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  1. Kamar Battlefield has had similar texture glitches since its introduction somewhere in 3.x over 5 years ago and was never fixed. It's even less likely they will fix IB as it has the lowest rewards of any pvp instance. If there's too many complaints, Ncsoft would much rather remove it entirely and call it a day. Kinda like EC.
  2. BCM?

    Purchase/delivery times might be longer if you used anything apart from Paypal. Additionally, there was a bug early 7.0 that didn't let you see how many BC coins you had, maybe you have that one. You had to make a purchase on the BCM (through the game) for your coin number to update to the actual number you have.
  3. Character Stats from Discord

    It's just the basic character search on the main website, but without a name(s) I don't think you'll get much out of it.
  4. B & C minium and bronze silver Cubic

    Yes and yes. With the current rate of A minium, if you did all your pve since 6.2and didn't reroll since then, by now you would be almost done with maxing out 3 to 5 minions, however that's only enough for a couple fuses depending if you want to use 2, 3 or 4 per fuse. But obviously if it fails you lose your minions you spent over a year working on, and if it succeeds you can also get a minion with a specialisation that you or your class doesn't even need. s: A bit of an odd concept they came up with... 10 new minions obtainable only through fusion. And a timely cash shop "event" giving rank A contracts and minium simultaneously, lol.
  5. B & C minium and bronze silver Cubic

    By the way... From tomorrow's maintenance patch notes. (https://aion.plaync.com/board/notice/view?articleId=874407&categoryId=0&viewMode=list&size=20) +extra info from Vashiro's stream (https://www.twitch.tv/vashiro)
  6. old version 4.6

  7. Warning - Before You Accept the Vandal Pack!

    I asked them to move the pack on my vandal and they told me they couldn't because I had already used the 3 shitty [Event] Berdin Stars. Beautiful management.
  8. you need more than 60 minutes to remodel a character or what
  9. Herelym Mine quest bugged ?

    For some reason all other of the quest items have guaranteed drop rate (drops every time the mini boss is killed), while this specific item has something like 1/10 drop rate. It sucks but you should be able to finish it after a few runs. Might be a few dozen more. s:
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    well first week EC gave old mats, and it became popular after ppl spreading the info here in forums, so lets say 10 days , but is not always open so, 6 days of full explotation i would say I'm fairly sure the bug has existed since 6.2 (limited entries and the kicking feature must've made this bug possible), and it's been at least 6 months since some people have known about it and have been doing it quite publicly, simply never explaining why they were kicking themselves. Hence... there's been a lot more than 3 weeks of exploitation. Must be why it's a tad tricky to figure out how and whose wrists to slap. + the card game was more than likely planned to be as such since a while. I'm just not sure if they're aware you only need 4.5~5k fragments to finish your full gear haha
  11. B & C minium and bronze silver Cubic

    I'd keep Bronze and Silver cubics because they might require more levels at a later time. As for Minium, you're meant to upgrade and combine your Cs, then upgrade and combine your Bs to make As. Once you have all 5 minions (which, after 2 years, most people still don't have), you can rubbish them ofc. Or keep in storage in WH or wherever. There's already some newer minions since the fist main 5, but it's unlikely we'll get them because they're Made in Abyss characters (Riko, Rega, Nanachi and Maruk) and they're simply cosmetic copies with the same skills as Sheba, Kromede and Modor and with slightly higher passive stats. Those, specifically, probably fall under the same category as the Hello Kitty skins and mount, however I wouldn't exclude the possibility of some other minions to be added... eventually. Bind, para, undispellable silence, fear, sleep... I'm sure they can come up with something. Having some spare max-levelled Bs to combine to obtain them, if and when they're added, sure wouldn't hurt. Ofc it'd be nice to have a way to convert lower grades of minium into higher grades but we can't have nice things.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    Usually it's 1 per board, but sometimes it's none so you're forced to buy a reset card and that's just for 1 card out of the 5 you need. The event will run until the 9th of October which would mean, even with perfect RNG, you physically can't obtain 5 cards from the 4 free dices- you must pay, because reset cards are neither tradeable nor brokerable (at least the dices are). example board with no card on it.