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  1. Wow NCSOFT Best event ever starting tomorrow

    There's new silver & gold cubics in 7.0 btw, don't throw out your extras. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  2. instance queues

    Well okay that's completely false (mass selling stuff on brokers Ncoin to kinah or simply RMT) but let's carry on. Just want to chime in on this, because despite expressing his or her POV a tad aggressively (and y'all reacting in such a ridiculously outraged fashion for some weird reason), Ele isn't wrong. The ridiculous inflow of enchantments and advantageous compensation gear exchange rates created problems on NA which simply don't exist to this rate on other regions. I'd elaborate but this is really beating a dead horse. But ye let's bash the random guy with an opinion because he said you're all p2w. Is it really that triggering to be called such a thing ? Chill a bit, no need to take everything to heart, it's only a game. Tbh the only issue here is that people on Aion are used to "quick entry = 90% loss", while on a ton of other games, most if not all games actually, when you press on something like quick entry or quick queueing or quick group, you get a group of people who are mildly knowledgeable and mildly geared, but most importantly, they will always at least try. Aion is simply different because of a couple reasons, one of which is that "winning is very important" !!!!!11 You can stomp your feet about it all day long but it won't change. It was a bit better some years ago, but there isn't any way back from this state.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You can only expect such a thing (guaranteed win) if you're with geared/skilled people or if your group queues their asmodian alts as a group and passes on pops until they get their alt group. Certainly not, you're expected to spend Luna for extra entries if you want that one guaranteed win without doing any other effort. Or gear up. Or queue against your alts. So yes playing a game is lowkey wasting your time, big surprise I guess.
  3. instance queues

    cuz ppl queue with their alts and pass
  4. aion 7.0 release in N/A

    roughly 150 without ping reducer Idk if it's still the case, but a few years ago sometimes they would ban you without a heads-up because you're not supposed to be on EU servers if your IP address locates you in NA. :3
  5. Ready to 7.0 ? / Enchant Rate Again / Why Prestige ?

    The one thing they forgot, when they decided to reduce the number of events NA gets, is that the 99% simply can't even reach max gear each patch without events since 5.0. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Obviously the 99% aren't meant to be max geared with no effort, however if you've been going to every instance with an entry boost pack of some sort and logging in every day since the beginning of the patch, you should be nearly done with your ultimate set by now as 7.0 is around the corner, which is simply not the case if you haven't resetted with over 10k Luna spent (works best if you queue against your alts like the pros uwu) or had ridiculous amounts of temperings and/or kinah from the previous patch (with whatever means you used to get them). I sure hope Ncwest is about to drop on us a crazy event that will allow most people to close the gear gap right before they add 7.0 to the servers, else it'll only increase and make more people quit. If you don't help your casuals and semi-casuals, your game dies. Not one person enjoys being one-shot.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 3, 2019

    @Cyan @Hime @Gideon Can you at least confirm that we're not getting this thing at all, not in the near or far away feature ? Holding onto 1k+ golden ingots just because "maybe" is getting on my nerves and I'm not the only one. Also since I'm here already; when ? Is 7.0 a reasonable delay for something that should've been there since day 1 of 6.2 i.e. October 24th 2018 ? uwu ???
  7. Returning cleric needs some help

