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  1. Siege Buff (NA Custom stats)

    Yeah that makes more sense. As usual Ncsoft throws or forgets percentage signs left and right. Interesting, but would that make a difference against commander/Kromede stuns or only against stun penetration skills ?
  2. What's new?

    Except you should never use Stellium to buy Etium, you should keep it for legendary and ultimate tickets, but those have a weekly limitation unless you join a big legion; then you will get extra with daily reset if they capture the proper altars (sometimes multiple if it's a really big and active legion, but in that case usually they will also require you to log in regularly (can't be offline for more than a few days without getting kicked, for example) and/or to join legion activities (raid bosses and altar siege) as often as possible). But more than all of that, to get some progress on your pvp gear you will need to do most if not all of your daily pvpve instance cooldowns and your weekly genesis camps quests. Extra stuff like the 3 Demaha Altar Operation weeklies and the Stellin Problem-Solver quests won't make a difference if you're not doing your pvp instances, your weekly genesis camps and if your legion (or lack thereof) can't capture most or all altars over the course of a week so you can do the altar legion weekly quests (to get Stellium to buy leg/ult tickets to convert shitty ancient enchantment stones to leg/ult ones to enchant your gear). Oh and then if you want to play free-to-play, better block out hours of your weekly schedule ahead because you will be doing a lot of pve for kinah (to buy the lowkey overpriced prestige badge) and afking a lot of Luna dailies/weeklies on the 12 alts of your main's account (apart from doing them on your main of course, for XP to convert to Bobonerk Gems and Luna mats to convert into useful things like legendary enchantment stones) for Luna Coins to use for extra runs so you can actually gear up in a timely manner. You will also need alts on different accounts if you want to profit heavily from events, but imho it's a lot less important/urgent than the aforementioned things considering how long it takes to level a full account's worth of alts to 76. And that's all without mentioning your transformation which, without events, is going to be a pain- and it's going to be a pain for a long time. However, once you are a tad geared and have found your footing amidst the dailies and weeklies... it's kinda fun and really not as demanding as it looks. If it wasn't so darn confusing and quite literally asking for you to spend to start out as a new/returning player... there'd be a lot more still playing.
  3. Stua doesn't give the quest to enter the Mine Port since Cheska was added to the levelling process (I believe it was in 6.0 so over a year ago). It's Cheska that gives it near the Mine Port door. Not sure what happened about the level leap but you can always go back to old outlevelled areas and complete quests there, the only difference is that you will have to check every single NPC in case they have a quest, but they usually don't because this game hasn't given any importance to its own lore for years.
  4. Can we talk about the January store update for like 30s The Raid Survival Package is a joke but let's move on to actually relevant things; A bunch of people suggested winter-themed skins that they were willing to spend on, meanwhile you conclude that it's better to put skins that have trouble selling over 50M on brokers (that means they're not wanted btw), literally what in the nyerk The dungeon entry scroll bundle ? We can get it in-game for 80luna = 80ncoin. Just... why ? Honestly with the rest of the lineup, I'm surprised you successfully found the Flawless Manastone Supplement Selection Box in the database, don't forget to actually ninja patch it into the game before January 29th yeah ?
  5. Event is GG suggestion

    You can bind to obelisk in Stellusia, take the flight transporter. You will also find Icerunerk there.
  6. Siege Buff (NA Custom stats)

    I'm assuming 100% status resist is the same as Remove Shock i.e. can still be stunned with commander stun, Kromede stun and SM's long cast fear, so what's the difference between 100% and 500% status resistance ?
  7. » https://www.aiononline.com/news/icerunerks-winter-sculpting How many Spirit Fragments ? And Stellium ? Mayhaps a word about the "Icerunerk's Special EXP Extractor" would've been nice. Thank you for putting Daevanion Essence tho uwu
  8. Frozen Magic Event

