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  1. New snowball item

    You forgot to mention snowballs became untradeable. All grades including +10 are untradeable, they only become tradeable once clicked after becoming +10 (to make Brilliant Prism + Brilliant Fragment, both tradeable) and then are also tradeable if assembled into Brilliant Ice Prisms.
  2. Ncwest team.

    yeah uh I don't think you can fix that in less than 5 minutes however this, you can definitely fix in under 2 min: pls and thx

    They had the exact same issues in EU when this event was implemented on the very first weeks of 6.2 there (so September 19th), funny how NA didn't even bother checking if everything was working before they made the event live, but nerfing the rewards ? Yes that's a top priority ofc.
  4. we don't want it lowered we want the original prices lmao
  5. Manastone slot efficiency

    for pvp I'd assume for pve it's roughly the same.
  6. the arena ranking still isn't on the list nor resolved~ it's been over a month hello~ also we still don't have this item as we should have: yes and please thanks
  7. AIon 7.0

    nice colorized prowess set with the stella industries logo slapped on it (the weapon effect is cool tho) but the pvp set actually looks nice and not as blatantly butchered with a few fresh touches
  8. Fennec Fox, Tarha Krall and Cat are all good choices for dpsing. If you're pure support and healing for long periods of time however, better grab a cast speed one (any of them really, the highest cast speed the better, like Bloodfang and Tiamat Drakan). Ultimately, you can even use one of the half-cast, half-attack speed ones: Denku, Tejhi or Ereshkigal Drakan (although personally I'd just switch between pure atk speed and pure cast speed every time, but kinah might be tight for burning through dozens of transformation scrolls, so it might not be the best option all the time). Of course, if you're running around/after people/from people a lot, it's better to count out transformations with higher atk/cast speed but lower movement speed (so Bloodfan, Tiamat Drakan and Fennec Fox) and rather use those with 50% movement speed instead.
  9. You forgot to add to the list of know issues, devs who never played the game- never as in these skins came out 5+ years ago.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    It's cool that their names now appear but we still don't have the garbage prices you planned for shard bundles on asmo side, as they do not appear in the gold ingot market at all. So, here's a suggestion: scrap that entirely and give us this: yeah ?
  11. AIon 7.0

    French is by Panda from Hyperion (EU server).
  12. Aion 7.0 Skill Changes

    nyerking finally, if clerics fall, songweavers fall. preach 7.0 plus there's other ways to support than healing, dispelling is also a thing
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 21, 2018

    Nobody gives two shits if you bought your account, can we have power shards on gold sand shop please and thank you.
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 21, 2018

    Power shards aren't the way Korea intended and more than likely, NA had not the faintest idea what it was toying with when it made the changes it did. "The game" isn't forcing you to do anything, it's localization gone badly. Every other region has power shards in their kinah shop for extremely cheap. Every single other region except us. Including the Korean servers which is for whom the game was actually designed. Their crafting/guiding stone market is doing perfectly fine without forcing everyone to grind mobs for hours every day if they want to pvp (or even pve) effectively. You have to grind shards for one hour to pvp non-stop for 5min. You have to grind shards for hours for one Beritra iDD boss fight. Or yanno, just queue yourself against pugs/your alt from the opposite faction and buy Luna buff for every single PvE instance you run instead, amirite ? Problem solved. How hard is it to add shards back to the gold sand shop as it was initially intended by the damn creators of the game instead of making the game harder for this region ? They've already proven they can add items to the sand shop that weren't even there on the Korean client so like ?? Please ???