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  1. Enchantment stone bags in Dredge

    The AP you get for afking a dredg is nothing compared to the AP you get from soloing the Mines. If someone chooses to enter dredg just to afk, then that's on them. Though in the case that you are showing, your team got got the winning AP since the other team quit? So yeah. You had to sit there for ages (it's the same for ID), but you did get more of the AP you said you wanted. Right? I just see this as time and reward. If you really want the AP, but aren't geared enough to get even one bag.. then you decide if it's worth your time. If you think about it, everything in Aion is about the same assessment. If the rewards aren't worth your time, then don't do them. Just because you have the cds, doesn't mean you have to do them. For example, I don't run COE any more because the kinah I make from selling my drops isn't worth the time it takes for me to run them. If you want to discuss match fixing, that's another conversation altogether. Dredg fixing happens. ID fixing happens. IB fixing happens. EX fixing happens as well! Though the worst is arena fixing by far. If NCSoft is going to address this issue, I hope they start with arenas. We had a post showing that Aion TW has disabled the seasonal rewards for arenas because of the match fixing! We really need that here.
  2. Enchantment stone bags in Dredge

    Dredg is the only PvP instance that doesn't reward you for afking. So not sure why anyone goes in there and isn't ready to try to at least get one bag, but it happens.
  3. NA 2019-06-19 Luna Crafting Recipes

    Thanks, mooMoo!
  4. Only ancient is one per week. The greaters are 3 per week and the normals are 10 per week. +1 to this.
  5. I'm seeing more extras from the luna instance end bundles, too. More transformation scrolls, more 2k jellies and more PvE stones. I was thinking I was just getting lucky, but perhaps the RNG is better for them, too?
  6. The shugo didn't have it for you? Check all the weekly ones. EDIT: It's called [event/weekly]Prestige Society Bugarota
  7. It's for prestige pack holders. You get it from the shugo who normally gives you the exclusive quests for prestige holders. He stands next to the vending machine and near the shugo that gives you the prestige buff.
  8. Please bring back the old AION PVE??

    @Motionless-KT Here we go. First screenshot shows you the warning. Which isn't about the acolyte, but does warn you that she is reflecting. Then a quest pops up. It directs you to kill the acolyte. He appears to your left as shown. Here he is close up. Kill him and enter the portal. Inside is a dragon. Kill that and leave through the same portal. When you get out, you will notice that Tiamat's reflecting buffs are gone. Kill her. Win.
  9. Please bring back the old AION PVE??

    I haven't seen it anywhere but on the left hand side (when you are facing Tiamat), though I have only leveled a half dozen or so characters since the change. I might have just been lucky. I can go in and grab a screenshot, @Motionless-KT.
  10. I found that until I started two/three manning BoS/FM and 6 manning IDD, I lost kinah each week too. Now that I am pretty much assured purples/reds to sell each week, I am gaining kinah each week. Not tons! But my total is going up. Just took time and gear.
  11. Partnership with 3rd parties

    We agree! Do you think that the effort they put into this week's maint might indicate that the game isn't as dead as you thought and perhaps the staff -is- willing to put some effort into the game and might.. just might.. take @Neleth-KT's suggestion seriously?
  12. Partnership with 3rd parties

    Yes. You got me. (Me irl between posts.) Now that you have so eloquently stated your opinion, can we get back to talking about @Neleth-KT's suggestion? Do you have an opinion on that?
  13. The amount of abject joy in this thread is really heartening.
  14. Partnership with 3rd parties

    @Aiyanna-DN.. wtf are you talking about? I said it's a great idea but that it would require effort that the staff hasn't been know to want to put into Aion. How does that make me a problem here? Or did you just see my name and the number of posts and then failed to actually -read- what I wrote and then post something snarky? (Pro tip: Your snark goes much further if you actually read.) To get back to @Neleth-KT's suggestion. With the update we are getting today (which actually shows effort), maybe the staff will pick up on your idea! It would be really great if they did.
  15. Wow. WOW. Changes and updates and THINGS.
  16. Exploits approved and encouraged