    With 13 chars you would've reached 728 from daily snowballs and 168 from prestige daily, meaning you would only need 104 dungeon runs over 4 weeks (or bought the x5 snowball pack on the BCM 21 out of the 28 days without running a single instance). Or 272 instance runs without prestige. Though you gotta count in that some of those snowballs will go +10 i.e. yield no coin, so a couple more here and there. But, tbh... if you want to play this game purely freely (0 spent) or mostly freely (prestige + luna sometimes), you should've done these calculations yourself as soon as the event details were out, figure out if there are days where you can't pick up your daily snowballs (i.e. need extra dungeon runs), etc etc- hence, plan ahead and play smart in your playtime, not wake up the last week, being 100~200 short cuz like... the only one who will "suffer" of it is you. Ncsoft doesn't give two shits and they obviously planned this whole event so you can't just afk it and get a purely free legendary transform when ancient contracts are still 100$ apiece on the BCM, lol. Complain about p2w all you want but in this specific event (and, tbh, a whole lot of the previous ones since 6.x launch) there actually were ways to do a ridiculously tiny bit of extra work and get something valuable for free (even with only one account and limited playtime which is lowkey rare). Anyways it's too late for this event, just be careful with broker bots if you buy brokerable items on alts uwu
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 18, 2019

    Les devs sont incroyablement paresseux et limite incompétents dans la plupart des choses qu'ils entreprennent. Ils ont donc décidé que de nous donner un patch majeur juste avec les vacances des fêtes, alors qu'il y aurait probablement des tonnes de bugs (parce qu'ils s'entêtent à changer des parties pour NA que les autres regions n'ont pas, introduisant des bugs extraordinaires qui prennent des mini-patch spécifiquement conçus pour NA pour fixer, et donc plus longtemps avant qu'ils ne soient fixés), serait une erreur; du coup on aura probablement la prochaine MÀJ en Janvier ou même Février, alors que EU se prépare pour 7.3 ou peut-être même 7.5 d'ici quelques mois. Ironique, considérant que NA était toujours celui qui reçevait les patchs avant EU jusqu'à il y a quelques années. Bref, le jeu est encore vivant (environ 1200 personnes connectées dans les heures les plus actives), mais personne ne sait pendant combien de temps encore. À ce stade le vrai problème est que le jeu originel en Corée a aussi eu une chute en joueurs et popularité (ils ont moins de joueurs que la version EU), il est donc possible qu'il fermera avant la version NA et, sans patchs à appliquer, les autres régions ne feront pas long feu (aucune région ne développe entièrement ses patchs, ils se basent tous sur les patchs de la Corée).
  10. It's an odian skill. I'd link to a page explaining them but Powerbook has been down for days, so you can watch this video of a guy reading Powerbook instead. (13:09) Odians have different CD from non-odian skills. Some people have the annoying habit of not changing their title when their server gets updated, but that video that you linked in your post is 7.5 (which we don't get for a while) content, not 7.2 (which we'll get soon).
  11. Snowball Event Rewards Gacha Probabilties

    wrong thread desu
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 18, 2019

    Thank you. Can we have the Tuca designs back after the snowball event is over on Jan. 8th ? Also, will snowballs still have the same rewards after the 8th ?
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 18, 2019

    it's not like nobody said nothing 36hrs in advance yanno
  14. @Cyan Friendly reminder because promises here have a tendency to disappear.
  15. And what are we supposed to do with thorns we can't craft ? Link them in chat to troll ? What in the nyerk... Also I'm going to assume the 1k Fragment of Fighting Spirit is a typo and you meant to say 100...
  16. AFK Event

    So what you say is that you beat all pve content and finished PFHM and are full Scarlet Flare accs ? Yeah, I can see how that can be a problem. If you haven't beaten PFHM and are not Scarlet Flare +15, then Ncsoft has an answer just for you, who desires more content than your cooldowns allow:
  17. Dorinerk's Wardrobe: How It Works

    Perfect, thank you.
  18. Dorinerk's Wardrobe: How It Works

    I'd like to confirm some things. Can you register a dyed skin ? And then, if you register it, can you dye it ? And then, if you registered and dyed it, and then use the "remove dye" function, does it go back to the original skin's basic dye color, or to the color you registered it with ? Just don't want to spend more dyes than necessary. c:
  19. Skins on bcm

    let us give you money what the actual nyerk
  20. Returning player PVE armor questions

