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  1. This is how literally it was back in the day, if not worse. Since client is based on 2.7 patch, the exp required to level up has been already eased out compared to the OG 1.x patch.
  2. Can confirm the current pass isn't worth the price. I haven't bothered doing it since last week.
  3. That's an insult to private servers. They actually handle it much better than retail.
  4. It's daily reset and Siel's Aura is taking a hit, this is a daily occurrence. Usually takes 10-20 minutes to fix itself.
  5. That website doesn't provide up to date Classic info as AionCodex (as originally it should) does. Scrap that website.
  6. Not at all. You have to go to language select tab and select Classic.
  7. You'd think that a 12 year old game going subscription again would have some sort of superb or impeccable support, but it shows that as long as it's a Korean company, none of that matters, only your wallet.
  8. https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/1349-aioncodexcom-introduction-ex-aiondatabasenet/?tab=comments#comment-12253
  9. The pass, for what's worth in there, isn't near enough the $30 price tag, and that in itself is a scam. I purchased the first one because I found it only "okay" for the stuff in there, but I was very hesitant to do so. We can already tell what Season 3 and 4 will looks like because of Korea, meaning NCWest has no plans whatsoever to change its contents to cater to their Western playerbase. Don't think I'll be renewing my sub either, seeing how NCWest treats their players as sh*t.
  10. What you might wanna use is AionCodex.com. It's still updated by the creator. AionDatabase is a stolen domain.
  11. I don't recall Kibbelz ever closing threads unless it was a full-on brawl between people here. Yes, we're all suckers for Aion. There's just no good Western publisher for mmorpgs, so it's just picking the lesser evil. One could stick to private servers but they aren't reliable for long term playability.
  12. I don't know what kind of thought process some people go through, but you should never buy anything right away, specially when it comes to NCWest. Yes, they cucked the players, but are you really surprised? I'm not.
  13. And you haven't thought that maybe you need to wait it out? Did you not see LFG explode about the issue? Didn't think to check forums? I'm actually impressed, but my stance still stays.
  14. It's not victim blaming, it's the fact you have no self control regarding spending money and attempt to blame it on NCWest when it was clear that forums exploded regarding its copy/paste and I'm pretty sure so did LFG on both servers, both sides. It's not newsflash, never spend money on something right away.
  15. It's your fault for purchasing the pass the second servers went live.
  16. Did not any of you read the thread about the issues regarding the pass? Literally the first phrase says "Season 2 of the Daeva Pass and its associated rewards are not being displayed in the UI correctly" meaning it was showing wrong rewards. We complained yesterday that the pass was a copy & paste of the first one, until they realized after few hours that it shouldn't be that way. The fact you spent money right away without a second thought is on you, really. Stay skeptical, wait a few days. You can complete the free part of the pass as you go, premium part can be unlocked later.
  17. It was known since yesterday that there was an issue with the pass showing incorrect rewards. https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/9165-known-issue-daeva-pass-season-2/ The fault is on both sides: NCWest for not revealing us the rewards beforehand and people flocking to buy it without a second thought.
  18. I've seen the pass. The premium side has more enchantment stones. My only question is why the New Shop emote appears there twice, once as 30-day emote, and then as a permanent one. Someone posted Korea's season 3 pass yesterday on the unofficial discord server.
  19. You see Kibbelz, you're a good guy for actually communicating here with us. We don't demand a full-on transparency here, but your superiors just baffle me the most. Maybe encourage them to actually take 5 minutes to read the forums for once and see, that we, as paying customers, are not happy with some services provided here?
  20. I am a skeptic because I spent years playing this game and have seen how NCWest treats their playerbase. First they drag live servers into complete ruin, now they're doing the same with classic for which I pay a sub for.
  21. Aye? And how long will that take to fix? Next week? Maybe 2? Because you guys were also supposed to fix the title song and it's been a month.
  22. There's no need for survey. I want those rewards on the pass changed because of this "bug" otherwise in my eyes it's just a ripoff.
  23. Because it does. I doubt this is some sort of "bug". I interpret that as "we're going to change the rewards on the pass because of the massive backlash due to our inability to listen to our playerbase"
  24. If you aim your chat at a very bright area (like the sky), you can see some drop shadow under the text. Rather than darken the chat, they attempt this idiotic thing that just makes it worse in many cases.
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