    That's inexact, however you can't be slow at healing and you need to pop prayer+ripple of healing before bit hits, else you will die repeatedly. Full COE/Mirash ancients is more than fine for BoS/FM, but ultimately if it's not enchanted and tuned, you get nearly the same stats as the Lakrum starter gear anyways. Anyways, moving on. Phys def and mag def works best, on top of a pve heal boost set (tuned and socketed HB/HP/phys def/mag def). Hyperion will save you more than anything, but the Modor active skill is the most useful (the passive is nearly useless compared to maxed Hyperion) for PvP. For PvE, Viola can help with the healing a bit, but building multiple minions is time and resource-consuming, and that's mostly why Hyperion is the best in my opinion; it simply works in all situations and settings. You will absolutely need to keep a 65 or 75 mace with 12% cast speed until you get an ultimate (or legendary I guess, if you get a really nice tune) mace, for healing. Particularly with ancient (or weaker) transforms, it helps tons. For dpsing, use the new maces and shields, along with a transformation with mixed stats of atk speed and cast speed; it should give the best results (Denku, Tehji, Sheba, Frigida) but you can just use your best cast transformation if you don't have any of those. I wouldn't enchant ancients to +5 until you have a lot (400+) ancient pve enchantment stones because it will be more useful on legendary items, that you'll keep until your prayers are finally answered and you get the right ultimate piece to replace them. Keep in mind that +5 on multiple pieces is worth next to nothing compared to 2-3 pieces +15. Now, once you actually get those legendaries, you will mostly need to enchant (+15) your shield, plume and bracelet to gain higher PVE defense. The rest, imho, isn't worth enchanting at all until you get ultimates. With a chanter (even more so if they can alternate Elemental Screen and Block Curtain, one for each adds' wave), you can do PF/iDD smoothly in full legendaries unenchanted (except shield/bracelet/plume as I mentioned, it helps quite a bit). Tuning the ancients to HB/HP is key. At legendary grade, socket HB and tune again for HB/HP, and magical def then pdef if you happen to get them (it's not as important, but helps with the high magical damage from bosses in PF/iDD). Overall, with 1.5k HB and 50k HP unbuffed with minion, you should be fine in PF/iDD. As clerics are mainly needed as heal, and most groups won't even consider your application for dps unless they know you're geared through your nose (because the other cleric, the one that's healing, wants no competition when a cleric-appropriate piece drops), I would highly recommend prioritising exclusively your healing set until you're mostly in legendaries. If you're going to do Pandora quests however, and want to speed it up by doing some of the quests that require to actually kill mobs, not just gather things, you'll need a dps set, that's made for dpsing. Dpsing in your healing set is near useless, not only because your 65 mace will make you hit like a noodle, but because all your stats will be fine-tuned for healing and as such, you'll hit like you're naked, really. So, once you're in mostly legendaries (of course, keep duplicate legendaries for a dps set! but ancients, because they're so easy to get (you can buy those pesky last ancient pieces you don't seem to drop with Genesis Crystals next to the pvp gear sellers), are better used as disenchanting material to expand your manastones to be able to socket them all HB), you can start working on a dps set. Unsurprisingly, the manastones will be more expensive than HB; you will need magical attack and magical crit, around equal numbers of each works well. For legendary/ancient dps pieces, you will need to tune primarily magical attack, magical crit and magical accuracy in that order. Magical accuracy isn't as much needed for clerics specifically because you have multiple debuffs that lower your target's MR in dps spec (Chain of Suffering, Judge's Edict and Festering Wound) which other classes do not have. HP (and to a lesser extent magic def/phys def) helps to soak up a bit of damage, but isn't crazy necessary, particularly not if you're 20M down the drain and you still don't have that last stat tuned properly. However, 20M is pocket change when it comes to tuning ultimates to 3-4 appropriate stats- also why you don't need to go ham on tuning legendaries: more kinah for later. Additionally, if you really like dpsing and it's the main thing you do in group or solo settings, a dps minion like Sheba or Kromede will go a long way with their active skill by boosting your initial burst damage on a boss, or by giving that little kick that clerics sometimes need in pvp when you're dpsing someone in fully defensive set. The passives are also a nice touch, but if you're not in full ultimates, nothing will help you like Hyperion's passive will. As for PvP gear, I more or less agree with Haniya, I posted another wall of text in a different thread about that particular subject, however I would join the other answers and recommend to keep genesis crystals and enchantment stones for the next patch. Tier 2 (the new pvp gear in 7.0) is quite a bit better than tier 1 (the current pvp gear), however the socketing and tuning stats should be roughly the same as now, hence the quote right under. (+ an official graph from ncsoft comparing tier 1 and tier 2 gear for the lols) As an after/side note, I believe MR makes a bit of a come back in 7.0 for clerics with multiple sets, so it might not be entirely rubbish as I said back in April, doesn't really matter because the post is way too long already ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Transformations

    "addressing the balance concerns" 34:27
  9. so many things wrong with NA and y'all always find the stupidest shit to cry about eksdee
  10. source -> https://aion.plaync.com/board/hotissue/view?articleId=781312 (i.e. the official Ncsoft Korea's early 7.0 patch notes thread).
  11. IDD BUG

