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  1. Crafting Buff?

    If you want to gain more xp that goes towards levelling up (used for Bobonerk's Gems), you have to use items that influence experience gained, like Berdin Stars, Berdin's 50 or 100% XP Amulets and Merek's 200% XP Amulets. That sort of XP doesn't do anything to level up aetherforging, that's influenced by crafting amulets exclusively.
  2. Event Aether Blossom

    mid is better anyways lmao
  3. Confused about Essencetapping.

    For elyos: you pick up Essencetapper x100 from Riverain in Pernon (https://aioncodex.com/us/npc/830067/ 2nd tab in shop) then you go gather these https://aioncodex.com/us/gathersource/403003/ then https://aioncodex.com/us/gathersource/403006/ and at 99 you go visit Vidur in Pernon (https://aioncodex.com/us/npc/830066/) to level up to 100. For asmos: same thing, 100 Essencetappers but from Pacheco in Pernon (https://aioncodex.com/us/npc/830151/, 2nd tab in the shop) then you go gather these https://aioncodex.com/us/gathersource/403503/ then https://aioncodex.com/us/gathersource/403506/ and at 99 you go see Mitelken in Pernon (https://aioncodex.com/us/npc/830150/) to level up to 100. Don't forget to pick up the gathering booster from the snake event npcs in Sanctum/Pandaemonium, it's up until the 16th, it'll help you level up your esencetapping faster. Once you're at 100 Essencetapping, you can go gather drana in Ingisson/Gelkmaros, you'll need about 90~120 of each kind eventually (and probably more if you want to make some Pandora accessories) so no worries about overgathering. It's best to copy the locations (for the drana type you want to gather) for your faction into your memo pad in-game (shift+m is the default keybind), click them all to have them open on the map, check where there is 4-5 of them bunched together, and run from one to the other while equipped with a 199 essencetapping hat, they'll appear on the compass as soon as they have respawned. for elyos: https://aioncodex.com/us/gathersource/409250/ misty https://aioncodex.com/us/gathersource/409251/ dewy https://aioncodex.com/us/gathersource/409252/ withered https://aioncodex.com/us/gathersource/409253/ flowering https://aioncodex.com/us/gathersource/409254/ blooming for asmos: https://aioncodex.com/us/gathersource/409255/ woeful https://aioncodex.com/us/gathersource/409256/ elegant https://aioncodex.com/us/gathersource/409257/ wilting https://aioncodex.com/us/gathersource/409258/ budding https://aioncodex.com/us/gathersource/409259/ blossomed
  4. AIon 7.0

    Those weapons have absolutely nothing to do with balic gear.
  5. Whats wrong with lag in this game?

    Working as intended, it's a NA feature.
  6. event already a failure

  7. @Cyan Drop rates were wrongly nerfed, grinding gives next to nothing. Can't buy, can't grind, can't craft, can't disenchant items you can't afford to craft, can't upgrade gear. Please fix. And kindly fix it before the crafting boost buff (April 17th).
  8. Why shut down a game you can still milk sooo easily just by using your brain for about twenty seconds ? It's not rocket science, just basic logic and elementary economics. NA has really gone downhill but it's really not that hard to fix a few problems and get everything back on track. Newsflash, happy consumers will spread the word and pay more at the end of the day.
  9. Chanters HB nerf - Can't retune weap

    I didn't read all replies because I've been hearing chanters (and non-chanters) cry about recovery spell nerf for 3 days straight, I believe I've got the memo. Enchanting a non-ult pve set is pretty much a waste unless we're talking weapon/wings for a dps set, as a full ancient +0 tuned hb/hp is tanky enough (in all pve instances except maybe Veilenthrone) to switch to to pop a few heals then go back to dps set to dps. As for a pvp setting, enchanting your pve set does nothing so you'd be wasting stones. Socketing it full hb is much more important, and considering hb+5 prices you should at least have that done. And, once you get Frostspark pieces, hb+8 on those, ofc. As for your specific staff problem, you should be able to retune it (the Firebrand you have on top) without removing the combine, I'm fairly sure I've done it on a 2-handed already fused weapon in 6.2. Can you send a screenshot of what it says when you attempt to retune it ?
  10. Just clarifying, as far as I know atm combining does not give the new transforms either.
  11. Yes hello @Cyan when and how are people who opened contracts they bought before this time, or combined transformations they got before this time, going to be compensated ? Yeah you just forgot about like maybe half your playerbase buddy.
  12. Chanters HB nerf - Can't retune weap

    HB (and shards) still work extremely well on heal burst, healing light and word of life, there is no reason whatsoever to d/e your pve HB set. Ofc if you only use one set in pvp because switching sets is very hard, you should probably be playing a dps class. As for a pvp hb set... you can say goodbye.
  13. Ereshkigal Cubics. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. The drop rate on Pandora craft items (soul stones, saps, scales) is way too low, please boost it because this chain quest is practically undoable unless you bot it or wait for easier weekly repeatables.