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  1. Revive the 4.6 Feeling

    Join if you like PvP, ping is decent compared to EU 4.6 NotAion server. No MS/MR/block sets for now so everything's pretty fun and more or less balanced, also you get (per account) 5k might to start with, enough to gear up 2 chars fully, or one char with 2 sets (for example one dps set + one "defensive" set). Faction locked skills are unlocked on both factions (as far as I know), you can't afk on safe pads, and there's a few other pvp-oriented tweaks. Why not have fun while it lasts ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Something needs to be done about PvE

    Or just guarantee one ultimate drop per run
  3. The current cycle and how it can be improved

    Silentera Canyon is level locked, can't go through at level 56 or higher. But the guards still spawn and old macros still work. Anyways, it wasn't meant for lvl 80s to go AP farm there. The whole point of keeping that area + Gelk/Inggi + BT dropping legendaries (+ the soft level cap at lvl 55, the last campaign) was for the Korean servers' lvl 55s twinks, there's a few streamers that still play at that level on the older servers, last I checked.

    Skimmed through all the replies but In 6months, if we have 6.5, which does not add new pvp gear, we're lucky. Prolly won't get 7.0 until August, if not even later. It's not a disaster if you're not full geared 3months into the patch... unless you consider seppuku after each loss, then wew lad.
  5. The current cycle and how it can be improved

    *bots otherwise good ideas
  6. Arena of Harmony | Queue Into Your Alts

    working as intended sir
  7. Fix the arena rating!

    Working on a fix for 3 months ???? Hell, y'all didn't even notice it was broken before launching the patch after taking forever ? My god.
  8. Producers letter 2019?

    6.5 when ?
  9. The non-proc ultimate crafted has all lower stats than the legendary cloud war (on the few pieces I checked). Purify your +15 ancients, that's all. Don't waste your time and kinah with crafting if you're not going to use proc'ed versions.
  10. Can you please nyerking guarantee an ultimate every idd and pf run ? It can't be that hard can it ?
  11. yeah we definitely more reasons for it to reset than the tank stepped onto a crate and the boss didn't like it
  12. Need to get this out (minor rant)

    We still have a dredgion, which is a copy-pasted map of the second (Baranath I think) or 3rd dredgion (Terath). We also still have LUT, although most bosses were removed, as were all paths except the main one.
  13. Lifekeepers

    There will be new items for all 3 types of currently purchaseable items (bracelet, plume & wings) but it would probably be better to buy your wings now because it is more than likely that you'll have enough time to farm the number of marks for the wings at least once more before we get the patch where the new items are introduced. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/186020000 to see the new items, the pve stats are almost half as low, but the rest of the stats are very slightly better

    what are you people even smoking