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  1. Roll back

    We know for a fact that Korea's example of opening a classic server ended up with it closing down by being merged when 6.0 hit. Considering that NCWest doesn't care about its playerbase, there's just no point. People launch private servers only because they're nostalgic, happened with NotAion, they ended up closing it down in a matter of few weeks. Right now, even if they're at 6.5, there's no point because playing retail overall is always better. People need to stop falling into their own nostalgic traps and demand for it to come back. It's not coming back, you need to move on.
  2. How to Gear Progression?

    For PVE: Mirash/Cradle of Eternity > Frozen Monolith/Bastion of Souls > Infernal Drakenspire Depths/ Primeth's Forge. Herelym Mine is mostly for AP farm. Veilenthrone is a 18-man instance. For PvP: Talk to NPCs in Lakrum at your base, they sell Vindicator gear. You upgrade this to the next grade with mats and AP until you get Ultimate (best in game as of current patch). Don't worry about 7.0 for now, it'll come next year.
  3. Dorinerk's Wardrobe: How It Works

    Great tutorial, never used it because on how confusing the thing actually is. I just find it to be a ripoff that you need to pay almost a $1 to use a skin again each time.
  4. restore the normal duration of transformations

    They have no plans in actually restoring it back to its original time duration.
  5. Only took you guys 2 years.
  6. Roll back

    Not happening, but thanks for the input.
  7. I'm still waiting for the Pet loot fix, but I guess that's just not happening.
  8. Is remodeling armor/clothing still a feature?

    Don't think you'll enjoy that for long, though.
  9. Returning Player 1.7-5.1

    > Advocate against p2w > Wants to buy stuff from BCM to become p2w You don't need to use your money to play a game.
  10. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Oh gee, rankings being reset? I remember being scolded for even suggesting this kind of thing back before 6.x launched, but here we go.
  11. Returning player with some er questions

    1. If you have Temperings and Omegas, you can sell them for extra kinah, or you can trade them for the PvP/PvE enchantment stones in capital cities. Overall making kinah (at least here on NA) is difficult and your only way to make it "fast" would be through Luna craft, you can get between 5m to 20m kinah I believe, but it's kinda expensive so you gotta be lucky. 2. Regarding PvE, you just do instances in a specific order. Mirash/Coe > FM/BoS > IDD/PF. For PvP, you can either craft it (which is second best in game atm) but it's expensive or buy from the NPCs in Lakrum and upgrade it to next grade with some mats (first best). 3. I heard it's longer than back in 5.x and expensive for that matter too. You don't want to craft the PvE gears unless it's just for skins.
  12. I think both things are on this equal level, but somehow I feel nothing can top Tia disaster. But who knows, with NA, anything's possible lol
  13. Not sure what's worse, Tiamaranta event or the whole NCWest's ability to handle NA.
  14. Which is kinda weird because some people in my legion already got their compensation.
  15. I did not receive my Daevanion Marks, therefore I am very disappointed and displeased.
  16. Aion game files download

    It's kinda pointless because the time to download from the website vs downloading from the Google drive will result in pretty much the same length. He'll still have to update the game and that can take forever. Not to mention, the game will not run without the NCSoft launcher.
  17. Aion game files download

  18. Wednesdays, but I guess they maybe meant every second Wednesday?
  19. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 3, 2019

    Just wait and see til they actually tell us to wait another week.
  20. Clearly. Announcing the game is shutting down when there's little players vs (for example) now would result in less criticism and loss.
  21. They don't want to give out free foods anymore, don't ya see.
  22. Well, half the time there's nothing to do on NA, so I play EU instead. Kinda sad to see what NCWest is doing to the game, I strongly believe it's just part of a bigger plan.
  23. Clearly because they're probably trying to shut down the servers. Why else would it be this bad?
  24. essencetapping concern

    Go Oriel/Pernon, you can gather some stuff there from what I remember.