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  1. And what are we supposed to do with thorns we can't craft ? Link them in chat to troll ? What in the nyerk... Also I'm going to assume the 1k Fragment of Fighting Spirit is a typo and you meant to say 100...
  2. AFK Event

    So what you say is that you beat all pve content and finished PFHM and are full Scarlet Flare accs ? Yeah, I can see how that can be a problem. If you haven't beaten PFHM and are not Scarlet Flare +15, then Ncsoft has an answer just for you, who desires more content than your cooldowns allow:
  3. Dorinerk's Wardrobe: How It Works

    Perfect, thank you.
  4. Dorinerk's Wardrobe: How It Works

    I'd like to confirm some things. Can you register a dyed skin ? And then, if you register it, can you dye it ? And then, if you registered and dyed it, and then use the "remove dye" function, does it go back to the original skin's basic dye color, or to the color you registered it with ? Just don't want to spend more dyes than necessary. c:
  5. Skins on bcm

    let us give you money what the actual nyerk
  6. Returning player PVE armor questions

    BoS -> FM -> PF/iDD -> SL ->>> PFHM/SLNM/VT (i.e. Bastion of Souls solo -> Frozen Monolith start trio and go solo/duo depending how much time and dps you have once you're a bit geared -> Primeth's Forge/infernal Drakenspire Depths just go with pretty much any lfg 5-man or 6-man groups, if they have a cleric or semi-decent chanter and generally one vandal you should cheese it no matter what happens -> Stellin Lab there's a few annoying mechanics and some parts where you need to train unless you like spending 1hr per run -> get gear from all previous instances until you're nearly full red and with gear socketed and tuned properly and then you might consider the 3 endgame instances, but ppl don't recruit on lfg for that usually) + Crucible Spire at any point, just go as far as you can to collect HP cubics if your class is too weak to go far in Spire (let's say, under stage 15), make a vandal alt and use it to farm Spire (+ other instances for kinah if you're up for it) + farm transformation contracts through the lugbug dailies and through instances (end bosses sometimes drops a contract box) and of course through events, just cuz running after ppl in ancient is as much a pain in the ass as having a legendary transform and waiting for the slow ancient guy in the back + pandora gear can help quite a bit but it's a bit of a pain if you're not really into questing/grinding mobs/gathering plants for a long long time + do weekly camps even if you don't pvp because you can buy ancient pve enchantment stones through genesis crystal npc (but ONLY use genesis crystals to buy pve stones if you don't plan on pvping/building pvp gear) + lowkey farm minions as they will slightly increase your HP cushion and offensive stats, running pandora pve/pvp instances helps a bit but there's a lot of luck involved, you can also buy one that is class-appropriate from the brokers also if you want to pvp eventually, join a legion for altar quests + altar siege, look at the altars on dumaha map and hover over each one to see which legions are actively conquering them in the recent days, usually bigger legions also do world bosses (ult/leg weapon + manastones + stigma enchant stones it's pretty cool to gear up), make sure to know what rules for rolling those bosses have cuz certain legions will kick you without asking questions if you roll on certain things by mistake + of course run illumiel brawl along with any pvp instance open until you're on CD, crazy important as that is the main source (and only source, if you don't craft) of fighting spirit fragment in the game as of now (they're needed to purify gear from ancient to legendary, and legendary to ultimate, but also to morph pvp enchantment stones later on) + do lugbug quests that reward genesis crystals every day, it adds up to a lot over time + Hererym Mine, do trio until you're full legendary pvp gear, then go solo mid path for AP, you're going to need it anyone else feel free to add things, just typed this up real quick, works for all classes~
  7. IB Broken/Removed?

    New/quick entry seems to be working fine... but yet another person from DN in my group says his premade group broke when he entered. Hope this is not the case with ID/dredge because then it would become extremely chaotic.
  8. Hongmoon training room

    from EU's 7.2 patch notes.
  9. Soooo about that EC status hmm?

    It was closed on September 13 (a Friday). We have one entry on wednesday, one on saturday and one on sunday. Without counting the extra entries granted by the saturday 11PM reset during this event (2 extra entries total until today), we're missing 35 EC entries including today. Double for prestige. Rewards for winning EC were 12 Legendary Etiums, 6 Ultimate Etiums, 364k AP and 2 Battlefield Combat Support Boxes (including minium bag + kerubim minion contract + enchantment stone bag). Meaning 420 Leg. Etiums, 210 Ult. Etium, 12M 740k AP and 70 Boxes. For Prestige users, 840 Leg. Etiums, 420 Ult. Etiums, 25M 480k AP and 140 Boxes. That's without mentioning that, same as KBF, ID and IB, EC should reward Fighting Spirit Fragments to the winning side, meaning 700 Fragments total, and 1400 Fragments for Prestige users. Just saying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Rewards for losing EC were 6 Legendary Etiums, 3 Ultimate Etiums, 182k AP and 1 Battlefield Combat Support Box. Meaning 210 Leg. Etiums, 105 Ult. Etiums, 6M 370k AP and 35 Boxes. For Prestige users, 420 Leg. Etium, 210 Ult. Etiums, 12M 740k AP and 70 Boxes. Don't start about how abusers etc etc, they got suspended/permanently banned and that was measure enough for Ncwest, cry about more important stuff ty~~
  10. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    To be expected... Making a full-geared account available to everyone for two weeks and then rolling out the patch was quite frankly a stupid ass idea from a marketing standpoint, when you have barely any content in said patch. But Ncsoft sometimes comes up with crazy things when cornered, so I'm curious what they will do to pull the game out of the ditch this time.
  11. GG wise dragon king's weapon box

    but it looks good
  12. Create an event server for a month

    If your jam is pvping in gelk/inggi in pve gear and legendary transform, you can do that on your main in 7.5.
  13. If you had actually read my post, you'd know I said "EU and Korea's models". In any case, my point was that we didn't get any information about this reset, and that those who were online on an alt got nyerked, and those who weren't online at all (but could've been if informed) also got nyerked, simply because they "forgot to mention this critical detail in the event". And last but not least, it's always nice to know when something is a feature implemented by the event and not something that Ncwest will assume is "abuse" because we don't particularly like being banned after the fact maybe. You just said it, EU had the ability to buy extra reagents on the shop. We don't even have the option to do so. I'm surprised they didn't forget to add the free one to the shop, at this point.
  14. @Cyan You forgot two things in the recent news: that the costume rotation was discontinued because it's too much damn effort to switch skins once every two weeks; that, following both EU and Korea's models, all instances reset on Saturdays at 11PM and exclusively on the character that is logged in at that time. EU (https://en.aion.gameforge.com/website/news/events/DumahaXpressTrain_04092019/) Instance entries are available from 11th September and are reset every Saturday at 11 PM. KR (https://aion.plaync.com/board/notice/view?articleId=789435&page=27&categoryId=0&viewMode=list&size=20) [인던 초기화 방법] - 인던 초기화는 지정된 시간에 접속 중인 캐릭터만 입장 횟수가 초기화됩니다. - 인던 초기화는 23시 기점으로 전후 2~3분 차이가 발생할 수 있으며, 접속 중인 캐릭터만 혜택을 받을 수 있습니다. Additionally, Korea seemed to have delivered the wrong Nochsana entry letter, exactly as we did here, and was replaced 19 hours after the event was released. » https://aion.plaync.com/board/notice/view?articleId=789716&page=26&categoryId=0&viewMode=list&size=20