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  1. Revive the 4.6 Feeling

    Are you actually advertising a pirated server on the retail forums? Really? I honestly didn't think anyone would be quite that potato, but you have proven me wrong.
  2. Since you like to type the same thing over and over, I figured I should join in, too! Aion doesn't have a larger enough player base for a classic server and it never will. Hell. It doesn't even have the player base for three servers. (i.e. EK was a mistake.) And lololol.. bring up "private servers" and pointing out how bugged they are, like this is some big surprise. They aren't bugged. They are pirated.. STOLEN. They steal the code. They steal the artwork. They steal the music. They steal the game theory. They take the work and intellectual property of others without compensating those people and then profit from it.
  3. Wait. Aren't you the guy that flips his nyerk over players that have both Elyos and Asmodian accounts? Suddenly you have all of this "respect" for other players' play style?
  4. These Events are just Heartbreaking

    I understand what Cyan was saying when he said that they didn't want players to have to wait for or depend on events to gear up. That makes sense to me. But if that's the case and that the rewards for our few events are going to be less exciting, then for the love of Aion.. make the event items easier to get. It's much better to open 50 event items and get -tons- of meh rewards and maybe one or two nice things rather than work and work and work to open 2 boxes and have both of them be meh.
  5. Your complaint is completely valid. In this day and age, transactions should be instant. They used to be in Aion. I have no idea what has changed, but something has and it isn't for the better. That being said, complaining isn't going to fix your issue right this second. Okay. So your card was charged and it's been 12 hours and you haven't received the coin. Your only choice is to send in a ticket and ask what is going on. You shouldn't have to, but you do. It's not fair. It's not right. But it's a fact. In the future, try using PayPal. For some reason a PayPal transaction is instant.

    One more time. And please try and get passed your anger and -listen- this time. I am trying to help. Support are idiots. They call themselves GMs, but they aren't. Not in the traditional sense of the word. They sit in a room in Texas (no where near to the team in CA) and answer tickets through scripts that are often patches and patches out of date. They have little to no communication with Cyan (community manager) or Hime (lead community manager) or Gideon (Aion game producer). They do their thing in a little room and do it poorly. None of the 10 Support people that you spoke to was Cyan or Hime or Gideon. Trying to get a handle on just what happened with you. The whole "a GM stole my account" is a red herring and isn't helping. Just shelve that for now and let's try and get your account back. Tell me if this is right. You try to login to your account one day and find that it is locked/banned/whatever. You can't login. You send a ticket through the website asking what is going on. The response to that ticket is that they need to verify that you are the owner of your account and ask you for certain pieces of information. You provide that information via the ticket system. A week later you get an email saying that some other IP is trying to access your account. (Did you play during that week?) You start a new ticket saying that someone is trying to access your account and that it isn't you. The response to this ticket is that someone is contesting the account and has provided information (just as you had) that they are the true owner of the account. Since you are both providing accurate information, Support is locking your account because they don't know which of you is the true owner. You say you didn't share your account details with anyone. Not a friend. Not a gf/bf. Not a legionmate. Did you by any chance purchase your account? (Sometimes players will "sell" accounts and then later send a ticket to contest the account and since they made the account, they have information to prove that they own the account.) You have not spoken to Cyan if you didn't send him a PM here on the forums. That's a guarantee. He can look into this for you. Send him a -brief- account of what happened. Don't make accusations. Don't tell him what you think happened. Just give him the facts. Provide him with just the ticket numbers. (He can look them up. He doesn't need screenshots.) Lastly, don't be a potato. Hopefully you can get the account back. Best of luck.
  7. 12 hours isn't that out of the ordinary, sadly. First, check to see if your credit card was actually charged for the purchase. Couple of times I have thought I bought coin only for days later to still not have the coin or have the card charged. Second, try to use PayPal if you can rather than a credit card. For some reason, PayPal is much quicker.

    How did you find out that your account was banned? Did you receive an e-mail or did you try and login and found that you could not? If it was by e-mail, that's when you were scammed and the e-mail was not from NCSoft. How did you communicate THE FIRST time with Support? Via a link in an e-mail sent to you or by the ticket system on this website? If you communicated through the website ticket system, then you were speaking to the actual Support. Otherwise that is where you were scammed. In that first communication, you were asked for certain information to verify that you were the owner of the account. Correct? Was the account ever unlocked? Did you try to login after you gave the Support person your verifying information? If the account was never unbanned, then the whole time you were communicating with whoever, someone else was trying to access your account and had your information already from a key logger or whatever. Support didn't steal your account. I am 100% sure of that. There are so many ways that your details could have been stolen. But if you are not, then send a PM to @Cyan. Give him the ticket number of your initial conversation with Support (where they asked for your account info) and the ticket number of your second conversation with Support (where they told you that someone else was giving the same answers and that because they couldn't verify which of you was the actual owner that the account would be perma locked). He can follow from there and if I am wrong and a Support person actually did steal your account, he can fix it for you.

