.. While that thread didn't post a link to the hacks, they did name them and did encourage players to use them. Pretty sure the thread violated the spirit, if not the letter, of this section. While we are looking at the CoC, this thread probably violates this one.. Best to keep disciplinary discussions to personal messages.
  6. World boss

    I am not in one of those legions. I am not defending anyone. I personally think that some of the stunts that the "big legions" have pulled are reprehensible and directly contribute to the further decline of the player base. BUT.. and here is what you can't seem to wrap your tiny, tiny brain around.. THEY AREN'T BREAKING ANY RULES. The world bosses are 100% free right now.. today. Every single world boss that has ever been spawned has been open to every single player on the server. Every person has the same chance to form a group/alliance/league to take it down. Your issue isn't that the content isn't open to you. Your issue is that you can't compete with the big legions. You are correct that you are unlikely to form any alliance that will outdps those big legions, but it isn't the job of those legions to carry you or give you a chance to get the loot. They don't exist to gear you. Rather than getting your panties in a bunch over how "unfair" all of this is, you would be better off unclenching your butt cheeks and working on gear that you are more likely to attain. But you don't have to take my advice.. even if that advice comes from years of experience. Carry on with your tantrums. Best of luck.
  7. You mean some players are asshats who cheated, scammed and used other players?! This is my shocked face.. For those who were cheated, scammed and used, you rolled your dice and things didn't go as you planned. It's not against any rules to transfer with legion wb summoning scrolls. These guys would be hardly the first legion leaders to abscond with legion items and they probably won't be the last. They are hardly the first legion leads to promise the rabble advancement to bolster their numbers and then ditch them when they are no longer needed. They are hardly the only legion leaders who pressured players into paying them in items, ncoin or indeed real money in exchange for inclusion. (Though the real money thing is against the rules and if anyone can actually prove that to the staff, -maybe- you could get them to sit up and take notice. Maybe.) Live and learn, right? Having a good number of geared players transfer to the other server will 100% harm their faction on their old server, but so? If the staff didn't put a limit on transfers, then they are doing nothing wrong. If anything, it will hasten the merging of the two remaining servers. So it's probably wiser to just sit still and wait for that rather than pay to transfer. I guess the point is.. relax. Do things like this suck? Indeed they do. But they aren't new and are hardly shocking. Best to just do your thing and stop worrying about what others are doing.
  8. Elyos hackers and NCsoft doesn't care.

    And since I doubt you drop thousands of $$ each month in Aion, you will actually get perma banned. Best of luck to you.
  9. World boss

    You may not like what @Vessttemona-KT is saying, but they are correct. If you want world boss loot, you will have to compete for it. And you are correct.. you can't compete. End of story. Tantrums on the forums aren't going to change that.
  10. Elyos hackers and NCsoft doesn't care.

    We can all agree that there are many hackers in both races on both servers. We can start talking from there. At first the staff told us that they couldn't just find hackers and so what they needed us to do was to report hackers and they would investigate them and ban them. When we did that, they told us that just reporting wasn't good enough. Even if we gave them times and dates and locations. Screenshots were also not good enough. What we actually needed to do was send in video of the incident and then that would do their own investigation and ban the hackers. As time went on, I think most of us have come to the conclusion that there is 100% a different form of "justice" for hackers who spend money and those that don't. Prime example.. Blackcrow. That player was caught hacking very publicly several times, though he had likely been hacking for years. He even came to the forums to post his pay-2-win gear as proof that he would never been banned. After iron clad proof was provided to Support by some dedicated staff members, he was finally banned. Only.. he wasn't really banned. The player got a hold of an executive's phone number, called him and CRIED. The exec then wanted to know why anyone would ban someone that had spent so much on the game. Blackcrow was unbanned and continued to play.. albeit for more quietly. While he was an extreme case, we can all point to multiple players who were banned for hacking and who either got their accounts back after a period of time or who just bought another account and continue to hack to this day. As NCWest spent less and less time and resources on Aion, they have been less and less concerned about the fairness of the game. I think the staff has learned their lesson over the whole Blackcrow incident. Support isn't going to do their job even if you spoon feed them the evidence of hacking and the higher-ups only care about the bottom line. So why put any effort into banning hackers? So NCSoft is going to be no help in stopping hackers. The only thing that would stop hackers would be if players themselves refused to run with anyone that hacks. (Just so you know.. I did laugh when I wrote that.) Hacking has become more and more accepted, just as many ingame behaviors that would previously get you shunned have now become accepted. (Racist language, ninja looting, kill stealing, stalking, harassment, etc,) Basically the game has become a great big toilet of bad behaviors. You can absolutely find little niches of great people who mostly just tune out all the nastiness and if you can do that, too, Aion is still a great place to while away your free time hours. I guess the bottom line is.. It took a long time to get where we are and it isn't going to change. Don't let it bother you, keep your eyes on your own game and you will be much happier.
  11. Introducing Kibbelz