    Send the screenshot to support, they should give you back a scroll. It has happened to some friends (dragon form Beritra reset or something, idr what happened) and they all got a scroll after sending a screenshot in.
  12. If you consider the database then no, no rewards after the 3 leg. pve stones, but I haven't ran enough of the event in-game to be 100% sure.
  13. the quests, in order, with their rewards (all of them are 1-time quests): https://aioncodex.com/us/quest/51156/ jet ski 7 days https://aioncodex.com/us/quest/51157/ stigma enchant https://aioncodex.com/us/quest/51158/ veilenthrone bonus entry https://aioncodex.com/us/quest/51159/ 3 ultimate ridiums https://aioncodex.com/us/quest/51160/ 3 legendary pve enchantment stones
  14. Whats the lowest gear you can PvP in?

    tbh I feel that was the case in 5.8 too if you compared ppl in +15/not fully purified gear vs ppl in +27/30, but I guess there wasn't enough of those max geared ppl to make such a big impression as there are now we were also fed so many events (by the time that ppl actually reached +27/30 or full caeus) that there was barely any time to really pvp (particularly 1v1s where gear difference really shows imho) and get destroyed repeatedly, compared to 6.2+ although I do agree some things are clearly put out of reach of 99% of the population like kaisinel, and most of the population will most likely not reach full ultimate +15 if they haven't reset pvp instances with Luna at all (and if they haven't had prestige or instance boost packs until now, it's more than likely that they won't even reach full ultimate +0) before 7.0 hits which is honestly quite nyerking sad
  15. transparent scrolls are still nyerked tbfh, who will pay 200 or 260k each when you get them for 'free' in Luna or even 100k off brokers ? why so complicated ? legit ???? unsure why you would do that, you get less materials out of it than the cost of entry even with rank S lowkey waiting for emergency maint to nerf the shit out of the free unlimited Luna coins craft
  16. Pandora Mark Gear

    sharp (+"belt") for glads and any other physical classes brilliant (+"waistband") for magical classes
  17. Whats the lowest gear you can PvP in?

    a mix of a couple ultimates and legendaries is pretty baseline, otherwise you won't hit much unless they're alts/returning players/ppl who play 30min per day without mostly legendaries it's unlikely you'll even survive 1v1 pvp encounters (open world or otherwise) at this point, unless your class has strong survivability and/or escape mechanisms; most ppl running solo will have the proper gear for it i.e. what I mentioned at the beginning of this post and that's at the very least, if they're not full ult +15 ofc.
  18. Character Creation Slots

    Still would cost less than farming legendary transforms on a different account tbh
  19. arena of harmony. Is fixing matches a huge problem ?

    bUt aLl tHe pEoPle iN tHe tOp 30 aRe gEaReD pLaYeRs tHeY cAn'T pOsSiBlY bE fiXiNg tHeiR mAtChEs ????????????????
  20. 4.x Classic Version in EK's place

    Making money and satisfying players' requests ? We can't have that here.
  21. Enchanting stigmas is gr8

    Yeah except stigmas are 1/4th the price of a stigma enchantment stone.
  22. Pandora gear

    Not mentioning Pandora legendary because it's almost worse than COE/Mirash/Bloodsworn ancients. The current ult Frostspark gear already has better stats, for all stats, than Pandora gear. Pandora is only meant as a stepping stone to get full Frostspark, and then attempt Veilenthrone to get the current top pve gear. It is not meant to be kept for a long time, or fine-tuned with Luna, or even made full +15 because that's a complete waste of your resources when you could've used those to grind Frostspark and socket/enchant/tune that instead. I'd only +15 the weapon on a dps class, and the shield on a support, particularly if you can't seem to get that weapon/shield drop in IDD. With Frostspark ult you might at least be able to attempt some recent pve content in 7.0 (like Stella Labs), with Pandora ultimate set you're as good as in Frostspark legendaries or worse. So, yes, except for the skin or unless you don't have ancient/legendary (tier 2) gear, ultimate Pandora will be useless.
  23. Ereshkigal Server Consolidation FAQ

    Personally, I've had utter shit results whenever I used the fixed FPS setting, so I wouldn't use that. Simply put all the graphics at minimum and put your effects (Misc. section) -> "Display Effects for:" to "Self" or "None". Best of luck.