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  1. You gotta fix this NPC selling limit

    So like right now, most of us dont even bother running aoe. If they remove kinahlimit I would probably run it like 20 times a week with dual client, + coe 1b +supps with dual client. What do you think will happen with kinah? And trust me there are alot of players you dont even know about who farm alot, and if they did remove the cap , economy would be not the way it is.
  2. YOu needed to create both male and female versions to participate
  3. You gotta fix this NPC selling limit

    Do you want inflation? Because that is how you get inflation
  4. Luna workshop

    > Graceful club tree If you can't craft those, better just keep luna lights till you get something you like for yourself, might come in handy once you get some mount or 24 slot pet
  5. All entries https://www.facebook.com/pg/AionOfficial/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10156263420368828
  6. Aetherforging

    I made maths and for preparation i calculated i will need: Natural vitality 1800 Natural Essence 4400 Edible Meat 12900 Edible Fruit 2600 Spirit stone of Eternity 2990 Ancient crafting stone 4160 Spirit stone of light 2770 Enchantment stone 250 Can't wait to see how accurate my maths were posting results with actual numbers in 3 weeks
  7. Costume Rotation

    the reason @Cyan you guys having trouble with shields, because you don't know what shields you're looking for. "Wave song" shield is actually called Flox's Scale Shield or Flox's Shield [item: 115001863] , and "Sea feast" is Shining Ice Crystal Shield (or scale), [item: 115001864] PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!
  8. Aetherforging

    First, thanks a lot for this guide. I am currently preparing for next Crafting boost weekend in 3 weeks, and trying to get all materials needed. Can someone tell me APPROXIMATELY how many crafts it takes FOR EXAMPLE, how many 10-30p: Processed Ordine Paper would it take to get from lvl 10 to 30, or let's say 170-190p: Pet-safe Ribs Ingredient how many those ingredients i have to make from 170 to get to 190? thanks in advance. Don't want to overkill it. Planning to use 500% charm during rotating craft weekend
  9. Nostalgia event ! Please

    You mean like, Secret Of Ancients event that was literally two weeks ago? Instances Linkgate Foundry Sealed Danuar Mysticarium Danuar Reliquary Illuminary Obelisk Seized Danuar Sanctuary Sauro Supply Base Infernal Danuar Reliquary Infernal Illuminary Obelisk Occupied Rentus Base Drakenspire Depths Anguished Dragon Lord's Refuge Infinity Shard The Eternal Bastion yeah but people did those "old" instances like for first few days and no more. Sorry but people just ignore "nostalgia instance" event
  10. Design Contest

    I really like Carousel dress. Vote for winner like @Delicat-KT said would be a contest who has most friends, not best design contest. Some costume does look better in... a painting. Carousel dress's submission over here is very conceptual, it doesn't look to be painted as pretty as it actually would look painted by a better artist. The design is cool and gives me more of porcelain doll - princess kind of vibe rather than steampunk. Just these anime characters on sides- was it part of art or it is it stolen from some anime? I just wish they actually put this Carousel dress on BCM not just let it be gone like they did with Gothic dress years ago. People work to make skin to game just to instantly let it go extinct.
  11. Aion June Preview

    Woosh can’t wait for tree event, me and @NUMS-KT got KT E covered and I have 3k seeds on DN E #TeamShiny 😍
  12. Omegas? Is this normal?

    Short answer: Yes, this is normal.
  13. LF Bastion of Souls alli to farm soulstones

    Not even saying your faction? If you are elyos, you can always try and join stormcommander. He is also very chatty on discord ect., makes runs alot and contacts people on discord. They are doing full runs and usually succeed.
  14. Great planning on the event

    Maybe they meant it as a continuation to last years Ancients event? since then people had same problem and most decided to not even bother with the big chest.
  15. Why doesn't relevant instances drop event items? Bastion of souls, Mirash sanctum, Frozen monolith and Trials of eternity? thanks.