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  1. Wrong section, post here https://forums.aiononline.com/forum/4-general-discussion/
  2. I wasn't playing, but I'm always looking at forums. Stop being so overprotective of NCWest because they gonna swoop your ass just like they always do with everyone else. Since you clearly didn't read my post above, even if I did play, I'd be pissed over losing my mansion whereas someone on KT doesn't. This unfairness affects those remaining little players on DN who actually also have houses.
  3. They ARE favored and you can't tell me otherwise. It was KT that brought all the issues with Luna and NCWest had to force-change it to prevent crashes, but when those crashes happened, people enjoyed nearly daily reset on instances and other stuff. It's like 1 kid on class causing trouble so the teacher punishes the whole class for it. It's still UNFAIR, regardless what KT stans say, regarding housing. One server gets to keep their houses, but the other does not. Only NCWest can come up with this shite ideology and say it's fine.
  4. I hate to say this, but sending any type of surveys to IS-A is already too late. I'm aware many rerolled Siel, but in my case, I cannot continue supporting this company because it's clear as day, they have no intention to make things right. I saw Israphel's numbers on MyAion and looks worse day by day. Maybe server merge is imminent and should stay that way for a long time.
  5. You can tell KT is very much favored by NCWest because they get to keep their HOUSING, names, legion names and all of that, meanwhile DN gets what? "Some" name conflict that you must contact support that will take 2 months to solve. The most idiotic decision by this idiotic company is to merge servers but let only 1 server keep their shite. I no longer play live servers, but even if I did, the fact I would be losing my mansion in Beluslan but KT gets to keep it is the shittiest move by NCWest ever. Stay trashy.
  6. Ignoring fuels the problem, sometimes someone needs to straighten that particular person up.
  7. Yeah but having one-sided opinion doesn't help the cause. I'm perfectly aware you're blind to the ongoing pleas of Asmodian players, but if you have nothing constructive to say, it's best to sit silent.
  8. History repeats itself. Big companies don't play their own game to understand player requests. I know Kibbelz does play, yet his word means nothing to his superiors.
  9. Israphel is Elyos dominated, so yes, you will find groups and people around.
  10. This is how literally it was back in the day, if not worse. Since client is based on 2.7 patch, the exp required to level up has been already eased out compared to the OG 1.x patch.
  11. Can confirm the current pass isn't worth the price. I haven't bothered doing it since last week.
  12. That's an insult to private servers. They actually handle it much better than retail.
  13. It's daily reset and Siel's Aura is taking a hit, this is a daily occurrence. Usually takes 10-20 minutes to fix itself.
  14. That website doesn't provide up to date Classic info as AionCodex (as originally it should) does. Scrap that website.
  15. Not at all. You have to go to language select tab and select Classic.
  16. You'd think that a 12 year old game going subscription again would have some sort of superb or impeccable support, but it shows that as long as it's a Korean company, none of that matters, only your wallet.
  17. https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/1349-aioncodexcom-introduction-ex-aiondatabasenet/?tab=comments#comment-12253
  18. The pass, for what's worth in there, isn't near enough the $30 price tag, and that in itself is a scam. I purchased the first one because I found it only "okay" for the stuff in there, but I was very hesitant to do so. We can already tell what Season 3 and 4 will looks like because of Korea, meaning NCWest has no plans whatsoever to change its contents to cater to their Western playerbase. Don't think I'll be renewing my sub either, seeing how NCWest treats their players as sh*t.
  19. What you might wanna use is AionCodex.com. It's still updated by the creator. AionDatabase is a stolen domain.
  20. I don't recall Kibbelz ever closing threads unless it was a full-on brawl between people here. Yes, we're all suckers for Aion. There's just no good Western publisher for mmorpgs, so it's just picking the lesser evil. One could stick to private servers but they aren't reliable for long term playability.
  21. I don't know what kind of thought process some people go through, but you should never buy anything right away, specially when it comes to NCWest. Yes, they cucked the players, but are you really surprised? I'm not.
  22. And you haven't thought that maybe you need to wait it out? Did you not see LFG explode about the issue? Didn't think to check forums? I'm actually impressed, but my stance still stays.
  23. It's not victim blaming, it's the fact you have no self control regarding spending money and attempt to blame it on NCWest when it was clear that forums exploded regarding its copy/paste and I'm pretty sure so did LFG on both servers, both sides. It's not newsflash, never spend money on something right away.
  24. It's your fault for purchasing the pass the second servers went live.
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