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  1. Server merge plz

    I doubt EK will ever get transfers. My guess is that they will either merge EK with KT or DN. (Hopefully not.) Or they will offer transfers to everyone on EK and then just close the server. (Hopefully this.)
  2. Low FPS?

    Aion is horribly optimized. It's laggy. I don't think you can fix this short of fixing the actual game, which probably isn't going to happen.
  3. Roll back

    The reason pirated servers exist is because people want to make money without doing any work. Why develop your own game when you can steal someone else's, rent a server and make 100% profit from the "donations"? I love how flexible people's morals are. It's okay to steal from NCSoft because they frequently nyerk us off. By that logic, would it be alright to steal from your corner store because the owner doesn't listen to you and hasn't made repairs to his shop as often as he should have? The reason there isn't a classic server is that we don't have the player base here for that. Opening a classic server here would be nothing but a cash grab and would in no way contribute to the health of the game. (Just like the opening of EK. Cash grab that ultimately will hurt this player base.) Not opening a classic server is the single smartest thing that NCWest has done lately. Who exactly at NCWest told you, @Neleth-KT, to go play on a pirated server when you asked for a classic server? Let's be honest. It wasn't anyone and you made that up. Right?
  4. Roll back

  5. Roll back

    I don't understand how anyone doesn't see stealing a game as actually stealing. If I post a picture I created on Deviantart and you take it without asking me and put it on coffee mugs that you sell, you are stealing from me. Doesn't matter if I was using my picture or selling it or putting it on coffee mugs that I was also selling. Doesn't matter if I used to sell items with that picture and don't any more. It's my picture. My product. And you can't use it without my permission.
  6. Roll back

    So since NCSoft isn't using the areas they created and the music and voice overs that they contracted.. anyone that wishes to is free to steal it? If I haven't used my BBQ in awhile, does that mean it's okay for someone else to steal it?
  7. You can't leave or enter EK. Where were you trying to go? And from where? How much kinah did you have? Did you have anything on the Broker? Do you own property? Are you in a legion?
  8. Transfer to KT? Do you own a house? Do you have over the allowed amount of kinah? Do you have anything on the Broker? Are you a member of a legion? (Just trying to remember some of the big things that won't allow you to transfer.)
  9. That is still very much a thing. There is one end-game map. There are weekly camps that everyone must do. You can earn more "blood mark"-ish tokens by doing daily PvP in each area on that map. And "kill 20 mob" quests that also give the tokens. So there is a reason for people to be out and about. By the end of the week (Monday and Tuesday), it can be tough to find anyone but bots around, though. There are four PvPvE instances, but if you don't have a group to go with.. they can be frustrating and an afk fest. Arenas have become a game of "queue until you get your own alt" and aren't fun. Dredg, one of the PvPvE instances and used to be my favorite instances, is now all about rushing to kill bosses and not really about PvP. Sieges have de-evolved into PvE as well with the very recent changes. I don't know. Things have -changed-. You just need to get in and have a feel and see if the changes are alright with you.
  10. It won't take months to get decent PvP gear. If you are constant about your effort, should be about a month. Though you quickly figure out who you should run from and who you can go toe to toe with. That is very much like the past. If you are looking for "The Good Ol' Days", you won't find them. And yes. I have played since 2009. The game has changed. Some for the better and some for the worse. Things are easier with friends or a good legion, but that's pretty standard. It's free, though! So nothing stopping you from getting in and giving it a try. The game has changed enough that it would be best to start with a brand new character to learn the new systems. Leveling is nyerk easy and will take you a few days at most. There is an event right now where you can get ancient transformations (a -must- have), so now is a good time to give Aion another chance. Best of luck.
  11. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Actually.. no. If you drop, your dps goes with you unless you disband the group. Dropping right before the dux dies take all your dps for yourself, and as Cake commented, screws over your healers who kept you alive so you could dps. It's a duck-move. With the way sieges are now, healers are screwed and would be better off going dps and healing only themselves.
  12. Roll back

