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  1. Enchantment Rates

    It does feel that way sometimes, doesn't it? I really wish that the devs would consider implementing some sort of fail stack idea where successive failures increase the chances that the next enchant will succeed.
  2. Ancient Pvp Box limit to 5 per week

    It just means that people won't bother with the genesis crystal quests after a point. Meaning that Lakrum will be even less populated and open world pvp will be even less available. We will all have more time on our hands to afk!
  3. you've butchered your own game...

    If it's "gone", then it was vendored automatically when you logged in. Here's the thing. There were many players who actually through those four years when you were gone. They also had scrolls and aether and other mats that were made useless overnight for them. We moaned and complained and then we dealt with it. It's just rather funny to have someone say, "I left 4 years ago and now all my stuff is crap!" Well.. yeah. On a brighter note, don't worry about not doing much damage in your old garbage gear. Everything you need to level will be given to you through quests. And there will be plenty of quests to get you to 80 quickly. You won't need to buy or slot or enchant anything. You won't need to buy consumables (aside from the new power shards). Just grab the first available quest and quickly trade over the new stuff for the crap you are wearing now.
  4. you've butchered your own game...

    Umm. I hate to be a wet blanket, but you have been gone for almost 4 years. So yeah. You -are- just like a new player. Look at it this way.. even if they hadn't changed stats around completely, you are 15 levels under max level. Your gear would still be useless. The game would be a worse state than it already is if your gear was still relevant 4 years later.
  5. Ancient Pvp Box limit to 5 per week

    It would be nice if they answer this question, but I wouldn't count on it. If you have amassed a metric ton of crystals, it might be wise to turn most of them into PvP enchantment stones just in case.
  6. Patch Notes 7.2

    The announcement does say, "Keep an eye out for additional news and the forthcoming patch notes to ensure you’re ready." We do normally get the patch notes the day of the patch, so that's probably a non-starter. We are told that there will be "additional news" that isn't the patch notes. Not sure what form that will be in. That probably won't be a Q&A (much as I think we would all like that) considering we are only being given a weeks notice. (Which is odd in and of itself.) It's Friday. They don't work on the weekends and the patch is Wednesday. So.. maybe a pre-written post today with a little more information on the patch?
  7. 7.2 Coming January 29th

    I would add.. what about the EC compensation? Will we be getting that this week or next?
  8. Anyone else see this? Apparently we now get 2 free item restorations each year. A restoration includes: Consumed Items Restorations. Item Reboxing. Enchant Fail Restoration. Item Transfer Interesting. Not sure why these things aren't being announced on the forums and are instead, buried in the twitter ops page (where we go to see if maint has ended).
  9. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    Lol. She hates Elyos players, too! What an unhappy person.
  10. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    @Vessttemona-KT.. read my above post, hun. We're good.
  11. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    Oh. No. I thought we were roleplaying! The old Elyos campaign was all about betrayal, back stabbing and you can say that most of those Elyos in the rich district were total assholes. Remember the woman that had to give up her baby because the father was just some guard? You mean to tell me that Ele really hates Asmodian PLAYERS? That her hatred isn't just RP? Well. That's just sad.
  12. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    Nah. I would rather be Asmodian. Elyos are a bunch of back-stabby, self-absorbed assholes. I know because I once was one.
  13. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    Easy fix.. Don't die.
  14. Aion 7.2 is coming?

    It's just 2pm in CA. Give it a few hours. BnS has some major things going on.
  15. you've butchered your own game...

    Totally agree. We know things are bad. We know things are bad and are resigned to them getting worse. We realize that it's futile to keep struggling. So we just lay here and wait for the end.
  16. you've butchered your own game...

    I'm not sure that Aion will shut down in 6 months or 12 months or even years from now, but I feel you with the bolded. Since BnS was released, Aion has been relegated to the back burner for NCWest. Even L2 gets more attention, which is rather sick. But it's the last year when I have really felt that Aion is less than an after-thought for them. It's so bad that I can't even see a path forward from here. If NCWest fired anyone that touches Aion (which would be like one person.. lol), put in a director who truly cared about the game and was willing to be long hours into insuring that our client gets the attention it deserves -and- they hired us our own CM and store manager (we used to have people in both positions for just Aion) -and- tossed some real $$ into advertising.. I still don't think Aion can be revived. At this point I think we have all been burned too many times. Too many promises made and broken. Too many times we got our hopes up only to be right back where we are right now. Yet we still play. Probably less and less, but we are here and most of us are here for the duration. Whether that's 6 months or a year or 5 years.
  17. There was an NPC down in the Idian Depths (one of the twins) who used to say, "Just breathe." Always felt like we had fought hard to get this little toe-hold of safe (small no PvP zone) down there and that now that we were there, we could finally take an easy breath.
  18. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    Wait. What? You are complaining about the size of the contribution area and only spend 5 min active at sieges and yet are still 110? That's a pretty amazing cost to reward ratio, don't you think? You do really very little and get decent rewards. Not sure why you would complain. Don't you think that someone who spends less than 10% of a siege active should be far lower on the rankings than 110? I've done one siege in the past 2 weeks and can't believe I am still a 1 star. It's kind of sick, right? And to explain (since it sailed right over you), when I said "if you don't get credit..." I meant the "you" to mean anyone. Not you specifically, thought that also applies.
  19. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    I don't know who you are talking about. Name them or we can just write this off on yet another delusional rant of yours. And again.. if you don't get credit at siege, then the only person you can blame is yourself.
  20. Then you haven't been paying attention. But that's fine. Reading is difficult. It's much easier to sit in your own little pot of prejudice. Did I fix that whole "liking Aly" thing for you?
  21. Aion 7.2 is coming?

    Yeah. That wasn't worded the best, was it?
  22. It's still early in CA. They need to get into the offices, have their coffee, do work for games BnS, have lunch, have a couple of BnS planning meetings, play ping pong and -then- get around to the Aion 7.2 announcement.
  23. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    I have zero idea who you are talking about. If you can't manage to get contribution in Dem sieges, you don't deserve the rank. And the contribution zones are fine. They aren't the problem. What the others are talking about are the old sieges pre-loser-buff. Though I am not sure why I am even responding. Talking to Ele be like..
  24. .. are more important to you. Some people would be pleased with a better and more consistent skin rotation, but -everyone- benefits from most upgrade material. Even those that have a full set of +15 can work on a second (or a third) set. Just keep things in perspective. P.S. @Cyan Will we also be hearing something about the EC compensation that you promised today?
  25. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    There definitely was strategy in those old sieges. And are you saying nobody understood why they raised the safe pads in Kata/Dan? Umm. Gotta disagree there. The flat safe pads were really trolly and open to abuse. Did you never see the SMs who would camp on them and just step off and strip scrolls before stepping back on? Or try hards that would jump off and when they were getting their butts kicked then would just step back on? Raising them at least made you have to -work- for a retreat, since most of them you could get back on.. just took a little doing.