    Welcome. Actual photo of Kibbelz's first day..
  12. So there's no cap on the number of transfers?
  13. You two are, in fact, saying the same things. Maika speaks about well known players in the past that were nasty human beings that used people and how players allowed themselves to be used because they wanted to get ahead. FefeHulk points out that Maika is being used right now by the newest Alaryl/Pocos/et al. Maika acknowledges that. The point is.. you can't change it when people don't want it to change. NCWest could get involved, as they tried to in the past, but what's the point when players actively support the egotistical douche-canoes that are using them? There is a saying.. in a democracy, the people get the government that they deserve. I believe this goes for the players of Aion as well. We vote with our wallets and with our feet. We chose to be here. We chose to continue to pay to be here. And we chose to support vile human beings who use players for their own financial and in game progress gain. We don't need saving. We have the state of a game that we deserve.
  14. .. and round and round it goes. There are so many examples of this truth going as far back as 2009. It's just Aion. There was a time when I would get all tied in knots over these things happening. I participated in faction meetings and spoke calmly to egotistical dickheads who made my skin crawl all in an attempt to get our very under-represented faction to work together to get something nice and shiny for our faction. I was all about "You don't have to like the person you are sieging with. You just have to work with them for an hour so that we can all benefit." We even got attention from the staff who, like us, wanted to see Aion be a fair game where no one was locked completely out of content. You would think with the staff mediating between the two factions and actually coming into game on their days off to encourage unity that everything would have been sunshine and rainbows. And you would be wrong. This is AION, where we can't have nice things because ultimately we, the playerbase, don't want them. In the end the staff backed off when a large legion broke ranks and screwed the entire faction over.. a legion, btw, who couldn't have been bothered to actually participate in all the work that went into getting the faction together and working with the staff despite being invited to participate. Because in the end the flaw of Aion is that in order to have nice things, you have to get other players to act in a manner that doesn't screw you over. The names may have changed over the years but the toxic attitude remains. And worse, there will always be players who are otherwise nice people who support them because being included feels good and the potatoes know this. So here is the thing. What the OP is describing has always been around. It isn't going to get better and will, in fact, only get worse. Try not to let it bother you. Play your own game. Do what you can. Laugh at the tardastic gymnastics.
  15. Aion game files download

    Yup. I feel you there. In honor of the Cakemonster..
  16. Aion game files download

    Cake was paying for the space to keep those files herself. I believe she has stepped back from being unpaid Support.
  17. The lag is getting worse

    Did they really? Can't say I ever had that happen. What has changed that suddenly they want to load things on to your computer? 100% that is not cool.
  18. The lag is getting worse

    This is super weird. What programs exactly did they ask you to install? It would be interesting to find out. Thanks.
  19. Don't trust your shadow

  20. The great NC P2W divide

    It wasn't that pay2win when the game first went f2p in the US and EU. You have to understand, at that time and for several years after we went f2p, the game was still a sub game in Korea. That's why, for instance, a lot of skins we could buy at the shop were not sellable or tradeable. Those skins were actually rewards from events in Korea. They wanted players to actually play to get them since they were getting $$ the longer people played. That's why so many of the events were afk events. The Korean players were paying to stay online. It wasn't until the game went f2p in KOREA did we really kick our pay2win into high gear. That's when we finally saw what NCSoft would do with a game DESIGNED around a free to play model. And it stinks.
  21. The great NC P2W divide

