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  1. Can you please nyerking guarantee an ultimate every idd and pf run ? It can't be that hard can it ?
  2. yeah we definitely more reasons for it to reset than the tank stepped onto a crate and the boss didn't like it
  3. Need to get this out (minor rant)

    We still have a dredgion, which is a copy-pasted map of the second (Baranath I think) or 3rd dredgion (Terath). We also still have LUT, although most bosses were removed, as were all paths except the main one.
  4. Lifekeepers

    There will be new items for all 3 types of currently purchaseable items (bracelet, plume & wings) but it would probably be better to buy your wings now because it is more than likely that you'll have enough time to farm the number of marks for the wings at least once more before we get the patch where the new items are introduced. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/186020000 to see the new items, the pve stats are almost half as low, but the rest of the stats are very slightly better

    what are you people even smoking
  6. Aion Needs More Events

    Hey I'd love that even more than events, but considering the devs here can't even do something as simple as put shards back to the price that is in the original client files, I doubt they can increase our legendary and ultimate pvp stone drop rate from pvp instances to something that's acceptable. Rather start simple and have them in events.
  7. It was a good idea for everyone except the 20 people who are extremely displeased to have to repurchase their mansion/estate/palace again. A disaster I'm sure. Luckily, they'll all get some kinah back and if it happens to be paid price, considering the prices pre 6.2 for a house... cheer up, chill out. The hoard of people who went to EK wouldn't have came back at all without a new server. Now, with the right moves (which for some reason Ncwest can never figure out, even if we lay a clear plan down to them point by point), NA can keep those players active, playing and paying. Won't happen but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. You only need to go to the fortress once it's conquered by your faction to update that quest and go to the next step. The last campaign has a video cut scene yes.
  9. Aion Needs More Events

    we need pvp enchantment stones in events yes and please thanks
  10. tradable shards

    finally, bots will be able to do something meaningful with their stacks of useless shards god bless
  11. Dragon Lords Refuge help pls

    You will need to go back to Gelkmaros and do some quests/campaigns there for gear if you absolutely want to pass DLR. Even with full new gear, at the last stage when Tiamat casts Ultimate Atrocity, if you stand in the flames you die in two seconds, so I can't imagine anyone passing that instance in old gear, particularly old levelling gear. Otherwise, you'll need to skip that campaign and come back to finish it once you have at least a few pieces of Lakrum Protector gear (lvl 75+). Dark blue quests (in Enshar and Gelkmaros), daily Luna instance and Berdin Stars are your friends.
  12. AFKing in Lakrum base after collecting daily event snowballs in Pandaemonium/Sanctum.

    Inquisitor weapon because of the crit after purification (vindicator weapon gives no crit, only HP). For everything else, full vindicator.
  14. Do mobs drop Stigma stones now?

    I haven't gotten any to drop since 6.2, personally, but Mirash has a chance to drop a stigma bundle with a random stigma for your class. Best way to enchant stigmas now is to use stigma boxes until +5 then mass farm weekly luna for the stigma enchantment stone and pray that it succeeds (from my experience on a test server, you needed about 50~100 stigma enchantment stones to make 1 +9 stigma from 0).
  15. wtf is PVP now ? are you kidding me?

    since you mentioned it full view -> https://i.imgur.com/3wPLZ8Y.png To "double numbers", you'd want twice the number of elyos compared to the number of asmos, so for the usual 350 asmos, 700 elyos, which they never reached. League numbers aren't reliable because certain legions don't join the league(s) on asmodian side. edit: just wanted to add the 2nd and 3rd elyos numbers (nov15 + nov17) are a bit crazy high compared to literally all other elyos numbers, and it was in the first days I was taking numbers in a rush, so I might've searched for all elyos online instead of only the ones on Lakrum map... or the elyos were in a siege frenzy just those two days, out of all days. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. List of Issues for 6.2

    Patch notes for today's maintenance in Korea.
  17. aion 6.0 transform contracts

    We had no information on 7.0 back in September so I was just assuming. But no, transformations aren't removed in 7.0, more are added in 6.5, and one in 7.0.
  18. Actually (and I know I have said the contrary previously pre-6.2 without testing it myself), aethertechs can wear leather as well as chain. But yes, they don't get the better passive for wearing leather, just the basic low level one, so certain stats from leather will be slightly lower than chain I believe (unsure which).
  19. KInah Ideas?

    yes, you can.
  20. Ideas for Events Rewards

    yeah nobody needs them anymore nobody
  21. New snowball item

    You forgot to mention snowballs became untradeable. All grades including +10 are untradeable, they only become tradeable once clicked after becoming +10 (to make Brilliant Prism + Brilliant Fragment, both tradeable) and then are also tradeable if assembled into Brilliant Ice Prisms.
  22. Ncwest team.

    yeah uh I don't think you can fix that in less than 5 minutes however this, you can definitely fix in under 2 min: pls and thx

    They had the exact same issues in EU when this event was implemented on the very first weeks of 6.2 there (so September 19th), funny how NA didn't even bother checking if everything was working before they made the event live, but nerfing the rewards ? Yes that's a top priority ofc.
  24. we don't want it lowered we want the original prices lmao