    BoS -> FM -> PF/iDD -> SL ->>> PFHM/SLNM/VT (i.e. Bastion of Souls solo -> Frozen Monolith start trio and go solo/duo depending how much time and dps you have once you're a bit geared -> Primeth's Forge/infernal Drakenspire Depths just go with pretty much any lfg 5-man or 6-man groups, if they have a cleric or semi-decent chanter and generally one vandal you should cheese it no matter what happens -> Stellin Lab there's a few annoying mechanics and some parts where you need to train unless you like spending 1hr per run -> get gear from all previous instances until you're nearly full red and with gear socketed and tuned properly and then you might consider the 3 endgame instances, but ppl don't recruit on lfg for that usually) + Crucible Spire at any point, just go as far as you can to collect HP cubics if your class is too weak to go far in Spire (let's say, under stage 15), make a vandal alt and use it to farm Spire (+ other instances for kinah if you're up for it) + farm transformation contracts through the lugbug dailies and through instances (end bosses sometimes drops a contract box) and of course through events, just cuz running after ppl in ancient is as much a pain in the ass as having a legendary transform and waiting for the slow ancient guy in the back + pandora gear can help quite a bit but it's a bit of a pain if you're not really into questing/grinding mobs/gathering plants for a long long time + do weekly camps even if you don't pvp because you can buy ancient pve enchantment stones through genesis crystal npc (but ONLY use genesis crystals to buy pve stones if you don't plan on pvping/building pvp gear) + lowkey farm minions as they will slightly increase your HP cushion and offensive stats, running pandora pve/pvp instances helps a bit but there's a lot of luck involved, you can also buy one that is class-appropriate from the brokers also if you want to pvp eventually, join a legion for altar quests + altar siege, look at the altars on dumaha map and hover over each one to see which legions are actively conquering them in the recent days, usually bigger legions also do world bosses (ult/leg weapon + manastones + stigma enchant stones it's pretty cool to gear up), make sure to know what rules for rolling those bosses have cuz certain legions will kick you without asking questions if you roll on certain things by mistake + of course run illumiel brawl along with any pvp instance open until you're on CD, crazy important as that is the main source (and only source, if you don't craft) of fighting spirit fragment in the game as of now (they're needed to purify gear from ancient to legendary, and legendary to ultimate, but also to morph pvp enchantment stones later on) + do lugbug quests that reward genesis crystals every day, it adds up to a lot over time + Hererym Mine, do trio until you're full legendary pvp gear, then go solo mid path for AP, you're going to need it anyone else feel free to add things, just typed this up real quick, works for all classes~
  21. IB Broken/Removed?

    New/quick entry seems to be working fine... but yet another person from DN in my group says his premade group broke when he entered. Hope this is not the case with ID/dredge because then it would become extremely chaotic.
  22. Hongmoon training room

    from EU's 7.2 patch notes.
  23. Soooo about that EC status hmm?

    It was closed on September 13 (a Friday). We have one entry on wednesday, one on saturday and one on sunday. Without counting the extra entries granted by the saturday 11PM reset during this event (2 extra entries total until today), we're missing 35 EC entries including today. Double for prestige. Rewards for winning EC were 12 Legendary Etiums, 6 Ultimate Etiums, 364k AP and 2 Battlefield Combat Support Boxes (including minium bag + kerubim minion contract + enchantment stone bag). Meaning 420 Leg. Etiums, 210 Ult. Etium, 12M 740k AP and 70 Boxes. For Prestige users, 840 Leg. Etiums, 420 Ult. Etiums, 25M 480k AP and 140 Boxes. That's without mentioning that, same as KBF, ID and IB, EC should reward Fighting Spirit Fragments to the winning side, meaning 700 Fragments total, and 1400 Fragments for Prestige users. Just saying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Rewards for losing EC were 6 Legendary Etiums, 3 Ultimate Etiums, 182k AP and 1 Battlefield Combat Support Box. Meaning 210 Leg. Etiums, 105 Ult. Etiums, 6M 370k AP and 35 Boxes. For Prestige users, 420 Leg. Etium, 210 Ult. Etiums, 12M 740k AP and 70 Boxes. Don't start about how abusers etc etc, they got suspended/permanently banned and that was measure enough for Ncwest, cry about more important stuff ty~~
  24. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    To be expected... Making a full-geared account available to everyone for two weeks and then rolling out the patch was quite frankly a stupid ass idea from a marketing standpoint, when you have barely any content in said patch. But Ncsoft sometimes comes up with crazy things when cornered, so I'm curious what they will do to pull the game out of the ditch this time.