    Your point has nothing to do with mine. My point is that pirated servers are stolen property. That if stealing from the gaming company doesn't bother you, using the art, music and work of the artists without their permission or compensation should bother you. (Keeping in mind that it doesn't matter if someone spends on the game. These artists have contracted with the game company and their work is owned exclusively by that company.) Your point seems to be that the players on pirated servers are the same as players that play on retail and don't buy from the BCM. Okay. Not sure what that has to do with theft. You have a beef with me. That's fine. You are hardly the first or the last. Most don't hide behind a merge-name, but that's fine, too. I didn't see the point in posting regarding your point since it had nothing to do with mine and isn't a topic that interests me.
  13. Roll back

    But we are taught not to take things that aren't ours from the time when we are little. And yet for some odd reason many gamers believe that it is fine to steal from gaming companies and those they employ. That's my point, Healing. In all other instances, including using images from sites like Deviantart, gamers know that it isn't right to steal. But give them a stolen/pirated copy of a game and they toss money at the thieves and believe that there is nothing wrong with profiting from something that they don't own. What do gaming companies do to protect their products? They encrypt much of it. The pirates break that encryption. Then again, if I put a flimsy lock on my front door, is it alright for a thief to break in and take my stuff? Is it not stealing just because I did a poor job of securing my stuff? I have no idea why gaming companies (Aion is hardly the only pirated game out there) don't do more to stop theft of their property or why they don't prosecute those that steal their intellectual property. That doesn't make the stealing okay.
  14. Roll back

    That's true. But they paid for it just the same, didn't they? Not sure if they pay royalties on art and music that they use in game. I would think that if they did, the royalties stopped when those things were removed. That artwork and music would then belong again solely to the artists.. and it would still be wrong to use it without compensation or permission. If they don't pay royalties and instead commissioned the art and music, then even when they are not used in game they are the sole property of the developer. Either way.. those artists' work does not belong to any Tom, nyerk or Harry that can steal it. If I have a swingset in my backyard that I paid someone to build but I don't use that swingset any more.. can anyone just come into my yard and take it? Is it still mine even if I am not using it?
  15. Roll back

    So you are saying it's alright to take and sell something you neither created, paid those that did create or have any rights to whatsoever because no one called the police on you? That's brilliant. I know a lot of people that post their artwork on sites like Deviantart and boy-howdy do they get testy if someone uses their work without their permission and/or compensation. Yet we've got gamers all over who think stealing and profiting from the work of gaming companies (and they artists they employ) is juuuuuuuuuuuuuust fine. Now why is that?
  16. Roll back

    The difference, Sunshine, is that the artists are still getting paid even if you don't pay a dime for the game. They were paid for their work by the owners of the game. That's why things are more expensive. The retail game paid for the game. Paid everyone involved. It's like walking into a store and getting a free sample and then deciding not to pay for more. The person that made the item was paid by the store owner for their product.. even the sample that I ate. Now imagine walking to that same store, tasting the sample and then loading up your cart with all the product and walking out. Better yet.. taking that product right outside and charging passersby half the price than the store did for that product. It just isn't yours to sell! You didn't pay the people that made it. It's really weird that people don't seem to understand that.
  17. Roll back

    Great idea! Nothing like stealing the art, music and talent of the artists, voice actors and musicians without paying them a penny for their work!
  18. ^ This. You would think something like this and the Eye Bug would have been fixed right away. =S
  19. Server merge plz

    Asmos aren't dominating on DN right now either.
  20. What the BOT?

    Are you reporting them? As far as we can tell, Support does nothing until they get enough bot reports. We don't report them and Support doesn't even know they are there. Yeah. I would make sense (and they have in the past!) for them to jump in game once a day and ban bots. They are pretty easy to spot. But they don't because.. Support. They kinda blow.
  21. Back from 4.8 asking for help

    Yeah. Some of those skins were really amazing looking.
  22. Bring the fun back to PVPVE instances..

    If you remove rewards for the losing side in PvP instances, people will pop in, see that they have no chance and then leave. Why waste your time when you aren't going to get anything at all for even trying? Instead of 70% afk, you will have 70% less players in the instance. There isn't a good answer to the problem of afks.. at least in EK. For the other PvP instances, you can make a premade. No one to get 100% permade in EK. Not sure what you are talking about with Padmarashka. Pad was a 48 man boss.