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  1. Xign is supposed to detect any cheats running on your computer while you are playing, but the people that create the hack programs make their money by adapting and circumventing anti-cheat programs. Most anti-cheat programs are just bandaids and don't do a lot. NCWest hasn't said anything about the bot problem. In the past they have done sweeps and removed them, but since we haven't had a problem in a long while they haven't been doing it. They do need to do it again. The only thing we can do is to keep reporting the bots and hope someone in Support takes notice.
  2. I think so, yes. Got the starter gear on several characters this week and had to fight the bots for the mobs. Very frustrating. I reported them all. They are so easy to spot. Perhaps Support could step in once per day on each server and just ban them all. Though that would require doing something and Support isn't known for doing things.
  3. Nope. I didn't vote at all.
  4. Yup! Not sure which is worse. Not seeing any or getting several and having all of them fail to drop a skill.
  5. I've seen three. None of them had a skill after we killed it.
  6. As has been pointed out, this isn't a new thing and I think it might be a push to get us to use the luna wardrobe. I wish they would expand the luna wardrobe to more spots and allow us to register weapons there, too. If they want us to use this function, then at least make it more friendly.
  7. Locking Threads

    Bah. It's much more fun to believe it's all just a big conspiracy, Cyan. Stop being rational.
  8. New snowball item

    Only those who had some left over from last year are opening them. We don't have the event yet that will give new snowballs.
  9. Help me

    Magic classes are better if you have a high ping.
  10. I assume you are being facetious and don't actually believe that players that run bots somehow paid NCSoft for this event or that NCSoft condones botting in or out of events. So going to just go with the whole "bots are a problem" which I think is your actual issue and that the event just brings that issue to the forefront. Yes. Bots are an issue. Recently leveled a new character and had a tough time completing the quests to get the starter 75+ gear because I had to compete with the bots. So what I did do was report every single freaking one of them. Hoping that other players are doing the same. Maybe if we flood Support with those bot reports, they will go in and ban them. Speaking of which, is the "suspected bot" program still running? The one we had when bots were such an issue in the Idian Depths? For those of you that don't remember, if a character got so many bot reports in a certain amount of time, they were flagged as a suspected bot and things stopped dropping for them. It eventually wore off, but did put a crimp in a bot's life.
  11. Ignoring the blatant "the grass is greener" comment, we aren't getting any information probably because there isn't any. Ofc that isn't Cyan's fault. He can't tell us anything more than what he is being told, which apparently is a whole lot of nothing. The jury is out on if that is NCWest's fault for not doing their job and pressuring the devs in Korea to fix/change things or if NCWest is pressuring the Korean devs and they are dragging their feet. And frankly it doesn't matter as the result is the same. We aren't getting any changes or information on if/when we can expect changes.
  12. The Christmas Decoration is so pretty...

    They really are. It's nice to see a big change. Only.. no one goes to Pandae/Sanctum anymore.
  13. New snowball item

    Why? Those are all things we need and have asked for.
  14. I have wished the game was still sub for sometime, though I am puzzled by some of your benefits. What do you mean by "instances doable for everyone"? They already are. You have to hit a certain gear level and be coordinated (practice) and everything is doable by anyone. I don't want old maps back. And making PvP and PvE maps separate would be a game killer. Yikes. I want my vote back. With your conditions, I wouldn't play that game.. even if it were free. Back when we had a sub, we had dedicated staff. And that's the biggest thing, imo, that we need. Someone who only has Aion as their responsibility so that we stop being at the bottom of everyone's to-do list. I imagine team meetings getting to the very end and then someone says, "Oh.. and if anyone has time, could they look over the reward list for the next Aion event?" And then the intern that gets people coffee and who hasn't played a game since JumpStart PreSchool says, "I got this!"
  15. New snowball item

    +1 Skins, dyes, enchantment stones, genesis crystals, crafting mats, food, potions, transform scrolls, power shards.. but -not- gear.
  16. Not all. I am a DN-A and I believe the buff is fair and needed.
  17. That's really odd. That note wasn't there before this event? Don't remember seeing it, but I admit I didn't look either.
  18. Lineage Remastered

    Really nice. Maybe this is why no one is paying attention to Aion. First they were busy with BnS and then MxM and now Lineage. Our turn now?
  19. While your original post has some really good points, I can't agree with this one. This fort buff is the only thing in the 9 years of this game that has been able to "fix" an imbalance in numbers. I understand that some factions take advantage of it. (i.e. only when it is high do their players show up to siege and when they don't have a buff, they don't even try) But forts were meant to flip and when one side has fewer active siegers, that is never going to happen. The buff is fine. OP as hell, but fine. It does what it was supposed to do.
  20. Ncwest team.

    What feedback are we talking about? The numerous discussions on the forums that come from both races on all three servers or just the private conversation that you all seem to be having with the EK Elyos? Is there something special about that portion of the player base that they get to have direct contact with you guys while the rest of us get "we are looking into it" now and again? Could you at the very least provide the rest of us with a transcript of what was asked and the answers in these conversations with EK Elyos? And ofc I don't need to (but I am going to because I am that shocked at this latest turn of events) point out that we have been told that NCWest staff members play EK Elyos and now we find out that that server and race are getting special treatment. Damn. I just don't know. This just smells so bad.
  21. Ncwest team.

    Was this supposed Q&A from an actual {GM} character? Did it happen multiple times? Did it happen only on the Elyos side or the Asmodian side as well? Anyone from DN and KT see it on their servers, too? So many questions.
  22. Ncwest team.

    Was thinking the same thing. You mean on EK you have a staff member taking questions every night? Answering questions from the player base? Wow. Just wow. So the new server we were not supposed to have where players have spent thousands of $$ to outgear anyone else foolish enough to roll there and that will 100% have to be merged into another server at some point throwing those players who stayed on their old servers into chaos.. the MISTAKE server.. is getting special treatment? 9 years into this game and having weathered idiocy after idiocy and yet I am still able to be amazed by further bad decisions.
  23. Nc Will Kill Aion

    And I am trying to get them the only way that we can. By starting a discussion, getting people to participate and trying to get Cyan's attention so that he can try and get someone else's attention. One post isn't going to do that. Nasty attitudes isn't going to do that. Attacking one another or dismissing one another isn't going to do that. A nice thread with lots of constructive posts with an exchange of ideas and civil conversations is. This gives Cyan something to go to the devs with. "See? A 10 page thread of people all asking for discounted fees at the broker, a reduced price for power shards and more enchantment stones from sieges. And look.. they all agree!" Tbh.. this thread is already so full of cancer, I doubt it is going to get more than a glance. But you never know.