    Damn you, Van! Poor little guy! + Both good posts and not really counter to one another. This (and all games) exist to make money. They are businesses, not charities. It's weird that that has to be pointed out so often. NCSoft exists to make money. As @Onggong-KT points out, developing and maintaining a game isn't cheap. And with a free-to-play model, the company has to entice the players to spend their money. Our model at Aion was one of the best ones I had seen.. up until Aion went f2p in Korea. Before that, we were playing a sub-game squeezed into a f2p model. Now we are playing what the Korean devs actually mean to be f2p. When that change happened, we suddenly started to see the boom in pay2win. And it's only gotten worse and worse. It's not going to change. And it's not going to get better. Unlike a company like Blizzard, which is pretty much run by gamers, NCWest is run by bean-counters. All they see is dollars and cents. The higher ups at Blizzard realize that if they do things like.. ban hackers.. gamers are more likely to stay, play and spend money. The higher ups at NCWest look at a whale getting banned for hacks and can only see the loss of that one player's money. What they don't see is that we see that the pay2win crowd is treated far differently than the casual spender or the totally free players. And though they may keep the whales, who are those people going to fight? Each other? As @Rapier-DN points out, the f2p crowd will just leave and even the casual spender will get sick of being beat to death by whales.
  22. What's happening with the game?

    What an odd connection to make. If you think about it, the majority of the work done on this current patch was done when Cyan was still our community manager. So if something doesn't work or there is lag, he was around when the patch was being tested. And even if you point out that he was around when the patch was working its way to us, he was a community manager. He wasn't a tester or a translator or a coder or anything of the sort. It was his job to communicate with us and, sadly, mostly his communications were to tell us that he had no information on things we wanted changed or fixed. It wasn't his job to get this patch to us or to make sure everything worked. Put away your tinfoil hat. It really isn't needed here.
  23. Adding the possibilty to turn on and off PVP

    We actually had something like that way back when in Sarpan/Tiamaranta. There was an hour or two where PvP was allowed everywhere but in the main town, which was shared. What it turned into was pretty much the same as the non-raised safe pads from Kata/Dan era. People attacked and then hoping back over the line right before they died. PvPers complained about people hoping in and out of the safe zone. PvEers complained that there was a few hours a day when they couldn't gather or do anything and were stuck sitting afk. It just didn't accomplish what anyone really wanted. You just aren't going to bridge the gap between what strict PvPers and strict PvEers want in a game designed like Aion is. The game is billed as a PvPvE game.. a mix of both. Anyone looking only for one or the other is always going to be disappointed. A toggle would be a disaster, imo. The only thing that might work would be to have a PvP server and a PvE server with no ability to ever transfer between the two. The PvE server would have no sieges and no PvP gear, since it is un-needed. The PvE server would have no arenas and no PvP instances. It would be a heaven for instances and PvE gearing and crafting. The PvP server would have what we have right now. If you look at games where PvP is totally optional, you can see why Aion as it is just wouldn't work. GW2 is just such a game. Open world is 100% PvP free. There is no toggle. It just isn't allowed. The world is huge and varied. Open world bosses have personal loot, so there is no competing for it. The crafting is profitable results in great gear. There are several modes of instanced PvP. The biggest is WvWvW which stands for World vs. World vs. World. The match ups reset every week, so you aren't constantly against the same worlds. Having three worlds helps any week from being a straight up slaughter. If one world is dominating, the other two worlds can gang up on them. You have to click a button to enter this. There are several maps you can enter. While there you can participate in a zerg or run solo or in small groups. You can help assault a big castle or a small outpost or just cut off supply routes. It's very dynamic and always fun. But it is 100% voluntary. There are players who never enter and those that never leave. But the game was designed to be that way. Aion wasn't. The PvP and the PvE are just too tangled up. Just my thoughts.