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  1. legendary memory shards removed?

    I'm not defending anything, the management is utter garbage and has been sliding down the drain for years. If you're doing this fully free-to-play, you can only buy 1 Free Breath per month, but you need two to combine with 40 Shards. Hence, you will need 2 months to make one transform even if you bought the Shards for 25 Gold Ingot each (wasting 32.5M for each purchase). If you actually play the game for ~1-2hrs per day you can very reasonably finish all weekly lugbug and get your 5 shards per week. so yeah not sure why the panic
  2. NC Soft at 3E 2020

    nice graphics
  3. legendary memory shards removed?

    they've only been removed from the Gold Sand Shop, you can still do the weekly just fine + buy the monthly free Breath to go with your weekly farmed Shards not sure why the panic
  4. Arena reward

    @Cyan when are arena rankings getting fixed Mochigirl hasn't been #1 in almost two seasons the situation is c r i t i c a l
  5. [Aion 2.19.20 Update] Skill Changes

    every few patch cleric gets amputed in some way and then gets buffed through the roof can't wait
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 19, 2020

    prolly cuz they pay for this game ? idk just a theory
  7. Melting Hearts Event (text disappeared)

    well that's new
  8. Question about Crimson Katalam

  9. 400+ stigmas enchantment stones so far

    cool but need +15
  10. What has happened to quest/campaign in Lakrum?

    If you continue the orange quests that you got the armour set from, you will also get full accessories (the pve side of the Windstream quests).
  11. Jumped Character Missing things

    next time just put a fat price tag like BnS and add 10M kinah and 6 stig boxes, then maybe it'll be clear enough that it's not meant for new players, as they should play through levelling and campaigns to learn their skills and game mechanics jeez
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    Pretty sure this wasn't distributed. I spent Luna for extra EC runs during the times where the bug was known and haven't received anything other than the servers-wide survey.
  13. Ec fixed right?

    yes I'm sure the biggest problem is the losing rewards, not that only 8 players can enter at a time uwu
  14. @Cyan Genesis Crystal Limits

    ye I think I'm gonna have to disenchant my 2nd set cuz there is no way on this earth I'll ever enchant it to +15 before 8.0, without swiping so hard I'll regret it for years after the servers shut down uwu From 6.2 onward, once you had full pve gear the only point of doing any pve at all was the minium... now 95% of the content is a waste of time. Minium Vault, pvp instances, sieges and log off. Shame that they added so many ways for people to enjoy their gear and pvp and yet... there is no way for people to obtain that gear anymore if they haven't completed (or damn near completed it) before 7.3, leaving just 50~75% of the population behind in the dust. Without undergeared/gearing ppl to roll over (as they won't grind for scraps forever, they aren't as stupid as you think and will simply move on to a different game lmao), the geared pvpers will quit soon enough.
  15. Unrelated It's Finally Happening!!

  16. fixed it a bit to be up to date with 7.3
  17. Considering how enchantment stones literally rained from Genesis Crystals for the whole of 6.x all the way until a week ago, anyone that's starting/returning to the game or still gearing up is literally playing with a leg missing. The enchantment stone limitation needs to be increased or removed. Need more skins in BCM, in rotation or perma; GP boxes should spawn when all 3 forts are occupied by the same faction (i.e. all elyos or all asmodian), not a combination of both; Need miniums account warehouseable or; Add a morph design that does the exact same thing as the Fighting Spirit Fragment Box, with a farmable component (A minium) + BCM component (Minium Capsule) + with the resulting box being brokerable and account warehousable, or; Need more sources for rank A miniums and/or rank A-C minium bundles or; Permanently add tradeable and brokerable rank A minium on BCM.
  18. Best update ever

    it's just autofishing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  19. Aion Character Creation Skin

    https://aioncodex.com/us/item/110905124/ https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/index.php?title=Item&dbid=110905124&setlang=en
  20. 7.2 Patch Update

    they're crazy busy with the 5 simultaneous events for B&S's anniversary but ye it's end of line soon
  21. Daily ID

    ye that's literally just 85% of the population nothing to be worried about, surely nobody would quit over not being able to progress in pvp gear whatsoever ??? surely the potential people returning for Katalam wouldn't turn right back seeing they literally can't make their ancient gear +15 in under 3 months ??? nah we should worry about more important things uwu