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  1. I'm not defending anything, the management is utter garbage and has been sliding down the drain for years. If you're doing this fully free-to-play, you can only buy 1 Free Breath per month, but you need two to combine with 40 Shards. Hence, you will need 2 months to make one transform even if you bought the Shards for 25 Gold Ingot each (wasting 32.5M for each purchase). If you actually play the game for ~1-2hrs per day you can very reasonably finish all weekly lugbug and get your 5 shards per week. so yeah not sure why the panic
  2. they've only been removed from the Gold Sand Shop, you can still do the weekly just fine + buy the monthly free Breath to go with your weekly farmed Shards not sure why the panic
  3. @Cyan when are arena rankings getting fixed Mochigirl hasn't been #1 in almost two seasons the situation is c r i t i c a l
  4. every few patch cleric gets amputed in some way and then gets buffed through the roof can't wait
  5. prolly cuz they pay for this game ? idk just a theory
  6. If you continue the orange quests that you got the armour set from, you will also get full accessories (the pve side of the Windstream quests).
  7. next time just put a fat price tag like BnS and add 10M kinah and 6 stig boxes, then maybe it'll be clear enough that it's not meant for new players, as they should play through levelling and campaigns to learn their skills and game mechanics jeez
  8. Pretty sure this wasn't distributed. I spent Luna for extra EC runs during the times where the bug was known and haven't received anything other than the servers-wide survey.
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