    So you think that the Support ticket people (the ones that are so freaking clueless about Aion that they can't understand the simple situation that this thread was originally about) somehow targeted your account to "steal"? Is there something about your account that makes it more interesting and worth more than. say, my account? Or the hundreds of other accounts that spend large amounts of cash on this game? The Support people are really not "GMs". They sign their names that but what they are are customer service people that follow a script written for them.. often patches and patches out of date. They don't play Aion. They don't play any games. Pretty sure someone has to turn their work computers on for them when they start work. They are just that clueless. Your conspiracy theory regarding your account is crazy. If you aren't lying to us about giving your account details to anyone, then you have a key logger on your computer or your data was compromised in some way. Your account was locked for suspicious activity. How did you contact NCSoft about the original ban? Did they contact you? Did you actually try to login and find the account banned or did you just receive an email telling you that it was? Perhaps that was where you were scammed. You answered a phishing email and gave your account details away. If you mistakenly answered a phishing email and gave your account details to the scammers, then NCSoft is stuck. Look at it from their point of view. You say someone scammed you to get your details. They could be saying the same thing and could be showing Support an email from -you- asking for the account details. Not sure who is telling the truth, they closed the account. That's hardly Support stealing your account and, in fact, Support did what they were supposed to do.
  10. These Events are just Heartbreaking

    With the "change" (they say it's a bug) to this event where only one person from the group gets a heart piece box from end-game bosses, making a full heart to get a reward has become really difficult. To get lucky enough or spend kinah/real money to get a full heart and then get 1k shards is really a sick, twisted joke.
  11. MERGE EK

  12. KT or DN?

    Okey dokey.
  13. Elyos Asmo Situation

    Anyone else remember the infamous, "NCSoft cares about faction imbalance" statement? What was that? 9 years ago? As someone who has lived through all of those years here, you need to try and relax. It sucks dying in PvP. It sucks even more to get zerged by those with better gear than yourself. But that's part of the game and always has been. The current siege buff is highly effective, which is the only fix we have seen for faction imbalance that has actually worked. Took them long enough, but yay! Open world is another thing altogether. Rather than looking for the game to change for you, maybe think about how you can change your game-play to fix the issue. As @HealingSquid-KT pointed out, this is an MMORPG. Call out friends. Call out in LFG for the PvPers standing around in town. Do your quests in a group. You aren't the only one how is undergeared and looking for safety.
  14. KT or DN?

    Posted in your other thread. There really isn't a need to post anything twice. The forums just aren't that big.
  15. KT or DN?

    Depends what you want. DN has more people, but less Elyos that siege. If you siege and want to help, go there. KT has a slightly smaller population and the Elyos outnumber the Asmos. If you want an easier experience, go there.

    Right. But your case is considerably different. The OP had a glitch happen in the game. It's something that has happened to all of us. Support didn't even understand what happened, let alone that it wasn't the OP's fault. He should have been reimbursed for that run. In your case, you gave your account details to someone else who then stole your account. You want Support to decide which one of you actually owns the account. You are both giving the right answers to those questions they use to test who owns the account. Since they can't figure it out, they just closed the account. I am not sure what else they can fairly do! Support didn't fail you. Your friend who stole your account did.

    Alright. I'm sorry. I'm confused. First, you are not the OP. Your post isn't about a lost FM run. Your post is something new. Second, you are saying that your account was banned. When you tried to reopen it, you were asked some security questions like.. what's your birthday and what was the last time you bought something on the BCM or bought NCoin. What you came to find was that someone else was also claiming your account as theirs and had provided the same answers to the security questions as you did. So Support, unable to ascertain which one of you was the original owner, permanently closed the account. Is that correct? That's pretty normal, actually. So my question to you would be.. had you given your account details to anyone? Anyone at all? A bf/gf? Your best friend? A legionmate? Anyone that was able to log your account for you when you couldn't login yourself to do something like.. afk you at siege or pick up event items or access your legion wh? Because that's the person you need to be looking at.
  18. .. nor should it be. Most of those items are garbage now anyway.
  19. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 13, 2019

    And what about the people that actually used luna to reset the instances? Their number could be well over 22 boxes.. and on multiple characters on the same account.
  20. Broker Interface issues

    I've never seen this happen. This is the first time I have heard of this happening. Not sure why you are asking us (the players) for information on the NCSoft staff. If Support won't give you the information you ask for, you could try asking @Cyan in a personal message. Or try calling their offices. You can google the number. I know of a player who was banned for hacking who called and cried. They eventually gave him his account back. Can you cry on demand? Best of luck.
  21. Heart Event Boxes Bugged ?

    It's been reported. We were told they are looking into it. You can find the discussion here. Scroll down.
  22. Can i sell stigma or trade them?

    You can sell your stigma and purchase a new one. Both done on the broker.
  23. The Asmo Situation and Ideas

    But what you do have is an OP buff. Numbers no longer matter. Active transforms no longer matter. Can you take a fort with the buff at level 5? How about 4? No one side should be keeping a fort for long. No more weeks and weeks of easy sieges. The fort should be swapping every few sieges or every other siege.
  24. Useless stigma please fix

    Boon is a great skill.