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  1. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    Can we get any kind of heads up about NPC return date? Or at least upcoming prices? Like, literally any information? We, community, also have plans, and act according to information about events.....
  2. if you're removing it from luna, remove it from glory aswel
  3. Big Sky Island Weekly

    Umm also adding to topic, could somehow league be bigger than 192 players? I was 5 minutes late and already got into new league... and worked hard but got no reward. Maybe people go + bring their alts, I don't know, but every week I see a lot of people missing chance of getting into first league @Cyan
  4. Skins rotation in Black Cloud Marketplace

    This item still drops, solo sauro till shugo takes like 3min? Do it twice a day and you will get it eventually. Keep believing
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 7, 2018

    oh ic, didn't find reply cuz of all this flood in this topic
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 7, 2018

    Soo... nobody gonna comment how this kick in evargale isn't working?
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 7, 2018

    see that's what I'm talking about, people will give vices to potential "leaders", but vices can't talk properly in between other alliances in league. This is recipe for disaster. Is there a job opening in support team as you will need more force? I'd like to apply
  8. Raise cap for kinah selling to npc

    Did you completely shut yourself out of community and think the world is great and everybody is good? Trust me on this one, all servers have their scammers. Maybe you're just not naive enough to get scammed, but there are always people like that.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 7, 2018

    We all know 6.0 will disable alt-farming, then why not get rid/banned of some accounts with abuse of EC kick? I already can see way too many problems this kick system going to bring. Starting with opposite faction alts and continuing with own faction alts to kick players they don't like (but from alt to not get punished on main). NC gms will just give a simple warning... people will get away with kicks and we know it. Although, I think the biggest problem in this will be guys who are scared to pass lead to someone who could lead to victory, but they are afraid do get kicked once they're no longer a captain. If I understand @Hime, kicking will be punished. But what about people who just take lead by going in first and don't lead? Just in fear of being kicked. And we can't report them for "kicking abuse" because they wouldn't do it, but this will reduce chances of winning. And we can't use /3 or /1 chat to communicate, as by using those channels you talk to all battlefields. WE NEED COMMUNICATION BETWEEN EVERYBODY IN LEAGUE. Not just leaders of alliances. Just like /b chat in coalition that hugs all 250 people we need something like this in evargale. People wont pass lead if they know that this might end up in them being kicked for whatever reason.
  10. Disconnections, nobody replies in Report A Bug

    Never heard of anything like this to any friend of mine. If you using a proxy, for example, pingzapper, it has 30 minutes limit of use before you need to reconnect (like free trial every 30 mins). otherwise check if your router is okay and your internet in general. Try file repair. What you having really does seem like individual problem.
  11. @Cyan

    It's happening because NCsoft is overhelmedd with tickets about Evargale (i really believe they do get about 100 tickets everyday just because of crashes in there), also divine siege (300 tickets every sunday?) , less tickets from Frozen Bugnolith, and all other kinds of tickets.... THey have way too much on their hands to reply to people properly
  12. stop complaining and just buy ncoin for 10 dollars, its jsut one days lunch money
  13. @Gideon and @Cyan sorry but as a songweaver I am very worried about hack detection. Previously similar animation-detecting program (aidps) gave false-positives on healing skills.. I am healing a lot on this game, and if I heard correctly, this xingcode insta-bans you if they detect any animation malfunction. It would be really pain if I go into first instance of the day, my usual healspec and get banned. See examples: http://i.imgur.com/V4mkH9a.jpg Looking forward for any confirmation that songweaver healspec isn't going to be affected by false-positives.
  14. Suggestions on Evergale Canyon's Queue Algorithm

    yea sry mistook u for aly
  15. Suggestions on Evergale Canyon's Queue Algorithm

    Okay guys, calm down. Original creator of post is offering changes to algorythm of queues, what all this discussion of bull***t is? I would like to second to the part where premades should be prioritized. I queue my asmodian character and it takes 30 minutes to pop on high time (Sieges). As a 24 men instance, when queue is 30 minutes, people keep DCing or leaving or something like that and keep putting the queue to the bottom for the premade group. Fully agree- premade gets pop first +3 alliances of quick entry. And since people here already going other direction with this forum post, i have a second tought, for asmodian, it takes about only about 10 minutes when there is no siege. Asmodian don't go to siege (Katalam at least) trying to get more of soulstone or whatever in evargale. You queue for 30 minutes because elyos are all participating in sieges.. So like.. we, elyos, want to go evargale, but we also want the fort. We can't be in two places at once. And we dont quick queue during siege time, because it's certain loss- our premade leaders are also active people in sieges. OR make two windows of evargale 1-2 hours each, so that they dont overlap with sieges? Or make them earlier so that siege only starts when evargale finishes? This would cut down waiting times for asmodians as the elyos wouldn't be busy. Uhmmm youre lvl 72, so to level 75 person you do 30% less damage. Level up