    I don't mind an event where you get a better reward when you are better geared. We have plenty of events where you don't need any gear at all. So the occasional event that rewards in relation to gear isn't that horrible. Rakesh has a point about the hook. The video I watched didn't even bother picking it up, because you honestly don't need it if you play the event "legit". My main has no issues. My alts (in CoE gear), rescue 6 shugos and I am good with that as well. I have watched the videos that use the hook to take the tachysphere up to the mini-bosses and it does seem that they place mobs in exact positions to allow you to use the hook to get it up there. So I'm not sure it's an exploit or even a glitch. Using the duel wield old weapons in the shugo vault just made the thing go faster but wasn't required to actually get an S rank. That event was totally doable in crap-geared alts without using any kinds of exploit/glitch. So that really wasn't much of an exploit. As Cake pointed out, even the "fair" flower event had an exploit/glitch. I have come to expect things like this and they don't phase me any more. All of this is separate and apart from actual hacks (3rd party programs). I think we can question the "buginess" of events without conflating those bugs/exploits/glitches with actual hacking.
  17. Steel Rake Reward

    There will be no changes to this event now that it has started. Cyan told us that the gem reward was a mistake. They are used in a later event and will be deleted from our inventories before that event begins.
  18. Partnership with 3rd parties

    This is the bottom line for everything. It's a good suggestion, Neleth. Unfortunately it requires effort.
  19. Bye bye Bless Online

    I played the beta and then the launch of FFXIV. I wanted to like that game so much, but it was a mess. Plain and simple. I again played after the Reborn launch and, yes. They had listened to their players. Apparently (according to you as I have only ever played BDO casually) so have the devs of BDO. And that is what we lack here. We make suggestions here on the forums. Cyan has stated that he has passed those one. Somewhere from the time our suggestions leave Cyan's hands the communication breaks down. Add to that that Korea doesn't seem to care what a Western audience wants and you have a perfect recipe for frustration and anger.
  20. The veilenthrone

    @Matsukamy-KT already covered that the lore will be given in some way in 7.0. Probably along with a nerf to the instance which will give everyone access to this instance. So that really isn't an issue. I really agree with your second paragraph with an emphasis on the bolded section. Because gearing can mean a ridiculous amount of luck and, yes, SKILL.. it's disgusting to see people down playing the effort that went into that first A rank. It's very much akin to the player that got a Kaisinel transform and posters attacked him for being pay2win. So much so that he felt he had to defend himself for being lucky! It was jealously plain and simple. Same here. The group in DN-A put in tons of time not only gearing, but working on downing that instance and should receive nothing but congratulations. Instead they feel they have to come here and defend themselves for being geared! It's sickening.
  21. Anyone knows who has the name Vayne?

    True. Probably not enough time to release names yet.
  22. The veilenthrone

    As opposed to your own group who made S rank in unenchanted CoE gear and green transforms, right?
  23. About the Steel Rake Fortress event...

    Lol. You apparently know who I am, but you don't actually read what I write.. unless it's in contrast to what you are saying. If you had been actually paying attention and not just flailing around in a blind panic, you would see that I am often critical of NCSoft. And more and more often, actually. That doesn't mean I am -always- critical. There are some things that are fine. Some things that are actually well done! Not as often as they used to be, but it does occasionally happen. So you point a finger at me, I can point one right back. They could hand us +15 Ultimate gear the moment we login and someone like you would find fault with it. I have been playing this game (and posting) since 2009. You don't need to explain to me how this game has progressed and how the playerbase has gone down. Aion is hardly the only game where this has happened. Even the crowned king of MMOs, WoW, is experiencing a dip in playerbase. The age of MMOs is coming to an end, it seems. NCSoft is not doing a bang up job with Aion. The communication between the devs and our team at NCWest has broken down. Not sure where. But no one can dispute that it has. There are some things that are seriously wrong with Aion (the whole game) and with just our version of Aion (that aren't an issue in other regions). This event isn't one of them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with an event that gives greater rewards to those who have been actually playing the game and doing well in it.. and thus are geared. There is nothing wrong with an event that requires no gear. We get both. These events (either kind) are not even in the top 10 of things wrong with the game. Like you, I am just a player and I have as much right as you to post. You, ofc, don't have to read it. Especially if it makes your little tummy sick. So head on over to my name on the left side of this post. Hover over my name and click IGNORE USER. But don't you ever tell me or anyone else that we don't have the right to post just because we don't agree with your very narrow view of the world.
  24. The veilenthrone

    It's not ignored. The top players are trying to down it. Other players are working to gear to try it. It's a challenge. Without it there are players that would have nothing to work for. Try to keep in mind that everyone needs to get something from the patch. Those that dink around and have trouble even leveling and those that already have +15 full ult everything.